July 2016 Explicit Film Review: Lesbian Step Sisters 4

July 2016 Explicit Film Review: Lesbian Step Sisters 4

When you pass by an adult movie on a website, or if you are old fashioned like me and still like to see the box covers in hand at your local adult book store, you always hope that the choice you have made warrants your faith in the gorgeous woman on the covers. Far too often, the adult film fan is left reeling if the best choice is not made. I can remember years ago when VHS tapes ran seventy five dollars a pop and almost every film you invested in, gave at least some measure of gratification no matter if there were some minor imperfections. In today’s adult film world, I find that the ratio of finding a film that matches it’s box cover’s hype, is few and far between. In an adult world that has had more woman attempting to earn a living by making fantasies become realities on film than ever before, I have come across moments were two to three straight films I review are simply not even worthy of a free tube site. To me, the only films that belong on a tube site, are the films that feature woman only for their looks and showcase performers and directors that have no enthusiasm. In the world of free everything, there has been one company that simply outshines the rest and has for many years,……. Sweetheart Video, a derivative of Mile High Media. Sweetheart films has long since been the staple of yummy, lust filled lesbian films. Cinematic projects that feature good acting, excellent writing and incredible performances, both sexual and articulate. In Lesbian Step Sisters 4, the folks at Sweethearts simply gave the reigns to Dana Vespoli and let her run with things. Dana has long been known, as simply the most eccentric performers there is on screen. Always giving her fans their moneys worth and always making her co-stars shine on screen. No matter the star she has filmed with, nine times out of ten, you will always remember their appearance on screen when they shared the lime light with miss Dana Vespoli. Now that she is bringing her unique artistic mind to the production side of the game, she has simply struck every critic that has reviewed her work, with the utmost thoughts of fantasy, passion and marvel. A Dana Vespoli film always takes you on a ride and this film is simply amazing from start to finish. With a cast that features Mercedes Carrera and Katrina Jade as non lead characters, you can only imagine how well acted this film is. The cast also brings the sexy Jenna Ross, the blond babe Trillium and the always amazing Janice Griffith, a new performer who has such a chameleon outlook when it comes to the roles and genres she can shine in. Add in the always on her A game Varuca James and you simply have a recipe that will get you get hotter than anything that could come out of the oven. This film simply captured me from second one and no matter if it was the cool trailers for other amazing Sweetheart productions, or if it were the behind the scenes looks, everything simply sweeps you away to porno land and does not let you breathe a slow breath. It is a gasping pace of sex, story and amazing visuals that will have you permanently as a Sweetheart Video fan if you are not one already upon viewing.

Scene 1: Janice Griffith and Trillium

TrilliumJanice Griffith 6Trillium 3Janice Griffith

The story begins with a comatose setting in a hospital. We see some creepy audio and visuals lead us into the story of two step sisters trying to sort out a case of amnesia. Jenna Ross interjects instantly as the villain with her intense looks, sassy character and evil vibes. She really sells the part well but the true star of the film in every sense in the striking Janice Griffith. She is our heroine, the sweet innocent step sister who has no idea what is going on and may be too naive to piece things together. The cameos rock in this film and the super hot doctor is played by the unforgettable Sovereign Sire. As things begin to unfold we find that there is a sinister plot surrounding Janice and getting there will be one memorable trip. As the doctor prescribes a little time at home, we get to see Trillium step into the spotlight. A sexy newcomer to the industry as well, Trillium sports one of the most gorgeous derrieres in the business, as well as one of the most perfect “girl next door” looks, I have seen among new talent. Her performance in the scene is not as sharp as her acting skills leading up to the sex but she does enough to make the scene passionate and alluring. As we see the story unfold, we learn that Janice and Trillium are lovers and before her untimely accident, were both getting to a dark plot started by Jenna Ross, that has implications of Satanism and darkness, which as I have always found, leads to the sexiest of scenes once the prince of darkness and his “ladies of the night” step into the picture. Before we get to that, I just have to say this scene starts out a bit slow once the girls get going. The kissing falls a bit short which leads the ladies to have to make up for it in other areas. The lead up to each woman getting the other completely naked is both sensual and naughty. As Trillium starts things off against Janice the scene gets hotter and hotter. The angles are not too close for comfort and the amazing purrs of Janice getting pleasured will have you begging for mercy. As the action gets the script flipped, Janice delivers some bodily oral, that has such a sexy POV style angle that simply made me shutter when I would see Janice look into Trillium’s eyes. The scene is a bit short in length when it comes to the sex but I think Dana was looking for story to draw us into this amazing tale. What I walked away with from this scene was simply wanting to see more of Trillium. She has something about her that keeps your eyes focused on nothing but her. The shots of up close kitty licking get a pass because of the incredible beauty both woman possess. I think that as this tale of suspense gets more intriguing as the movie continues, the sex will be there as well.

Scene 2: Katrina Jade and Veruca James

Katrina Jade 9Veruca James 2Katrina Jade 8Veruca James 4

As the second chapter comes about, we get another amazing cameo of Dana Vespoli herself and I must say, very few woman can wear a pants suit like Dana Vespoli can. She simply adds intrigue as the detective looking into Janice Griffith’s so called injury that took her to the hospital. We find out in this scene that Mercedes Carrera is Janice’s Mom and that she has been killed by the suspected Jenna Ross. Upon further look, we also learn Janice’s lover in the previous scene has come up missing as well. Now, I must say, the acting to set up the story even further is outstanding. All the ladies really put in some great work to take us fans on a very suspenseful ride. I at times was so grabbed by this story and that is such an amazing thing in an adult film. As the plot thickens, we are lead to see Jenna Ross, Veruca James and Katrina Jade engaging in some kind of satanic rituals in front of Janice Griffith’s corpse. The set up is so provocative. As soon as the action begins both Veruca and KJ engage in some of the most lust filled sex I have seen while here at Explicit List Inc. reviewing films. Both of them hunger for each other and the audience feels as if they are watching something so forbidden, yet they can not look away. This scene features so much intensity, lust and passion that you will simply be popping your top before one lady has even taken the others panties off. I think once again the casting gets a huge thumbs up because I can not believe it has taken this long to get Katrina Jade and Veruca James together on film. Both ladies are the cream of the crop when it comes to adult entertainment. No matter if it is a producer looking to make some money or a fan looking to get their moneys worth, both need to look no further than these two performers. As I stated, before the sex even begins, the foreplay and sexy kissing will have you so hot under the collar, you will not be able to watch this scene in just one sitting. The back drop of a dark, demonic ritual actually adds some lust to this scene, especially when things get going. The kissing is intense, the touching is intense, the overall pace of things is beyond intense. There are few times that sex is this good on film. The red light back drop adds some serious heat to a very sweaty scene and I mean that in the literal sense. Both ladies are drenched in sweat at the end of this sexual escapade, which adds a huge degree of realism to this scene. There are many moments were you can tell each performer is so hungry for the other, you think one will literally just take a bite out of the other. Tongues, teasing and tantalizing angles make this scene the Explicit Choice for top scene in the film. Despite the fact that Dana could not do too much as far as close ups go, this scene still flies in ways others could not even come close. The sex, the face sitting, the way that each performer looks into the others eyes, it is as if you are not watching porn but that you have indeed stumbled upon someone’s dark and alluring dream. The body on these babes is a big selling point, it always is with Katrina Jade especially but it is the passion these two share, that make this sexual encounter so wonderful. These two love sex and you can tell in every movement, every stroke of the others fingers down the others body. With each kiss on the others neck, you will simply be swept into the mind of Dana Vespoli and believe you me, you will not want to ever have to come back to reality after you see this scene.


Scene 3: Jenna Ross and Mercedes Carrera

Jenna Ross 4Mercedes Carerra Jenna Ross 1Mercedes Carerra 7

Very, very seldom do you see a star like Mercedes Carrera enter this business. There have been Latin beauties that have arrived in the business before her and there will be many after but what she possesses is something I have never seen in one before her and probably will never see again after she has long taken her final bow in the industry a true respect and portrayal of her characters at all times. Mercedes plays Janice Griffith’s Mom, who is beginning to suspect that Jenna is not all that she seems when it comes to her actions and motives in life. Before the fun starts, we see this amazing set up were Janice discovers Jenna is a full fledged disciple of Satan and that she has used his dark push to get ahead in the world. The acting is superb and when we enter a flashback sequence of a dark diary entry were Jenna enacts the dark demise of Mercedes, we are all in for a treat as an audience. Mercedes plays the unsuspecting Mom so well and not just that, she never losses character, even during sex. You see her frightened and unwilling to go through with participation throughout the scene. It is not until she slides Jenna’s panties off around her gorgeous legs, that she begins to have her character truly enjoy the sex. That is something so rarely seen in the adult world. The acting aspect of a performer taking you on a ride in more ways than one, is just the icing on the cake when it comes to true adult cinema. As the action begins, we see Jenna’s goal is to “suck the life” from Mercedes and it begins with Jenna aggressively starting the action, as Mercedes begins to inquire about her devilish ways. As I said before, everything from the eye contact, to the tense reaction as Jenna touches her skin and sucks her nipples is not just heaven, it is beyond scrumptious. It is the lover of film in me that just can’t get over how well Mercedes stays in this character, especially when things really start going and Jenna just licks and rubs her kitty with the utmost intensity. Jenna herself is perfect as the aggressor and as I always commend Dana Vespoli, it takes such a unique vision to cast someone who can actually be the dominant party when paired with an older woman. You always see the MILF as the aggressor or instigator of  sex in most features but this film has Jenna Ross simply devouring Mercedes Carrera in the most sexy way possible. The angles do not focus on the ladies amazing assets enough in my opinion, for instance, I don’t think we get to see enough of Mercedes gorgeous back side, which is a pity because she has one of the best, if not the best butt in the business. There is a few moments were we see the camera focus on Mercedes’ marvelous derriere as she licks and sucks Jenna’s kitty but the angle transition is maybe ten seconds then back to a wider shot. The same things happens when we see Jenna do the same thing with Mercedes. Besides that, I think the scene was damn near flawless. I think when the only mistake is only a matter of opinion and not something technical, that says a lot about the effort put into this scene and movie. Both woman never cut loose from character, there is little, if no dirty talk, the moaning and motions are beyond orgasmic and most important, these ladies never loose focus on the performance. They simply give the fans one of the most amazing shows. There are so many great positions and moments in this scene it is hard to pick just one but my favorite, if I were forced to choose, would be when Mercedes flips the script on Jenna and starts getting into things as far as her character goes. She lies Jenna down in missionary and commences to make her purr with pleasure with her tongue and fingers while we get to see that gorgeous booty on display as well. If there were ever a moment were a scene came in as selection 1A as Explicit Choice for top scene in the film, it would indeed be this one. After finishing this scene, I truly hope to see Mercedes cast in more and more epic roles. She takes you on a journey with simply a whisper and she always seems to never miss a beat in anything with her performance. There is indeed a reason why she has the fastest rising stock in the business and all I can say is directors and fans, if your looking for something that will always be money in the bank, all I can say is Vote Mercedes Carrera.

Scene 4: Jenna Ross and Janice Griffith

Janice Griffith 3Jenna Ross 3Janice Griffith 4Jenna Ross 2

As things wind down in this great story, we finally get to see the cover girls get it on. It is indeed a nice build up, with an amazing pay off. As the last scene ends with Mercedes being done in by the sultry Jenna Ross, we catch back up with Janice continuing to pursue the true motives behind her step sisters ways. Janice does such a great job as that sexy, innocent teen who is naive to all her surroundings. I don’t think performers give themselves enough credit as to how hard this role is to play convincingly. Most women in the industry like sex and have a bad girl side in real life, so for me to see Janice play this role down to the core and sell it so well to audiences was simply the stuff that makes this industry so grand. The story ends with a sexy climax, as Janice closes in on full disclosure with Jenna Ross and right before she can uncover the truth, Jenna does what she does best and seduces Janice into this amazing sexual encounter. Jenna plays things a bit softer in this scene, which I think she did enough to get by in every aspect of her two scenes. Jenna is known to be a lot more aggressive in her scenes. She has that ability to take control and simply get beyond nasty when the clothes some off. For her to take on this great acting role was superb. She also adds such exotic mystique to playing the evil step sister. In this great ending scene, she does everything slow and sultry. Watching her get out of her panties, is simply hotter than hot. I think the angles were done best in this scene because you get a chance to see some great pussy eating up close and personal, something not done enough these days in girl/girl cinema. I think Dana was planning that purposely, as a grand end to her amazing tale. I think the pairing of Janice and Jenna was simply marvelous. They offset each other in such yummy ways from Janice’s tanned skinned, matched up with Jenna’s gorgeous complexion, or also having Janice the do-gooder being ravaged by her evil step sister. The premise is what makes this scene fly, because this girl/girl scene has a little bit of everything.  The moments of passion play another unique part and watching Jenna run her tongue all over Janice’s neck and cleavage will have you tapping into submission. Most Sweetheart Video films end with a rather short scene and it was a nice change of pace to see so many angles explored and to have a few more minutes tacked on to a climatic scene. The end 69 action will have you drooling instantaneously but almost every position is beyond sexy and the biggest seller in this film is the scrumptious girl/girl spit swapping. The kissing is sexy and passionate in this scene and all others, something that just makes a scene a great one compared to a mediocre one. In the end, this DVD is simply amazing. I actually went into this review looking to only see one performer bring her A game to this production. Most of the ladies I saw, I have never indulged in a film of theirs, I am just beyond happy to say I have never been so glad, to be proved so wrong. From the amazing look of Trillium, to the sex drive of Katrina Jade. Add that in with the amazing acting of Mercedes and Janice, this films simply does so much right. I think from the moment you press play and you see these amazing graphics and kicking music showing of the goods of the film in the main menu, you will be wanting to press play instantaneously and you will indeed be rewarded for your faith. This film is a definite must see and I am looking forward to many, many future workings and films of every actress on this cast.


iCXt2WT3Special Thanks to Mile High Media for their assistance with their photos and graphics.

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