May 2016 Full Film Review: My Neighbors Wife

May 2016 Full Film Review: My Neighbors Wife


There is no denying after watching this film, that the folks behind the magic at are simply some of the best creative minds in the business as far as film production goes. The more than amazing way this company always sends the viewer to the heart of fantasy and beauty is simply beyond words. In My Neighbors Wife, from the moment you hit the play button, ones imagination takes a back seat to the images being published on screen. From the little things like bottles of champagne & slow motion footage, all the way to the major aspects of what makes a great film like casting and chemistry, the X-Art production team simply got things right in every which possible way. It is truly the simplicity of this film that is the true shining star. It is fantasy brought to life plain and simple. There are no fillers in this film, simply the most provocative cinema, plain and simple. Each scene possess this elegance like such legendary directors like Stuart Canterbury. The introductory sounds & music added in with a seductive opening sequence of passion, followed by each performers name & scene theme, just brings back memories of the film excellence that made this amazing industry what it is today.

Scene 1:  Jillian Janson, Caprice and Marcello


This opening chapter of erotica is entitled: The Luckiest Man Alive and my goodness does that title just not reflect what every fan is thinking about Marcello from the moment we see Caprice sucking on Jillian’s toes through her stockings. This scene is just remarkable from start to finish. The chemistry between all three performers is astounding, especially between Caprice and Marcello at the end of the scene, there is a moment where Caprice reaches out to kiss Marcello passionately after the two engage in some of the most heavenly missionary ever shot. But to rewind a tad, we begin the scene with Jillian and Caprice kissing deep and wet as Marcello arrives to join the fun. The entire scene focuses so much on action & look than anything else. There is very little dirty talk and the up close views of the action are indeed a huge plus to this scene. Jillian Janson, by far one of the most beautiful woman in the world, let alone in adult cinema, simply gives the most captivating performance. From her sexy moans of passion, to her lust fueled drive with each co-star, Jillian simply always brings her “A” game. In this particular scene, her role is more aggressive, which I find to be her best character type. It allows Jillian to set the stage, because in all honesty, all eyes are glued on her, just follow her on twitter and you will see why. To not sell Caprice short, she is the tie in that makes this scrumptious threesome click on all cylinders. Caprice is always the unsung hero in her films, she just makes things work, always. The best moments in this scene being a shared kiss with Jillian as they both pleasure Marcello and other being in the amazing climax where the action is beyond intense and Caprice still finds the ability to give into Jillian’s need for passion as she engages in that amazing missionary I mentioned earlier. Marcello kind of takes a back seat to the lovely ladies. He does not seem to be into the action or not, which to me takes away from a scene because this is indeed a performance and I think the male talent should be into things as much as their female counter parts. I don’t think any actor should just “be there” which is indeed a stereotype with male actors in this business. Despite the bump in the road, this scene is saved by some amazing action, which includes some yummy squirting from miss Janson and the attention to detail Caprice shows every performer, my favorite aspect being when she plays with Jillian’s kitty as she engages in the most sexy reverse cow girl. This scene is just the perfect start to this film. The speed and tempo play a huge part in terms of driving the fans wild visually. It may indeed take you a few tries to get through this scene in one sitting. The sharpness of the shoot added in with the ladies awesome performances simply make this scene a keeper indeed.

Scene 2: Aaliyah Love, Jenna J. Ross and Brett

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Now as much flack as I gave Marcello in the first scene, I must do the complete 180 and give an example of a male actor doing things beyond perfect in an adult sex scene, at least in the beinning. Brett portrays a character that is just loving every second of ecstasy with the sexy Jenna Ross and the ever so alluring, one of kind beauty, Aaliyah Love. As the scene starts with both lovely ladies indulging the hottest, most passionate kisses. As Brett makes his entrance, the champagne, slow motion shot is beyond cool & visually addicting to the senses. The action begins immediately and Brett goes along for the ride as both woman give the hottest oral I have seen by a duo in a long, long time. Aaliyah’s dirty talk just adds even more to the scene. Aaliyah Love simply gives an amazing performance no matter the film, add in the fiery Jenna Ross and the flames simply never stop rising. Jenna is the perfect on screen match for miss Love, a pairing that is so perfectly cast. The lust level is simply beyond belief as these two ladies make every fantasy a person can think of involving a threesome come alive. Brett adds some early pizzazz to the scene, it brings out the provocativeness ten fold between the two lovely ladies, it also gives some male introspective as far as the fans go. I think most fans enjoy seeing the male performers enjoying what they are doing, it adds some extra steam to any scene and this is no exception. Brett goes a little over the top in towards the end of the scene, putting a little bit too much into his dirty talk and acting. It takes away from the flow of the action, especially when Jenna corrects him that she is “more pussy drunk, than dick drunk!” But when you feature a rising star like Jenna and a solid legend in the making like Aaliyah, there is truly nothing that can derail a pairing like that. The action in this scene is the hottest on the DVD and the angles and aggressive sex led by the ladies, is simply mesmerizing. They command and dominate this scene. The director captures the up close shots perfect. They are not unbalanced or too close to the action. This scene is the Explicit Choice for hottest scene of the film and like me, you will indeed be wishing that this scene went on a tad bit longer, that is how well the chemistry is and even more so, how great the talent is in the acting department for Aaliyah Love and Jenna Ross, they simply make it happen at all costs.

Scene 3: Aubrey Star, Alex Gray and Michael Vegas

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This third entry in the film features a more sensual side after the amazing aggressiveness in the previous scene. Aubrey Star and Alex Gray showcase such a beautiful aspect of the adult world with an almost photo shoot style sexiness and elegance that is the aura of this scene. The angles and views are amazing, they will have you hot under the collar before the action gains full speed. I simply dare any viewer to be able to sit still through the first five minutes of this scene without having your fantasies run wild. Soft caressing touches, soft wet kisses are the small tidbits of this scene that make it so enjoyable. Michael Vegas adds that perfect touch as he manages to keep things sexy as hell when it comes to joining the action. He keeps things tame from the male perspective which just puts this scene over the top. This scene is not for everyone due to it’s lack of aggressiveness but the performances of elegance run deep in this scene. It is something you need to just submerge your entire attention to in order to give it a due diligence. The positions are incredible, the face sitting and oral is to die for and the director seems to showcase each woman’s amazing assets oh so well, the end climax showcases a nice change of view and the overall lack of dirty talk just keeps this scene down to earth in a good way. All three of these actors have a promising career ahead of them and I am indeed anxious to see what other roles and character they all have within their acting repertoire.

Scene 4: Alex Grey, Veronica Rodriguez and Logan

Veronica Rodriguez 3AG 2AG

As the cover girls get their turn in front of the camera in this amazing film I can’t help but say that this scene was perfectly placed within this film. The intro puts us in a lovely shot of Veronica Rodriguez and Alex Grey teasing Logan as he shaves. The lovely actions of both women just ease the viewer into the most yummy of sexual encounters. Anyone who has seen Veronica’s work knows she puts maximum effort into every second of footage. The sweat on her brow is just the most mind blowing indication to how much this amazing actress wants to give the fans what they clamor for. Veronica is indeed one of the fastest rising Latina stars and this native Venezuelan indeed adds something beyond spice to this amazing pairing. Alex Grey is once again cast as the scrumptious, quite addition to this sexy threesome and beyond makes this scene come together at so many levels. As in the previous romp, the action is steamy and sensual, allowing the viewers mind to get carried away within the film at every turn in the action. The positions are once again shot to perfection, my favorite of bunch being when Veronica and Alex engage in some lust filled kissing while they both sit atop the lucky Logan, as he just tries to hang on for the ride with a huge smile. It is Veronica’s passion and striving for excellence that indeed makes this scene. She puts in “work” at every moment possible, elevating her co-stars passion in the process. It is that type of willingness and enthusiasm that indeed has this scene being one of her best of 2016. As the scene winds down, we see Veronica take the action to another level. The little things like her pulling the sheets tight as she indulges in ecstasy with her screen mates, or her sexy Spanish verbiage of passion simply adds the cherry on top to a delicious scene that will indeed have you licking the bowl dry demanding seconds of this tasty, sex filled delicacy of a scene. The cover models indeed displayed why they are on the cover and one thing is for sure, this writer will indeed be looking forward to his next rendezvous in terms of reviewing miss Rodriguez’s latest adventures on film in the adult entertainment world.

Scene 5: Jenna J. Ross, Aubrey Star and Mr. X

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Very seldom does a director let a film go five scenes. As I have found out through research, doing things to convention is not what the amazing Collette does at X-Art films. The overall finish to this scene is intense. We bring back two very popular stars in the business and match them up with a stud of an actor, who simply adds the perfect touch to these ladies characters and performances. This scene features Jenna changing gears with her character a bit. The dirty talk is not as abundant and the passion and heat are just the big pitch in this luscious scene. The setting is the best of the film. Couch action simply gives the fans a chance to see more angles and positions and with the right eye behind the camera, only good can come from that much creative power behind a scene. Mr.X shows this aggressive, yet subtle way to bring the kink into the scene, one of the hottest aspects is watching his lip quiver as the ladies indulge in some heavenly oral as he brings them to together to forcefully kiss multiple times,…so beyond sexy.  It is that assertion that pushed these two gals to greater heights in the scene. Jenna Ross simply puts on another amazing performance, reminding me of the legendary Micky Lynn when it comes to her nastiness and lust in a threesome. Everything from her quick movement, pounding action and facial expressions just give the viewer exactly what they wished for. Just like the infamous Micky Lynn, Jenna simply stands out, no matter who she is paired with. Even in a scene where she is sharing the screen with multiple performers, she commands your attention, she puts on a show that you just can not look away from, that is truly what makes an incredible film. This scene features the best up close shots and some rather intense moments. The heat is coursing through out the room as we see Jenna display one of the yummiest positions, as she pleasures Aubrey in the wettest of ways, all while Mr.X does an incredible job taking a view from the “rear.” As with the scene before, the climax is incredible and it shows just how much these performers looked to make an incredible scene. Overall in closing, I have to say Collette did an amazing job keeping the scenes short, yet sweet. You will not feel short changed after watching this film. With the counter being a little over ninety minutes, in today’s day and age of three hour films being the standard, Collette and X-Art simply showcase an amazing film, with a lot of action and elegance packaged into a short time frame. This film packs all the punch, if not more than some of their competitions three hour features. No matter if it is casting or chemistry, this scene is simply the best threesome film on the market for 2016. Each scene will have you simply going ga-ga for the action but also keeping your attention far after you have let the ecstasy of “fantasy becoming reality” over take you. This film is definitely a must own and I thoroughly look forward to not only the next X-Art Film but the work of very single performer cast with in this one.

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