May 2016 Full Film Review: London Bangers


May 2016 Full Film Review: London Bangers



It is always a spectacle in the best of ways when you purchase a Wicked Pictures release. From the moment you grace the cover with its card stock encasement around the DVD, you know that a lot of effort went into the production of the movie you are about to watch. From the moment you press play, there is something for every fan that has ever watched an adult film. The trailers of upcoming productions, the advertisements for sex toys and products and of coarse, ……the Free Speech Coalition messages that just takes a viewer back to the first days of DVDs and a message that will forever be a beacon in the adult industry. It has always been Wicked Pictures use of power for good in this industry that has always made them the gold standard when it comes to production and presentation. Wicked Pictures simply makes this industry better and never forgets were it came from, or were it is going. To see Charlie Laine on the F.S.C. message just brought back memories of friends and days when the industry was shaping into what it is today. All sentiment aside and to delve into this film for review, I must say the viewer is captured from that very moment of hitting the play button and when you combine that type of visual seduction added in with the charisma of Barrett Blade, Jasmine Jae and Lexi Lowe, be prepared to simply have the next few hours of your life booked solid after starting this film, because you will not be able to get up from your place of rest and leisure. The scenes contain Wicked’s patented visual sharpness and beauty. Barrett Blade adds an amazing soundtrack to the scenes that is just not the intro to the action but serves as a background, that simply makes the film a throw back to days past and fuels the scenes as if it were a character itself. All of this awaits in this elaborate production and we will indeed see just how well London Bangers satisfies that masses and all their passions.


Scene 1: Jasmine Jae and Ryan Ryder

The start of every scene has each beautiful woman articulating to us what their ideal fantasies are. Each “secret fantasy” begins with a provocative look at the amazing females in the most alluring attire. The dance and sway of each woman’s movements pertaining to their ideal fantasies, just starts things out with tremendous heat and curiosity for the viewer. I like how Barrett Blade put the cover girl first. I thought in the beginning, that perhaps he might be overwhelming the audience with such a force of nature like Jasmine Jae starting things off but boy was I in for a surprise. The sexy beginning to the scene shows every curve and angle of the one and only Jasmine Jae. With those curves on full display for us when the action begins, added in with her amazing chemistry with her partner, you will be hot under the collar from the first kiss and it never lets up until end climax. As I mentioned in the opening synopsis, the music that goes along with each scene just adds so much to the fantasy, the editors simply did a marvelous job of matching actions with musical melodies. The transition to different positions are timed perfectly to the relaxing, sensual soundtrack. I love that Barret Blade did this, far too many companies no longer include that important aspect of musical score in any film these days. It has been said it takes away from a a scene but as Barrett, Jasmine and Ryan Ryder show in this film, those critics could never have been so wrong. The visuals and up close shots are simply amazing and the chemistry between both actors just keeps the flow of the action entertaining. Jasmine’s dirty talk mixed with a submissive partner, will indeed have you squirming in your seat as each second of passion ticks by. I thought the scene could have used a bit more foreplay to go along with the “telling of personal fantasies” theme that the director was pushing for. The action more than makes up for the lack of introductory licking and body worship and the actors use every wile they have to keep the viewers eyes glued in one place. The positions are traditional, sexy and the performers chemistry simply shows enough to get the audience hot with out going over the top. I gauarntee this scene will take you a while to get through, because your blood will just be pumping as fast as your heart does while watching the action just continue to get faster and faster. This scene is a yummy start to an amazing film and came close to being the Explicit Choice for top scene in the film but knowing that fact, one can not help to wonder what lies ahead in this amazing film.

Scene 2: Sienna Day and Max Deeds

Sienna Day 6Sienna Day 4Sienna Day 3

One of the hottest musical themes to ever be included in a film is the kicking beat for this amazing scene. Sienna’s sexy accent describing the fantasy of kissing her man so passionately, simply makes her strip tease that begins this day dream come to reality on the screen, so very wicked. The sex starts instantaneously and the opening oral displays so much want and need from each performer it will simply make you melt. The positions are simple and short, yet still are detailed enough to keep the viewers eyes stuck on Sienna as she enjoys an amazing ride. The scenery is such an intricate part of Barrett Blades presentation and watching these two performers simply burn the house down while on this amazing looking leather sofa just adds fuel to the flames. As I stated before, the background music is beyond catchy and cool, your mind will only be in one place, with these amazing actors as they indulge in such carnal passions. Sienna’s body is stunning and shown so well by Mr. Blade and Ryan Ryder’s camera work. The reverse cow girl will have you screaming for mercy. As the action begins, we see the director keep things simple again but that is not always a bad thing. Sienna Day reminds me of the legendary Nici Sterling as she just makes every dirty word she utters sound like pure heaven. Sienna will simply drive you wild with her voice in this one. The movement does not take us on a ride of seventy five angles and views, instead it keeps our attention on the performers connection and it also does an excellent job of truly keeping the fantasy going and going without a bunch of bells and whistles. These performers only go through a couple of positions and every single one is a shot of adrenaline. As I stated before, Barrett’s attention to the little things makes this scene fly and is the Explicit List Choice for top scene in the film. The hypnotic beat and words just mesh so well with the performers movements, it is truly and editing marvel. Max Deeds is truly one of the best British stars. He does the necessities to make the ladies shine and at every angle change, he is right back to putting the lovely Sienna center stage. The sex is passionate, nasty, yet elegant and yummy. I myself can not wait to see more of Sienna Day because her scene was just outstanding. Her exuberance and enthusiasm simply jumps off the screen and into the viewers “trousers”, as they would say in the UK. If there is one thing I will say about this scene, it is that it possesses excellence in every category. Aside from some missed edits were we hear the director giving timing of the scene, everything else went flawless and you know it has to be a damn good scene if I gave it top stature despite the fact it had an editing mistake. That is what a good production can do, make you forget everything but the fantasy and this one does indeed.

Stella Cox 5Stella Cox 2Stella Cox

Scene 3: Stella Cox and Alexi

The lovely aspect of red and passion fills the screen as we get to hear one of the sexiest English voices narrate the yummiest of fantasies. This duo also shows some amazing chemistry before the action even begins.  Stella Cox’s amazing natural body is just shown off to the fullest extent of every glorious curve. Alexi takes the reigns to start things off and the oral is amazing as the tongue lashing gets wetter and quicker with every tick of the clocks hand. Stella returns the favor. The angle is superbly done as Stella’s natural assets once again take center stage. Every camera change just focuses on all the amazing attributes of this amazing performer. As the true action takes place, Stella reveals just the smallest hint of sexy linguistics as she keeps the dirty talk to a minimum, something I feel that keeps the action genuine and sensual. Stella keeps things from going over the top and lets her sexy body do all the talking she will ever need in this scene. Both performers show a decent chemistry and Barrett Blade keeps things so low key in a good way. The action never strays from our favorite piece of furniture in the bedroom and the angles do not get too close as well. Now that may indeed be a problem for some, but the amazing bodies of both performers and the way that both of them keep things sexy from a distance, more than makes up for any type of slack in the close up department. I think Mr. Blade made the best choice to cast Stella Cox in this film, from her sexy voice in the beginning narrative to her amazing red lingerie, right down to her beautiful body, Stella is just the epitome of fantasy and this third chapter in the film will keep you hungry for more that awaits. The end climax is beyond amazing. As Alexi delivers from the back side, Stella’s gorgeous attributes are on full display for fans and for all that people may think is lacking in the nasty/raunchy department, Barrett Blade, Ryan Ryder and her will keep anyone from complaining as they watch Stella simply enjoy every second of the end money shot and build-up. I dare any person who watched this scene to only watch it once, for it is one of the sexier scenes shot in all of 2016 so far.

Lexi Lowe 2Lexi LoweLexi Lowe 3

Scene 4: Lexi Lowe and Sensi

Two of the top producers of lust, passion and sensuality are brought together in this scene. With Barrett’s melody of a 70’s style funk giving the performers this amazing addition to an already glorious pairing, any fan who does not know Lexi and Sensi indeed will after this amazing scene. Sensi is by far one of the best male oral technicians in the business. His kitty licking skills are some of the best in the industry, matched by very, very few. Lexi in return being the superstar that she is, truly adds her two sense to the sex with the kinkiest purring and facial expressions of pure enjoyment. You will be turned on to the max simply by watching her moan with pleasure. In an amazing shot, the oral transitions to some sixty nine action and as the heels come off Lexi, so does the top to this sexual volcano. Sensi adds these awesome additions to the scene that few actors engage in, like equal expressions of pleasure with moans and gropes. I think that drives the crew to shoot a longer take, which always makes for a superior scene for fans. As Lexi takes control, the funky background beat keeps the position and angle transition seamless. Fans will be aching with pleasure as the camera moves to some passionate cowgirl with speed. The chemistry here is the best in the film. Both actors take turns just obliterating the other with sexy moves and fast tempo. The sex is just beyond true to life in this scene. Every move and position, have this sexy kiss associated with it, that just adds steam to this amazing duos sexual encounter. This scene was great and it was so hard to pick who out did the other, especially when they are so hot for each other they go back to the sixty nine action to end the scene. Trust me when I say, you will be begging for more after this hot little journey into Lexi’s fantasies.

Harmony Reigns 5Harmony ReignsHarmony Reigns 4

Scene 5: Harmony Reigns and Luke Hardy 

What better way to end a film than with the voluptuous vixen Harmony Reigns. I found Barrett Blades choice of scene placement so awesome in this instant once again. After seeing the superstars and hardened veterans of the United Kingdom in previous scenes, we get to see this amazing newcomer strut her stuff and show us why she deserved to be in this Wicked Picture. Harmony’s body is amazing and one of the key ingredients to her newcomer success. She is not only a woman with perhaps the most amazing breasts in the UK but has these curves that will simply have your eyes following every turn of Luke Hardy’s tongue as it navigates those curves like car driving down the fastest speedway in London. Added to her captivating curves are these gorgeous tattoos that fit her sexual personality on screen so well. The woman of today’s industry and future are simply on full display in everything that is Harmony. After you get a chance to see what lies on the surface with miss Reigns as the sex begins to kick into another gear, you will see the most gorgeous eyes in the industry simply capture everything else that is within your naughtiest thoughts. The sexy way she looks back at Luke as he has his way with her from behind is hotter than hot. Her dirty talk will simply take you over the top as she shows off every other sexy curve she has. Harmony keeps her tempo to a perfect level, which I think is a must for an end scene. It is something very hard to do in a movie with five scenes, to keep that perfect amount of chemistry, nastiness and emotion without selling the viewer short or giving them way too much and ending things on a down note. Barrett Blade indeed made this film perfectly. Harmony and Luke simply put the icing on this erotic cake. When you look at everything else, this film just has everything. The additional content is amazing, you get a few full extra scenes added on to the mix, my favorite being the girl/girl romp. From the opening trailers of splendor, to the end credits showing a scrumptious girl of our dreams, this film just does it on every level for any porn fan. There is not one itch that is not scratched for the lovers of adult cinema in this one. It takes so much to make a film this well and I have to say, I am anxious to see Ryan Ryder, Barrett Blade and Jasmine Jae take us on a few more rides through the “steamy” underbelly of London in a way that only they can. From script, to casting, this film was planned and planned well, Wicked is simply the best there is and sets the mark for all those wishing to achieve success to follow. If there is one thing I see in the future, it is Wicked continuing to simply make this industry better in sexy, innovative ways.

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