Latin Eyes……and a View of the Adult Entertainment World.

Latin Eyes……and a View of the Adult Entertainment World.


It has been said by the erotic novelist and poet alike, that the deepness of brown eyes go further into lust, passion and sexuality than any other. Never so much does this amazing quote ring true, than in the annals of the Adult Entertainment Industry. As a Latin writer myself I find that so much goes into making ones craft and skill the best it can be. Being Latino also has a knowledge of the trials, tribulations and hurdles that one must face in order to just have that chance to show off your skills no matter what you do in life. When I sat down to contemplate how I would write an article that pays homage to adult entertainers of today, tomorrow and yesterday the one thing that just kept popping up into my head was hard work. The thoughts of such leaders in the industry like Vanessa Veracruz and Missy Martinez came to mind, as well as the stars who are climbing their way to the top like Tori Avano and Lily Lane. In terms of what a star had to go through to make it, I don’t think many people in the industry know just what it indeed looked like in the days of trail blazers like Vanessa Del Rio and the ever so sexy, “Latin Queen” herself Alicia Rio. The adult entertainment world is an ever evolving industry, one that has had many looks, faces, likes and major dislikes over the years. It has spawned the Latin actress to new heights in terms of what she can do and the amount of control she can have. In a world that is centered around never leaving your couch for anything, these woman of today’s world have changed their focus, changed their life styles, in order to continue to bring fans the entertainment they love and satisfy the lust that they crave, no matter the cost or fear of change. Vanessa Veracruz, who in my opinion is the top girl/girl performer in the industry, is the best example of what a Latin woman can do with the ability to control her own destiny. A common thing most of her twitter followers, friends and coworkers are consistently accustomed to, is her midnight workout sessions at the gym. Indeed putting in work while the rest of us are dreaming sound asleep about the fantasies she turns into realities on a daily basis. After a few hours of grind and sweat, she heads home to catch a few winks, only to wake up about five hours later to get her wardrobe ready, get her house organized, all before she even walks out the door to a shoot that demands she battle Los Angeles traffic, to a destination she has never been before. After a few hours of battling the urban roadways and motorists of pure horror, she arrives at a beautiful location and perhaps gets to indulge in a cup of coffee before she spends hours in the make-up chair in order to transform herself into the woman of everyone’s dreams. After the lights turn on and the cameras role, she most likely has just spent six hours on set ensuring that the “Vanessa Veracruz” brand is properly portrayed, no, not for herself but for her fans. What would be an end to most of our days, is only the beginning for hers, she then proceeds to battle the chaos that is the inch by inch endurance race on the highways of the worst rush hour in the United States hands down, all in order to come home to her humble abode, possibly have time so she can make a sandwich, as she prepares for her friend and fellow star Jenna Sativa to arrive for a cam session that she has been promising fans for weeks. As the amazingness starts all over again, one can’t help but wonder what drives this beauty? How does she do what she does? After an amazing cam session with her friend the clock may actually be ten P.M. if she is lucky and it is at that moment she most likely has her first moment of free time. That is when the clock begins for Vanessa Veracruz,  the actual person behind the performer and actor. It is that type of dedication to fans all over the world, that simply gave me my inspiration to write this article and show the perspective of the world through Latin eyes.

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One of the first amazing ladies I got to attempt to see the world view through their own eyes, was miss Tori Avano. A lovely Latina actress who was born in Southern California. The thing that caught my attention most about miss Avano, was her compassion for dogs, in particular pit bulls. Such a rare thing for this amazingly beautiful woman who simply sports the most gorgeous ink and curvaceous body. I found that Tori’s lack of fear in all she does both in her personal life and her life in front of the camera, was simply the die hard, bust your ass kind of fearlessness I was looking to show the readers and fans of this industry, exactly what defines the Latina spirit in the adult world. Miss Avano simply went on to tell me in her correspondence, that she “enjoyed all of her scenes.” Yes, I indeed said all of them! I was taken back for a moment because it is truly rare to hear that from any performer in the adult industry, hell I dare you to find anyone, no matter what type of job it is that they work, that will say that they enjoy EVERYTHING they do. That is Tori Avano though. I have never met a woman who has the persistence she does. For being a woman who indeed enjoys what she does for a living I had to ask what she thought of the role of Latinos in the adult film industry, she told me: “Being Latina in this industry definitely has its ups and downs. I believe directors love the Latina look, because to me, it’s kind of an exotic aspect, not the same old boring cookie cutter thing.” And I could not agree more. The Latina in this industry has always been the focus point for some of the most erotic and exotic films. After talking with Tori Avano through more correspondence I began to see why directors had this type of vision and use for the brown beauties of the industry. I think it is fair to say, that most Latin actors possess something above the norm when it comes to their performances and the amount of heat and passion they generate on screen. I can tell you as a Latin writer that I was raised to always look for ways to maximize my potential, it was here that I saw a connection with miss Avano, someone who was was also raised in a blue collar background of working hard, even if that is just enough to put food on the table. Miss Avano told me….

“I came from a normal family, meaning we weren’t filthy rich or poor, we had just enough to get us by day by day. So coming from that type of background of family has pushed me to be the person I am today,…. hardworking,… self driven,… determined and such. That has helped me tremendously in this industry, because directors love to see someone who really enjoys,……no,… let me rephrase that, someone who LOVES their job and not just someone who shows up for a paycheck.” 

Those were indeed words so personal and amazing to me, because that is something I have related to for years and I think many across the world will as well. It is something that defines the Latin people in all aspects of life and work, of all family types rich or poor. I found these things to ring so true after viewing some of Tori Avano’s work and all the the things she expressed, all the amazing things apart of her character, showed up on the screen before me. As I began to watch Ass Wide Open 3 from Evil Angel Productions, I saw exactly what Tori referenced about herself and her upbringing. Her scene was sexy, ruff and one that just stole the show from every other pairing on the DVD and that is saying a lot when Gabriella Patrova is one of your co-stars. I must say, Tori opened my eyes to a future of this industry that is so wide open. It is something that you know is in good hands when you see the caliber of work an actress like Tori produces. It indeed has everything to do with what made this industry great and as I delved deeper to see the world through another perspective I found even more than I hoped for.

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When you think about the future of this industry, you realize how quickly time flies as the years progress for the adult film star of the modern age. The speed of mobile technology, the marketing genius of social media and the over all interactions with smart TV’s, DVR’s and all the other ways today’s content and ladies of our dreams are brought to our very front doorsteps quicker than any time in the industries history. I think today’s stars indeed face situations that require wits, hustle and strength in order to not just make a name for themselves in this industry but to just meet and deal with the demand of an outside world that does not always know the aspects of the industry as only those within it can describe and atone. The Latina performers have such an amazing opportunity to show the beauties of their culture within the adult film industry more so now than ever. With all these things in account, I was simply drawn to the ways of this certain Latin beauty that hails from Maracay, Aragua Venezuela. Veronica Rodriguez not only shows a flair within her performances, she indeed shows a flair for showing what a determined beauty can do in this world when climbing the mountain of life to try and achieve success. For a woman who started in 2011, she has amassed an amazing filmography of a 100 different roles, in which ever single second of action, acting and allure, show a frenzied passion that has not been seen since perhaps the days of Tia Bella and Vivid Video. Like her, the amazing way she displays her stunning beauty and acting capabilities not only make her scenes sexy and sensual but also entertaining and dazzling to story, character and role. I looked at those amazing characteristics and could only imagine the dedication that this self described “home body” possess in order to continue to not only being a successful business woman but to also be a woman who is a shining example to other young actors in this industry looking to make it big and not just the ones of Latina heritage either. Producing her own content now after an amazing streak of seductive, sexy roles and shoots with amazing companies like Hustler, Evil Angel and Zero Tolerance, I see a visionary who is looking to the future of this industry in a big way with the control of her own content and the direction she sees herself going in this business. I find that there is such a reciprocal thing that these amazing Latin stars of the “porn” industry share and it is something that in all honesty, truly has no definition. I remember the comedian George Lopez always saying in his skits, that there was something to growing up “Latino” that a lot of people can not see but would have to experience in order to fully get an understanding of that amazing view and way of life that the Latino community and culture endure and uses everyday no matter their trade or passion.  I found the connection that a beautiful Venezuelan and a nursing student of Mexican heritage as well as a dog lover that grew up in the beauty of “Eas Los” all had in common, was indeed that indefinable charisma, aggressiveness and drive that simply showcases more than anything, what the Latina and Latino heritage is and what it can accomplish in an ever changing world. No matter if it is something as bold and brave as the idea of #LVLZ or the aspect of showing the directors and producers of the industry a beauty within ink, curves and character, one thing is for sure, the future, as to where this industry will end up and evolve into, is something that can be debated for ages but it is indeed a bright horizon with these amazing Latina ladies leading the expedition into an undiscovered country that will indeed be seeing something that has never been seen, with Latin eyes.

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Don Juan DeMarko

I have been in the adult industry since I was indeed a young history major out of college. I attended a "Public Ivy" located in Williamsburg, Virginia. I have a multiple degrees & certificates including one in graphic design that led me to this wonderful and amazing industry. I started as just a lowly consultant for a design firm in Los Angeles that led me to introductions with some amazing people in the adult film industry and the rest is history. I have fulfilled work and helped to write publications for some of the biggest names in music, sports and film but my passion, the place where I truly call "home" because it is where the heart is, lies within the adult entertainment industry. I am an XRCO Member and I always like to say the art of making "fantasy become reality" is indeed something that takes the effort of many people, from all likes & spectrums of this amazing world. It is indeed those people and the fans of this industry that drive me to always show the beautiful amazing side of this industry few know but many dream about.

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