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Bender,  So Rebecca when did you start working as a webcam model?
I started at 19 years old
Bender, Now Rebecca you’re webshow can  be found on live what made you choose live jasmine?
Uhmm I don’t know… I got used with their platform very easy and I knew they are one of the oldest and most popular site. So I thought I might succeed on it…

Bender, so Rebecca how did your family and friends react to your decision to become a webcam model?
Well, my family is ok with it. They cared if its legal only… and about friends, they find it interesting and they try to find out more details about it all the time J)
Bender,  Rebecca is there anyone special in your life?
Ha…yes, my doggies J Yumma and Noel. I just posted some videos with them on my website

Bender,  now Rebecca I have interviewed several other webcam models from live jasmine such as Patricia goddess and blondieoksanaa and both of them have said they have become good friends with some of the other models at live jasmine, so how do you get along with the other models at live jasmine?
Good…we meet each other at summits and we. I met Patricia a few times, we talked we laugh, we shared stories, but I get along very good with many models. They are really nice and fun girls.

Bender,  now Rebecca you have a amazing body how do you stay in shape?
Nature is good with me.. I don’t do anything for it. I eat everything and I don’t even work out. Hate me if u want
Bender, Rebecca were are you from in Europe?
Bender, so Rebecca you were recently nominated for a cam award for best smile, what was it like to be nominated for such an award?
Was really really nice and a great honour. I mean u know…there were only 10 models nominated for best smile so I felt amazing to be on the list. A great pleasure.

Bender, do you have any quilting pleasures?
Uhm I don’t know.. do you count tattoos one of them?
Bender, Rebecca some fans can be kind of difficult or rude?
Yes, of course. I have them everyday J but in whole this long time I just learned to ignore them, cuz dealing with them isn’t a solution.
Bender, Rebecca what can someone explicit from your cam show,  what makes your show different from the other models on live jasmine?
I am different because I don’t act or fake. I choose to be real on cam. So if someone ask me to do a thing that I don’t do like, I just refuse it. I prefer do to only things that I enjoy and that makes me comfortable
Bender,  Rebecca what is your favorite sexual position?
Spoon J
Bender,  do like men or  women in your personal life?
Lucky me, I like them both…

Bender, do you have a favorite sex toy?
I have to admit, that I have. It’s a vibrator that makes some magic things
Bender, Rebecca so I  have asked the other models from live jasmine this next question, so here it goes have you ever thought about taking the leap and working in porn?
No, I never considered that for myself. I wouldn’t be able to do that. I am not into hardcore. I am on glam and classy side. I prefer other things, so no, I don’t plan to ever do that. I am ok with camming only
Bender,  so Rebecca you have a website can you tell us about your site?
Bender,  okay Rebecca one last question how can your fans keep up with you what social media do you use Twitter Facebook?
– You can find me on twitter and facebook as well. Just search Rebecca000 on Twitter or Facebook .

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