2013 Flashback Film Review: Latin Lust

2013 Flashback Film Review: Latin Lust


As the addition to this month’s indulgence of all things Latin, I could not think of a better film produced, shot and performed then 2013’s Latin Lust from Addicted 2 Girls. The star power alone is enough to make this hard to find DVD a must own of any fan who truly considers themselves a connoisseur of fine cinema. In Vanessa Veracruz’s amazing directorial master piece, the vibe from second one is simply excellence. Mike Quasar mans the visuals, a truly amazing, legendary director himself, who has always been known to conceive, create and admire remarkable films in the girl/girl genre. It is in this aspect the viewer has to know that they are in for a treat and a quality of film that makes the true fans of the adult industry not feel like they are taking a gamble when they are investing their hard earned dollars on a production, especially a girl/girl film. Vanessa Veracruz has always been someone to champion her choice to only do girl/girl films and I do not think she is attempting a marketing pitch when she tells directors and producers the world over, that two women engaging in nasty, kinky sex, as well as the perspective ten times softer, is indeed one that can compete with any other genre on the market. Vanessa’s aggressive passion to show the world that the ladies that indulge in girl/girl films only and choose “lesbian” roles and productions as the way they wish to make a mark in this industry, is what defines her. I can simply go on and on how much she has done to put girl/girl on the map and in my opinion every journey has a beginning and I think this film was indeed a big step for her. This months homage to Latin America indeed has to have a large devotion to Vanessa Veracruz for there is simply more than one aspect to her charm and wit as there are to her intentions and characters she portrays on screen. If you can find this film, you will indeed have a piece of history, one I was so excited to share with the Explicit.com readers.

Scene 1: Vanessa Veracruz and Adriana Sephora


The aspect I so enjoy about miss Vanessa Veracruz’s work on cam, on film and in direction, is that she chooses the best in business at what they do. She understands what fans want and she goes out of her way to make the massive followers she has, always feel like their definition of “fantasy” is all that truly matters. In an age were some performers are given the reigns to a production and only cast their friends in the industry, making for a luke warm rendition of an adult film, Vanessa Veracruz does not only what is best for business but what is best to keep her legion of admirers always wanting more. This was one of the first superstar pairings I had remembered seeing in a long time. Two massive forces in the industry coming together to simply bring the fans what they ask for. The attention these lovely ladies show each others amazingly fit bodies is beyond heavenly. The Spanish whimpers of ecstasy from Adriana begin a lust filled encounter that will simply have you screaming for mercy as these two slowly shed each article of gorgeous lingerie to reveal a magnificence few woman have in this industry. The sex is passionate and the angles go from great, close aspects to wide shots featuring the sexiest derrieres in the business on full display while the other gal receives the most tantalizing tongue action. Both ladies showcase something that I do not think most fans appreciate, the willingness for an actor to “share” the screen with another, in order to make the production that much better. The direction Vanessa sends us in this opening scene is indeed a path rarely traveled, even in today’s world. In an industry were the amount of talent grows daily, these two simply show that the “old school” method of the bringing together of tremendous forces at all costs, will never be old fashioned. The two ladies possess the most amazing bodies and as each lady explores every square inch. The viewer gets to see Vanessa indulge in some lustful doggy style as she takes Adriana to the mountain top of pure pleasure. The kinkiness is not super strong in this film or scene in particular but both woman put on a show that can only be described as classy. The opening encounter is a bit short in my opinion but what makes up for the time is getting to see Vanessa get control of her scene and her pairing. Having seen many of her films, you can tell that she used the angles she loves most in cinema and that she took advantage in casting a woman who would bring out the best in her when it comes to passion and fantasy. It is that part of Vanessa’s amazing knack for this industry that went on display for the first time in my opinion and as later scenes will show, her lust just continues to get bigger and bigger with each scene that follows.

Scene 2: Vanessa Veracruz and Amia Miley

Am 1VV 3Am 2

The kissing is what sets the scene up so perfect in this scrumptious pairing. Added in, is the most gorgeous boots and incredibly sexy underwear being sported by Amia. This scene simply has so many underlying key elements that make it so seductive, soft yet beautifully enticing. Amia has always had one of the most killer bodies in the business and Mr. Quasar’s camera panning simply shows every glorious curve from every angle. As I stated, the kissing is deep, wet and passionate, a must in any girl/girl scene for it to fly with fans. The chemistry between these two, is simply electric and once the sex starts, they generate enough electricity to illuminate the “City of Angels” for more than just a day or even a month. One of the sexiest camera angles is within this very scene, one to which we see Vanessa indulging in Amia’s gorgeous kitty as she sits on her face, the angle shows Vanessa starring so passionately back at Amia, with her boots high in the air as she just quivers and moves with pulsating reaction to each stroke of Vanessa’s fast, strong tongue. This scene is so well done and just puts on the best display of why girl/girl is just as every bit as sexy as boy/girl in the same positions and angles. It is at that moment in the scene, when Amia turns the tables on Vanessa, simply devouring her whole with a diligence that will get the viewer hot under the collar in seconds  . The angle of Vanessa in missionary and Amia looking deep into her eyes as she gets things beyond slippery, is simply the things fantasies are indeed made of. Amia shows a wonderful ability to change the view of the audience’s fantasies with how well she turns the tables on Vanessa and gives a commanding performance that will simply take the blood straight to your head and if you do not indeed grab something, you will indeed not make it past this scene with so much amazing cinema in store for you in later chapters. Biggest key factors are Amia’s bodacious booty and Vanessa’s impatience to just caress and touch every inch of Amia’s body. This is another instance were star power was born and to see Amia’s success today reflects a type of hard work and determination that let her put her focus on her elegance, beautiful body and show a side of the adult industry that very few actors can. One visit to her twitter page and you will indeed see the modeling aspect of this industry getting a due diligence that it has deserved for a very long time. Being as how much porn influences the masses today, I see it no coincidence that the growth of all these ladies within this film are just a continuing phenomenon that shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Scene 3: Vanessa Veracruz and Chloe Amour

CA 1VV 5CA 3


As Vanessa’s gorgeous flowing brown hair returns, fans are indeed in for a treat, as we get to see the amazing Chloe Amour as a newbie and from the start, she had the spunk, charisma and amazing love for this business that just shines through every scene she has been in since. Chloe Amour has literally taken her act on the road with all her film success and created an amazing addition to her always growing portfolio as one of the best feature dancers in the country. Seeing Chloe shine this bright in the beginning of her career just shows why she is as popular as she is and why the public simply fell in love with her from the get go. One of the coolest aspects of this scene is that Chloe had never been with a woman until she arrived in the adult industry and the way she simply captivates the crowd with her cunning ways on film in this scene shows such a leap of faith, added in with a ton of guts and passion to indulge in a role and character that even the most veteran of actors struggle with to this day in the adult industry. You would never have been able to guess who was the more experienced of actors in this scene by how well the ladies gel and work together to make it so incredibly lust filled, all while maintaining this elegance that is the epitome of the charm, sexiness and draw that brings fans to appreciate girl/girl films for what they truly are. Mike Quasar once again shows Vanessa’s directorial eye and sight for this scene in only the way he can. One of the most gorgeous angles shot within the last five years is indeed the view of Chloe looking into Vanessa’s eyes as she simply devours her with these amazing tongue strokes and licks. Everything you want to see these two do to each other simply unfolds just as if you were the director of the action, putting into motion a day dream that popped within your head, as you watched these two superstars grab and caress each other with hungry eyes and yearning pallets for one another. This is all before Chloe’s panties even come off. Vanessa always has had a knack for making a scene something both performers benefit from, no matter if it is newbie or superstar she is cast with. Vanessa’s attention to detail shows so much in some of the most amazing oral you will ever see. The up close shot of Vanessa indulging while Chloe purrs with pleasure as the camera pans out from the most gorgeous aspect of frontal nudity, only to see Chloe’s long brown hair just dangle, as her head moves back licking her lips while she orgasms. It is truly an art that every party should take pride in that created this amazing scene. Things end with a bang as the girls partake in some very unique 69 action, all with Vanessa increasing her aggressiveness by ten fold in this scene as it reaches climax, which is indeed one of Vanessa’s most acclaimed aspects within all her best scenes, a ferocity for her partner that very few actors can duplicate, man or woman. Add that in with change of pace in this scene and the different positions and tone, you simply have one of the hottest girl/girl scenes ever filmed and the Explicit List Choice for best scene in the film.

Scene 4: Vanessa Veracruz and Veronica Rodriguez

VV 8Veronica Rodriguez and Abby Cross 9

The coming together of these two beautiful women was simply a glimpse into the future in this scene. To jump back a few more years to 2011 in this flashback review I find it a sweet irony that Vanessa and Veronica both got their starts in the industry that year. As Vanessa mentions in the scenes lusty grope filled intro, the pair had worked together before this scene but it was a visit to the strip club and a seat at the pole during one of Veronica’s sets feature dancing that brought about the pairing and desire to work again in a capacity that would give Vanessa a bit more control that sparked the casting and as we see Veronica’s petite 98 lb. frame looking so gorgeous in Vanessa’s lap, do we indeed see her view of wanting Veronica in this scene to have her way with. The sexy moans of passion from both parties displays something so enchanting because of how rarely a pairing like this comes along. Before the clothes even come off the viewer is indeed ready with popcorn and probably much more in hand. When the sex does get rolling, there are simply too many stunning factors to mention in one review but what I will diverge for the sake of opinion, that one of the most gorgeous shots in this entire film is watching Veronica’s tongue maneuver in and out and all over Vanessa’s anxious kitty. The camera work is stunning once again and these Latin lovers add even more with the Spanish expletives and dirty talk to give a true homage to the title of this film. The kissing is wet and passionate and the twerking in anticipation of what comes next every position by miss Rodriguez quite frankly is more perfect than perfect in terms of girl/girl firepower on film. You will be in lesbian heaven in so many ways from Vanessa’s most gorgeous spread eagle angle and Veronica’s sexy face sitting. This film is indeed one of the greatest Vanessa Veracruz films of all time and it is simply the way this amazing innovator and visionary mind of the industry brings together so much, that I think this can truly be a spot in the timeline of Vanessa Veracruz’s amazing success in this industry, where she propelled herself to the next level and began to showcase to fans, talent and financial backers alike, that lesbian cinema and the girl/girl genre is not only a part of this amazing industry that will never die, it is also a force forever to be reckoned with from here on out in the adult film industry, giving hope to the next superstar that has a lust for a woman’s flesh and a passion to do things that defy convention on a daily basis, just like miss Vanessa Veracruz does 24/7.

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