Interview with Cammodel BlondieOksana

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Bender Cain here president and CEO of explicit Enterprises and editor-in-chief explicitlistcom. Once again this month we’re going to bring you another great interview with a when the most beautiful Kendall in the world LiveJasmin very own blondieoksanaa

Bender Hello Oksana how are you well I hope, thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers here at @ExplicitInc. Hello Bender. Oksana Nice to meet you  I’m great thank you for asking , how are u ?


Bender: Oksana so how long have you been a webcam model? Oksana: I’ve been a webcam model for 5 years.


Bender: Oksana what made you choose ? Oksana: 5 years ago i’ve just moved in Romania because of university and my best friend it was working on LiveJasmin as a webcam model. We were talking a lot about and at some point i wanted to try .

Bender: so how does your family feel about your decision to become a webcam model?

Oksana:  Well i have a great family but they didn t know from the begin. After a while i was talking with my mom and i remember she was so impressed when i told her about my job. My mom is a teacher at highschool so as u imagine she was not so happy at the begin but after , when i told her exactly what is this job about she was ok with that.


Bender: I recently did a interview with Patricia goddess another webcam model from livejasmin and I was very surprised to find out that she got along extremely well with the other models with the company and considers many of the other girls with livejasmin friends. So how do you get along with the other models from the company?

Oksana:  I have a lot of friends who are working on LiveJasmin, we keep in touch all the time. Girls who are having this job in my opinion are so friendly and open.


Bender: Oksana do you have anyone special in your life? Oksana: At this moment no one is special in my life, I want to focus on career and future. Im not searching

Bender: Oksana so what can we expect from your show? Oksana: From my show you can expect to see a friend , a whore , a seductive girl, a lover or a bossy girl. With my experience i can assure you that everyone will be satisfied after a private show with me.


Bender: Oksana what is your favorite sexual position?

Oksana: My favourite sexual position is to be on top and doggy but i’m flexible enough to try many different positions:) Haha

Bender: Oksana have you ever thought about doing anything else in the adult entertainment industry such as modeling or porn? Oksana: I was never thinked so far . Im open minded. Never say never.


Bender: now Oksana I know most of the fans are really great, but just like anything else there are always a few bad apple’s have you ever had to deal with any bad or difficult fans? Oksana: Yes i have many fans but my fans are great . They give me poems or make t-shirts with me . i don’t have rude fans.


Bender: Oksana now you have an amazing body how do you stay in shape? Oksana: Thank you very much . At this moment i do nothing special to stay in shape.I'm just carefull with what i eat and i go at gym sometimes. I ve been a dancer when i was younger and this helped me. I like to dance . I dance everywhere , on cam, in the car when I drive , at home, I like going at clubs.


Bender: now  Oksana you are from the Ukraine so what is it about women from the Ukraine that makes Ukrainian women standout from other women?

Oksana:  I think Ukrainians are more sensual than others, apart of good looking and this make us standout of other women.


Bender: Oksana some people are saying webcam models are the new pornstars, what are your thoughts on this? Oksana: I think it is true. We are little pornstars . Being a cam model in my opinion is harder than being a pornstar. As a pornstar u record a video with a guy and that’s all. As cammodel u need to know how to treat men with so different personalities and never been easy to work with people , to give them what they want in real time what to say about working with horny man. Haha


Bender: Oksana do you have any guilty pleasures? Oksana: Haha. I have a guilty pleasure . My guilty pleasure is ice cream 🙂

Bender: Oksana so would you say you were more into women or into guys? Oksana: Definitely i’m into guys.

Bender: Oksana what awards have you been nominated for? Oksana: I’ve been nominated in 5 categories at aw-awards : Best smile, Best entertainer, Top camgirl of the year , Social media star and Most attractive camgirl.


Bender: Oksana one last question how can your fans keep up with you what social media do you use? Oksana: At this moment they can keep up with me just on Twitter or on my new official site


   Bender: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers here at @ExplicitInc. Oksana: Thank you too Bender it was a real pleasure to answer all your questions . Kisses

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