ArchAngel and MimeFreak, the Pioneers of the Modern Adult Age.

ArchAngel and MimeFreak, the Pioneers of the Modern Adult Age.


When it came down to learning as much as I could about this amazing Southern California based company, I was simply astounded by the amount of talent they had in their stable for such a young and developing company. As my research went further and further I delved deeper and deeper into what makes Arch Angel different from the rest, I first noticed it’s most heralded aspect: They are a company for the fans, where the fans are indeed “The Gods & the performers are the slaves.” A slogan coined by one of the most amazing and mysterious directors in the industry, MimeFreak. It is not a long shot to say that when I saw my first scene in an amazing film called The Archangels, I was taken back even more by the respect paid to the directors and movies from the past with a seductive dance by Jada Stevens before her scene even began. The music was something that just carried me exactly where MimeFreak wanted me to go as a fan. It is simply those small things that truly made this company one of my favorite projects to attempt. Going into things I knew I would have to really get a view from those who have worked and collaborated with Arch Angel in order to see if things are simply this amazing behind the camera, as they are in front of it. From Prince Yahshua to the lovely Ashley Fires, everybody I encountered was willing to go the extra mile for me in order to see things from their view and give their outlook on this quickly rising company.

I can imagine the scenario as if I where there in the hotel lobby and riding the elevator with the two and talking out on the balcony at a small get together,…..  it is there were a conversation was shared between performer and director about how AJ Applegate developed the name for her featured film with Arch Angel. On that balcony her and MimeFreak talked about another person in the industry always calling her their “Booty Queen” and how AJ indeed thought “That would be an amazing title for a film and collaboration even before you (MimeFreak) were with Arch Angel .” It is from that conversation between the two, that I can tell you the fan, that showed me this company is all about collaboration, especially when it comes to feedback from you. The amount of twitter followers added in with the other forms of e-mail and social media, is just astounding. The part that really comes to mind as the definition of this company is concerned, is that the fans dictate what they want and that their views, their desires, are what truly make each and every film. In return it is the aspect of the performer as well, that goes into each and every scene even before the film is shot, for the website and film production that just stands out above almost any other I have reviewed in my career in the adult entertainment business. In an industry were some companies stay the same out of perhaps a fear of change, Arch Angel I have found, does the things that others have not by fine tuned existing scenarios and scenes and perfected them with a collaboration that is so fresh, so unique and so needed in adult film.

Arch Angel indeed has a knack for making a different style film as I mentioned earlier. It does not have layers that need to be peeled in order to hit the heart of the lust & pleasure. Their scenes are unorthodox in a sense that they do not follow the normal positions, angles and conventions. For instance, most boy/girl scenes always seem to have a standard to which they flow and follow: Blow Job, Pussy Eating, Sex Position 1, Sex Position 2 then the Climax. The first scene I ever reviewed, I was witness to everything out of order and I was indeed pulled in as an audience member and seduced by this defiance of convention. As the scene went on and on and the conventional aspects were all indeed thrown out the proverbial window, I was just wanting to see more and more. It was something I had never seen before and it was indeed something that you have to witness yourself as a fan. You will actually stop and say, “wow, what is going on?” In an industry and world that loves copy cats, Arch Angel marches to their own drum indeed and once I began to see where the method to all the success originated from, I began to see exactly why I was feeling what I did as I watched these films. Prince Yahshua told me when we sat down for a brief moment over twitter that he had “Been there from day one.” and that “he was so proud to have been there from the beginning with his little brother Lindell.” That is indeed a statement few stars make and I sensed a pride in his writing and a more than enthusiastic stance to tell me just how much he enjoyed working with Arch Angel Productions and MimeFreak. It is that type of constant praise and willingness to just express a gratitude that I found so intriguing about this company. My most in depth words came from one of the amazing veterans of the industry and someone who has seen everything there is about this amazing industry we love. Ashley Fires told me from minute one that she was willing to help me with this article as much as possible, that the affection she has for Arch Angel and Lindell are simply too large for me to try and put in my own words, so I will gladly give you hers directly:

“As a veteran performer, I’m glad to see something different mixed with something familiar. For instance, the fact that Arch Angel has brought back the single girl box cover is awesome. Hopefully it will bring back the “star.” What made a “star” back when I started performing was the bitch with the box covers. It was the baddest bitch who got to grace the cover of the box. What Arch Angel has done in showcasing one performer at a time is exciting. Especially to see that it can be done well and also sell well. It is equally exciting for the fan as it is for the performer who really gets to shine and show  their personality.

That’s why I chose to do my first Interracial with Arch Angel. I wanted to really show my amazing fans 100% of me. To share living out my interracial fantasies with the loyal fans who have waited almost as long as I have to see me experience some new taboo. Normally I would never do something on camera for the first time, there was something so real and vulnerable about my first Interracial  being captured on camera. I was nervous and excited.  I had to deal  with social media bigotry as well. It was unexpected the amount of idiots with something to say about how I chose to express myself sexually. With the over saturation of niche porn. I hope Arch Angel and Mimefreak continue to do what they are doing and let the bandwagons break down.”Ashley Fires

Ashley FiresAshley Fires 2Ashley Fires 3

I was simply in awe with this amazing piece of writing. I think it indeed shows the fans that when a performer is willing to venture into something so sacred as having your first anything on camera when it comes to sex and sexuality, that there is a trust and a passion for a company. It is also a trust that things will be done correctly, that a person’s faith in a company and a person will not be in vane. It is simply astounding that Ashley got so much flack over an interracial scene. The ignorance of world is not exempt from the adult industry like I had previously thought. When I put two and two together and looked at this situation, it made me just have that much more of a respect for Arch Angel, MimeFreak and the performers he works with. Racism in any industry is something that most do not wish to approach. I myself fully support the words and actions of amazing stars like Ashley Fires. I think it is something truly deserving of the title “Pioneer” when a actress with the career of Ashley Fires has the faith she has in such a visionary mind as a director but also the faith as a human being to have her first interracial scene be made with him. A faith that is rarely seen in this industry let alone any aspect or venture of life. To know how Lindell aka MimeFreak became apart of this amazing business is just another aspect into the story of a man doing things that defy the odds. It is amazing to know that a person who has a passion for the business, the beautiful women in it, can go from something as blue collar as landscaping lawns for a living, to making something that does indeed entertain millions around the world,….it is just amazing. I myself had a similar path to the adult world and it is something I think fans would never guess when it comes to people they love with in the industry. I find it no coincidence that a man who faced early mornings of turmoil dealing with the general public, doing the things that make this country amazing and truly keep it going, is now making adult films that give the fans what they want, that give the actors a chance to be all they think they can do and be within the industry. An industry that features some of the most beautiful faces and bodies in the entire world I might add, imagine that when it comes to work competition and stress. I am indeed looking forward to every single aspect and genre that comes from the Arch Angel Studios. It is not just a respect that has this writer going so gaga like a guy who just fell head over heels for the beautiful woman down the hall, no, it is an admiration as well. It is something that just gives me a renewed faith in the industry, for I am sure the one and only MimeFreak would be the first to tell you that this industry was built by the fans and it is truly with them that this man, …..this company…..truly deserves the title of Pioneer!

Don Juan DeMarko

I have been in the adult industry since I was indeed a young history major out of college. I attended a "Public Ivy" located in Williamsburg, Virginia. I have a multiple degrees & certificates including one in graphic design that led me to this wonderful and amazing industry. I started as just a lowly consultant for a design firm in Los Angeles that led me to introductions with some amazing people in the adult film industry and the rest is history. I have fulfilled work and helped to write publications for some of the biggest names in music, sports and film but my passion, the place where I truly call "home" because it is where the heart is, lies within the adult entertainment industry. I am an XRCO Member and I always like to say the art of making "fantasy become reality" is indeed something that takes the effort of many people, from all likes & spectrums of this amazing world. It is indeed those people and the fans of this industry that drive me to always show the beautiful amazing side of this industry few know but many dream about.

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    Great first article by @DonJuanDeMarko1 for @ExplicitInc Arcangel is an amazing company and MimeFreak is a true creative force in the adult entertainment industry. And someone I consider a good friend of not only mine but of explicit enterprises it’s self.

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