April 2016 Full Film Review: Future Angels: Volume 2

April 2016 Full Film Review: Future Angels: Volume 2


As we continue our monthly joyride through the amazing feats and annals that are the ArchAngel films of 2016, we come across one that I just had to review. It is not too often the talent that is brought together on a “futures” production features the talent that is showcased on this film. From the cover model Megan Rain, to the tattooed beauty Harlow Harrison, this film truly features performers that are indeed the future of this industry. I say that whole heartily because MimeFreak has brought together every aspect of the adult industry in this film, we already mentioned tattoos but we also have the scrumptious Dallas Black an amazing up and comer who simply raises the roof when it comes to her “kitten” characters in other films I have seen of hers. We have the gorgeous body of the amazing Kenzie Taylor and it is displayed full fledged, so fans eat your hearts out because everything you wish to see in a scene with this blond beauty is on display for you. Of coarse, I can not say enough about the every so tantalizing, always on her A game, taking the industry by storm, the “Little Sex Buddha” herself Megan Rain. It is scenes like Harlow’s and hers that just make me see the past of this amazing industry is not forgotten and that there are truly performers out there who continue the traditions of hard work and observations of their peers to continue the tradition of excellence in this industry. No matter what anyone says after viewing this film any which way they can, you will also be saying these gals and this company truly are the “future.”

Scene 1: Dallas Black and Ramon Nomar

Dallas Black 2Dallas Black 4Dallas Black 7Dallas Black 5

The pink attire of amazingly attractive Dallas Black is what begins this lust filled tale of sight into the future of adult film. Dallas Black’s moves of allure are beyond erotic and sexy, as one of MimeFreak’s amazingly mellow piano combos ushers in this calming haze over the viewer before the storm of pure passion begins. Dallas and her lovely derriere are on full display in front of the hearth as her slim, slender body shows the audience one of her best selling points and aspects. Her movement is sexy, yet graceful. The scene moves rather quickly from from soft kitty caressing to some rather aggressive oral on Ramon Nomar’s part. In a matter of seconds the scene transitions from soft, sensual and petite, to large in charge and dominating. As the sex gets more intense I think Dallas does an amazing job continuing the projection of allure while taking on Ramon’s full force. She does not let the orgasms control her ability to stay in the scene, even though she looks likes she wants to just explode from the first position. This is truly a scene for the viewer who enjoys a little more rough of a scenario. Dallas and her amazing body are paired up perfect with the massive Ramon, whose accent adds such eroticism to the mood. The oral is once again pure bliss as Dallas returns the favor. The overall control by Roman is what adds spice and makes this scene so tantilizing. From her words to her actions, Ramon leads this charismatic control from the beginning which he rewards every type of viewer for indulging in, no matter their preference. With angles that are simply out of this world, one of my favorite being when he just grabs Dallas and holds her in his arms with no assistance from the couch and just lets loose beyond aggressively. MimeFreak captures every raunchy moment and this scene once again shows how well the Arch Angel family does mix it up in every film they do.

Scene 2: Kinzie Taylor and Mr. Pete

Kinzie TaylorKinzie Taylor 2Kinzie Taylor 3Kinzie Taylor 4

The title of “most amazing boobs” gets indeed thrown around a lot in the industry. The truth of the matter there are many woman who have made this asset of a beautiful actress in the industry something sought after by many performers. Kinzie Taylor does indeed have a reasonable argument for claiming that title among the newcomers to the industry. From her amazing strip tease that features some of the sexiest panties I have ever seen on film, we get to see Kinzie show off with great seduction, the things that make her a future “Angel.” MimeFreak does us another angle of his direction in this scene by having the amazing young actress kick our fantasies into over drive by having her sexy voice on display as she asks the camera and fans what they want to see. Even though she may not know, some do indeed come to the show to gaze upon those baby blues, it is her movement, charm and sensitivity that just make her strip tease on of the best in all the films I have reviewed for Arch Angel. As the scene progresses, Mr. Pete just does an outstanding job not disrupting the order of Kinzie’s lust. As the scene starts with some wicked oral from Pete, the kinkiness and dirty talk just carry this scene to higher levels the further we go into things. Kinzie does as great a job matching up with some of the veteran performers and legends of the industry when it comes to her actions and words combining into the ultimate erotic fantasy. Both atcors demand service and turn each other on more and more no matter if it is oral and Mr.Pete telling her to “look into his eyes!” or it is Kinzie asking if he “loves her little asshole” as her devours it with pleasure. It is that chemistry that sells this scene. The fans will just become enthralled wondering what indeed will come next. The director continues to focus on the dirty talk throughout and things are not as rough as scene one but the action gets amazingly deep and fast. Kinzie Taylor by far surprised me the most of any woman in this film by her performance capabilities. No matter is you are a fan or not, you will simply be looking forward to see what is coming next and what this lovely, blond babe is capable of. This scene came so close to being the Explicit List Top Choice but all I can say is if the two rides that started this amazing trip through the theme park of lust & desire opened up by Arch Angel are this good, imagine what is in store next for you.

Scene 3: Harlow Harrison and Derrick Pierce

Harlow Harrison 2Harlow Harrison 3 Harlow Harrison 4Harlow Harrison 5

Harlow Harrison. No matter is she is going girl/girl or boy/girl, few young starlets have the sheer charm and acting ability as this beauty. She has already shared scenes with some of the biggest stars in the industry and as her career and roles get more and more expansive, I simply must say you have to see this woman’s scenes at all costs. She simply knows exactly what we want in the actions she is in control of on screen. It is like she is the psychic woman of our dreams but with that said, what could the pioneer of the modern age do that has not been on display with this lovely young starlet? Pair her in one of the most amazing, jaw dropping scenes of 2016, that is what! From first glance we are drawn in to this scene that features one of the most attractive smiles and amazing looks in the industry. Harlow’s amazing body art is simply the mirror image of her charisma and beauty when it comes to how she seduces the crowd with just a glance in this scene. The angles in every second of this scene are truly ones you can not look away from and as she struts around in her gorgeous heels shaking her gorgeous booty and amazing boobs we get to witness Derrick Pierce take control with some amazing breast worship. It is exactly were we want the action to go in our minds. I have said this before in my reviews, MimeFreak has an amazing connection with fans as if he has ESP. It is like we are directing the scene because with every word uttered in that sexy voice of Harlow’s, we beg to see her pleasured in such wonderful ways…. and then presto, ….it happens. That is simply amazing film making from every facet of the term. As the breast worship moves down south, we find Derrick does indeed have a problem of not being able to not just touch Harlow at every opportunity. The eroticism is superb as can ever be and I guarantee you will not be able to hit the stop button until the scene has finished. Harlow’s love for this industry is always expressed by her on her twitter page and if you have never seen one of her performances you will indeed be in for a treat, for I do not think the camera even stopped once during the sex aspect of the scene, making for just pure bliss in terms of fantasy being turned into reality for so many of her followers. The kissing is deep and sexy, the motion and action has that: just get over here mentality, that can only be felt when it comes to having the girl of your dreams in bed with you. Every second of this scene is intense, provocative, yet soft in a realistic way when it comes to sex in the real world. Few performers can bring that type of look and feel to their scenes like Harlow Harrison does. I can only say in closing when it comes to this scene that no matter the film, you have to see miss Harrison show you why with your own two eyes, that she is indeed one of the Future Angels of not only Arch Angel but of this amazing industry.

Scene 4: Megan Rain and Manuel Ferrara

Megan Rain 2Megan Rain 3Megan Rain 4 Megan Rain 5

“The Little Sex Buddha”…… my goodness if there was ever a nickname that coined a persons amazing portrayal on screen and social media alter ego as the philosophical, ever so cosmic sex goddess that is indeed it. Megan Rain has indeed taken the industry by storm and forever drenched fans in a proverbial down pour of lust, passion and desire of Rain that her fans know are the little things that make her a true sexual icon in the making. MimeFreak was indeed the perfect choice to showcase this beauty in the kinkiest way possible. Add in Latin fireball Mr. Manual Ferrara and you have a spicy recipe that brings this tale of aspiring stars to a beyond orgasmic end. Megan indeed has the ability to show the roughest aspects of adult film genres and scenes, yet in every moment of this scene and every other I have had the grace of watching, Megan indeed shows almost a need for the action to continue, no matter how rough and sweaty things get. It should be common knowledge among the stars, producers, directors that fans can always tell the things a performer will not do, especially their hardcore followers. So far in young miss Rains career I always see her go the extra mile no matter how sweaty her body gets, or how much make-up is running down her face. Now, me personally, I’m not the biggest fan of rough sex but what kind of reviewer would I be if I did not portray honesty to the fans of any genre even if it were not my cup of teas. Megan Rain indeed is one of those performers who will simply do everything it takes to make every single scene an AVN Award candidate. She always goes the extra mile and that is the true sign of an amazing actor, you just become entranced by their characters and portrayals. Add in the mind of industry veteran MimeFreak and this scene will indeed go down as one of the best ever filmed. This scene features everything from lust filled dirty talk, to amazing positions of Megan being held above Manuel’s mid section as he does his best to show Megan who is boss. The passion and chemistry is amazing and it is simply that type of charisma that makes Megan one of the brightest up and coming stars in the industry. For if their is one truth about an actor it is that you just become so deeply involved in a passion for their character you forget they are indeed acting. Megan has that ability and it is amazing to see. This scene will indeed have you watching this film over and over again, it is that damn good and one thing that you will come away with after making this film a part of your library is that you were there at the start of something great, for that is what Megan Rain, MimeFreak and Arch Angel simply are in every facet of the adult entertainment game.


Don Juan DeMarko

I have been in the adult industry since I was indeed a young history major out of college. I attended a "Public Ivy" located in Williamsburg, Virginia. I have a multiple degrees & certificates including one in graphic design that led me to this wonderful and amazing industry. I started as just a lowly consultant for a design firm in Los Angeles that led me to introductions with some amazing people in the adult film industry and the rest is history. I have fulfilled work and helped to write publications for some of the biggest names in music, sports and film but my passion, the place where I truly call "home" because it is where the heart is, lies within the adult entertainment industry. I am an XRCO Member and I always like to say the art of making "fantasy become reality" is indeed something that takes the effort of many people, from all likes & spectrums of this amazing world. It is indeed those people and the fans of this industry that drive me to always show the beautiful amazing side of this industry few know but many dream about.

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