April 2016 Full Film Review: The Booty Queen, Volume: 2

April 2016 Full Film Review: The Booty Queen, Volume: 2


Finally………Yes, I say FINALLY, we have one of our most beloved actresses in the industry placed in a role she was simply built for. Myself being a very big AJ Applegate fan, I must say it truly adds something to a person’s curiosity and intrigue to see the amazing modern pioneer MimeFreak do what I thought would have been done years ago. Designate this amazing performer as the “Booty Queen.” A title AJ deserves and embraces so in this film. The collaboration of this name was brought forth by a simple discussion between actor and director as they waited & hung out together outside of a hotel room. It is something I think that shows why this film is having the success it is. This writer indeed sees this reoccurring theme that seems to always make Arch Angel’s productions simply must see cinema, it is the collaboration, the ear for fans and actor alike. It takes the strongest of minds and passions to allow outside voices to shape a creation when you are an artist and as MimeFreak always tells his fans, they are the true “directors” of the films and it is something so special in this industry that I myself just see things continuing to explode like a fourth of July firecracker for these amazing folks at Arch Angel Productions for years to come. This film is simply AJ Applegate collaborating to do what she does best, let her gorgeous derriere do the talking for her in a world that is filled with so much of the opposite these days. No matter if you are an AJ fan or not, you will indeed have a respect for the way she portrays herself in the adult world after this amazing journey through all the beauty that is AJ Applegate.

Scene 1: AJ Applegate, Jada Stevens and Prince Yahshua

Jada Stevens, AJ Applegate and Prince Yahshua 2Jada Stevens, AJ Applegate and Prince Yahshua 3Jada Stevens, AJ Applegate and Prince Yahshua 4Jada Stevens, AJ Applegate and Prince Yahshua 5

The “Booty Queens” and the Prince, …..need I say more? Well of coarse some film aficionados like myself always love to engage further than the flesh when it comes to their “cup o’ tea”  in adult cinema. The bikinis, booties and “BBC” is in full effect in this marvelous opening act of AJ Applegate’s amazing spotlight video. A jagged hip-hop beat has two of the most amazing booties in the business bouncing up and down for our viewing pleasure to start the scene. MimeFreak begins things different always in his films and this collaboration is no exception. Jada Stevens and AJ are car wash girls with a crush looking to lube up more than Prince Yashua’s car if you know what I mean. AJ’s small bits of dialogue give us a peek into her amazing acting skills and Jada herself does a marvelous job as well but it is the Prince himself who adds such great comedic portrayals of his characters. You will laugh your ass off when you see him catch the ladies washing his Rolls Royce with their lovely asses. Of coarse the punishment for the crime is getting something else wet in the process, which suits us fans better than Armani. The scene jumps to intense hotness as the chemistry between all three performers simply shines strong. As the Prince hurries to undress, we are treated to some spectacular oral from both ladies at once, that will get you as hot under the collar as Prince Yashua’s character. As the ladies themselves get hot for each other, the angles portray some intense passion between AJ and Jada. It is one of the hottest vantage points to see a threesome where one of the stars is so orgasmic they just can’t do anything but indulge in the ecstasy of it all and AJ has this happen time and time again. It is something that indeed drives her fans wild when it comes to the authenticity of her work. Half way through the scene Jada does what she does best and steals the show with simply the most yummy kitty licking, all while screaming in satisfaction as Prince Yahshua does what he indeed does best as well. The scene features amazing angle after amazing angle and the attention paid to the ladies gorgeous derrieres is exactly what was promised by the director. This scene hands down sizzles and will be a scene you indeed watch over and over again.

Scene: 2 AJ Applegate and Bill Bailey

AJ Oiled UpAJ Oiled Up 2AJ Oiled Up 3AJ Oiled Up 4

In the scene to which we are informed that the original title of this series was going to be named “Butt Slut” as the catchy name of this series, we are indeed treated to some of the most amazing anal escapades that have ever been captured on film. Never have I been so glad a title was ditched for another in order to give miss AJ Applegate her due diligence when it comes to what defines her in the amazing world of adult entertainment. From first fade in we are treated to that bodacious booty doing what it does best, a walk right into the hearts and fantasies of viewers and fans alike. The “Booty Queen” may also indeed be the queen of twerking and attraction, as instantaneously we are sucked into the scene. The oil flows from the get go, as AJ gets wet and slippery leading to the discovery of a butt plug and a transition to a lighter scene and background, as she is being spanked and worshiped, we discover the culprit getting things nice and slippery from the background is Bill Bailey. The twerking continues as the lust begins and the one feature that makes AJ standout above most stars is her ability to utilize her talents in every aspect of her scenes with that bodacious butt. First things first, the sex in the scene is simply amazing. Both performers indeed have the hots for each other and it shows not only by how many times each actor gets the other off before the climax shot is even filmed but also by how passionate, deep and wet the kissing and rubbing is throughout. This is one of the sexiest scenes I have seen in 2016, the stars simply try and out do each other in the kinkiest of ways that only the keen eye will catch. The use of oil has not always been something that floats my boat but as I have been shown so many times by the actors that truly have talent at the craft they love, one can grow to enjoy anything if it is done with compassion and a striving for excellence and these two show that at every turn in this scene. The angles basically feature amazing close-ups and mesmerizing dirty talk. Add in the fact that at every moment of the action, these two just keep turning the heat up more and more. The kink factor just jumps in continuously to blow our minds away with something as simple as a bottle of oil. The sex alone is simply worth the cost of admission for the entire DVD, it is indeed that scorching hot and the mixture of AJ’s cute bikini and her lust fueled appetite for her co-star just makes this scene a five star romp that will indeed have your rewind button worn down to a nub.

Scene 3: AJ Applegate and Mandingo

AJ Applegate 8AJ Applegate 5AJ Applegate 6AJ Applegate 7

The third round of this amazing sexual skirmish that indeed has more action than any twelve round fight, features a slowdown of everything for MimeFreak. The director uses this scene for his best introspective with the actor in the behind the scenes footage and also uses it to fully bring miss AJ Applegate to the top of our wildest day dreams. The dark heels and outfit bring about a theme of pure lust and forbidden viewing. The action begins quickly in this scene, faster than any other Arch Angel scene I may have ever viewed. Mandingo is the lucky gentleman sharing the screen with AJ and the literal “thrust” into the amazing oral from AJ is just what a Mandingo scene has been come to be known as: Simply astonishing. As AJ’s sexy top stays on, the pleasure busts loose even further. AJ’s enticing moans of pleasure make this scene simply captivating. Being as well endowed as Mandingo is, the excitement never misses a beat as most fans would think the opposite would happen, as large as he is. It is a testament to how amazing a performer AJ Applegate truly is. The sexiness of the scene would be lost with almost any other performer in my opinion. “I feel it in my stomach” is one of the coolest damn lines ever moaned in the history of this industry. She has moxie, that is for damn sure and she does not hide it in any of her work. Mandingo’s growls of pleasure just indicate even more to fans that the feeling is mutually shared between the two as far as passion goes and making a great scene for fans at all costs. The actions tails off a bit at the end due to the thirty one minute time frame in my opinion. I think that mixed with the dark theme, just added a little bit too much and things drag on a bit at the end. I think the sex does enough for this scene though. It has a passion that is slow and sensual, one that will indeed hit home in every way with AJ fans across the globe. With three quarters of the film down, I do indeed think fans have already gotten their moneys worth and we still have another luscious threesome in store for our viewing pleasure.

Scene 4: AJ Applegate, Prince Yahshua and Sean Micheals


The coming together of these three superstars is simply the icing on the cake. As the Explicit List choice for top scene in the film, we get to witness AJ’s first interracial double penetration with simply the best of the best when it comes to making the ladies they work with shine on film in so many ways. AJ simply brings out the big guns, as she is decked out from head to toe in her most magnetic apparel in the film. AJ looking this gorgeous was perfectly timed when it comes to ending a wonderful film and a trip fans get to tag along on, especially when it comes to the things that make AJ Applegate a name people will always remember in this illustrious industry. I applaud MimeFreak so much for bringing this view of AJ to fans because with all the great behind the scenes footage included in this film we truly see why AJ is the “Booty Queen.” This scene starts with the most seductive combination of music and provocative, hypnotic movement from AJ. The timing as always, is spot on and miss Applegate truly knows what the viewer is drooling to see. Sean Michaels and Prince Yahshua simply make this scene so sexy and sensual with the way that they flow with AJ in all the sexy aspects of the seduction but also the rougher parts as well, something very few actors can do. All three simply send us on a journey that never stops or hits a bump in the road. Each performer knows the things that make a scene successful and they put it all on full display here. AJ simply steals the show and she does it without a lot of dirty talk or over the top acting, she truly has a sensual, soft performance that simply captivates the audience. It is a performance where you actually see the sexiness in the aggressive moves of her male counterparts. That is how good of a performance AJ puts on display for all to see. I have to admit, I have been a fan of AJ Applegate’s for quite a while but I have not seen this aspect of her amazing skills as a performer and entertainer, ever! AJ will have you going with the flow of Sean and the Prince and no matter the angle, you will be rooting on the male talent as the action gets steamier and steamier. For this being AJ’s first interracial DP, she shows no hesitance in her character. She simply goes all out in this scene for her fans, despite the fact as she relays to us in the behind the scenes footage, that she was beyond nervous. As always, Prince Yahshua adds a flair that simply turns the scene into a five star delicacy. The chemistry both show together and the enthusiasm they bring out in one another is seen from second one of intimacy. The “crown prince of porn” simply out does himself every time and it is no wonder every performer asks to work with him, he adds to the ladies sexiness and allure, as he indeed does in this scene as well. I find it is no coincidence Arch Angel is achieving the success they have as of late, they are indeed bringing in actors that are hungry to make amazing cinema, they have the eye and mind of one of the greatest visionaries to arrive on the adult scene in a long, long time in MimeFreak. This was one of the first films I saw of Arch Angel and from the second I pressed play I was sent to another world, as you will be too when you stop to see what all the hype is about with this blossoming company. The Booty Queen 2 is an amazing film and it is no wonder it continues to fly off shelves since it’s release. See this film for one reason, to see why the single spotlighted film needs to come back. See this film for the simple fact that AJ Applegate will not only tell you why she is the “booty queen” no matter who else lands the role in future productions, she will prove it to you with her actions and never has this writer been so pleased to have actions speak louder than words.


Don Juan DeMarko

I have been in the adult industry since I was indeed a young history major out of college. I attended a "Public Ivy" located in Williamsburg, Virginia. I have a multiple degrees & certificates including one in graphic design that led me to this wonderful and amazing industry. I started as just a lowly consultant for a design firm in Los Angeles that led me to introductions with some amazing people in the adult film industry and the rest is history. I have fulfilled work and helped to write publications for some of the biggest names in music, sports and film but my passion, the place where I truly call "home" because it is where the heart is, lies within the adult entertainment industry. I am an XRCO Member and I always like to say the art of making "fantasy become reality" is indeed something that takes the effort of many people, from all likes & spectrums of this amazing world. It is indeed those people and the fans of this industry that drive me to always show the beautiful amazing side of this industry few know but many dream about.

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