April 2016 Full Film Review: Ashley Fires is The Archangel

April 2016 Full Film Review: Ashley Fires is The Archangel


I admit,… sometimes a film can be simply just a film in the adult entertainment world. Due to many circumstances, things do indeed just pan out to simplicity and fantasy. That is ok, for I understand that some fans and some companies prefer that road when it comes to the films that bring fantasy to life for the masses. At Archangel, I have never been subjected to the same thing twice when it comes to their amazing film library. Ashley Fires is The Archangel, showed me the amazing ability of MimeFreak to showcase his skills as a writer and director more so than any other film I have viewed this month. Then we get to Ashley Fires, an internet sensation and an actress who cares so much about her fans and giving them what they ask for time and time again. I will admit, I have not seen many films of Ashley Fires before I took on the task of reviewing her spotlight film. What I came away with after viewing, was simply a respect and admiration for an actress that is truly a master of seduction and a genius in terms of character acting. From each scene came forth this new look and aspect of Ashley, it was breathtaking and so entertaining to watch. I laughed at the great humor, I was dazzled by the stunning visuals and of coarse, was mesmerized by a woman who just understands that it is not just one aspect of beauty that makes an amazing adult film. I am indeed a fan for life after viewing this film, which I will say from the beginning, is simply a must own film.

Scene 1: Ashley Fires and Sean Michaels

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This film begins with Ashley indulging in the most yummy of bubble baths, surrounded by an amazing location for the scene to take place. The house in the scene is just breathtaking and adds so much to the story. Ashley plays the feisty house wife who is in dire need of some fun and pleasure while playing hookie from work. The legendary Sean Michaels is Ashley’s boss, who is indeed not to happy with his employees lack of attendance. The two actors light this scene up better than any two I have seen in many, many films. They stay in character throughout, giving the fantasy this lustful, sexy appeal. Never once do they stray from this aspect. Ashley’s performance as the promiscuous wife is just amazing. She portrays her character as this sexy vixen who is willing to do anything it takes to keep her promotion after she infuriates her boss. The heat and passion in this scene just strike a chord from minute one of Sean Micheals entrance into her humble abode, reluctant at first but then a willing submissive as Ashley uses her amazing curves and cunning sexual drive to seduce her boss. Ashley appearance is simply flawless, her dress, her heels, her make-up and hair will just turn the fire up under any viewers seat and have their heart racing from the amazing visuals in the opening bath tub background were Ashley and Mime Freak put every angle of her amazing body on display for fans as she goes from kitty play to getting dressed so seductively. As Sean does what only he can as a legendary actor, he fuels Ashley’s performance to just go deeper and deeper into her bag of tricks to make the fans go ga-ga in every which way. Let’s just say the oral is to die for no matter if you are a fan of that aspect or not. As the two strip down and the passion deepens, we find Sean a more willing participant to make Ashley earn her raise. No matter the angle, this scene is gold, it just opens up the viewers mind in so many ways. The dialogue alone has this comedic aspect of Sean bumbling around as he gets seduced like the classic films from the past. Ashley’s character also has these amazing moments of lust, humor and just awe stricken wonder. Not many actors can do a scene like this one. It takes an amazing combo to have as amazing an acting performance you would a sexual one and this scene indeed delivers on both. Best thing is after your mind is blown by amazing position after amazing position, you realize, this is just the opening ride to the amusement park that is Ashley Fires is The Archangel.

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Scene 2: Ashley Fires and Prince Yahshua

The setting for this second scene is both dark, urban and simply artistic as hell. Ashley struts her amazing assets for our viewing pleasure in the urban jungle of Los Angeles within this amazing enclosed under pass, that only the “City of Angels” possess. The music is bumping and Ashley’s walk is perfectly timed to the amazing sound. As we get to witness her amazing curves dazzle our senses, we see her in this amazing hair style that looks like something from the film Escape from New York added it with the sexiness that only MimeFreak can purvey to us, the viewers. I was simply blown out of my chair from the get go. As we transition to the more passionate side of the scene, we get to see Ashley dazzle yet another one of our senses with her lust filled language and tongue. In her first interracial scene ever, the amazing Prince Yahshua joins the party right as Ashley just begins to strip down to give our eyes a dazzling, so as to hit every sense a human being has with her beauty and sexuality. The anal action of this scene is amazing. It is the theme from the get go and the thing that will indeed mesmerize you, the viewer, is the way both performers ease into the action multiple times. There is even a part where Ashley looks as if she is being told to change angles and she says with a smile silently: “Nope, I’m gonna ride it again.” So sexy, so cool and beyond bad ass, simply because this is what makes adult film. It is not always the over the top performances, it is the grit, chemistry and realism that only the most charismatic actors can turn into magic on the screen with their stunning talent. The “man handling” as I call it, is done very tastefully and the crowned “Prince of Porn” does an amazing job just keeping things sexy as hell when it comes to making his co-stars shine and still look provocative when it comes to this aspect of film, for what most critics do not know, is that man handling is a very beloved aspect of adult film. I am glad MimeFreak makes it apart of his films because that is staying true to the term he has so amazingly coined: “The Gods are the fans and the performers are the slaves.” The angles are amazing and the feature of Ashley’s amazing derriere throughout just makes this scene a whole new animal compared to the first. As Ashley continues with a tirade of yummy dirty talk through out we are simply taken along on this lust filled ride that you do not want to see end. Yes the actors do not get many lines in this scene but the utilize their talents in so many other ways that just jump off the screen, especially when it comes to an anal scene. I think Ashley indeed always puts on a tremendous show and watching her continue to dazzle crowds and fans alike with something new after all these years in this industry just makes her the definition of innovative and legendary. The angles are all themed to an up close look in this scene, so if you are a fan you will be indeed blown away. My favorite part being when Ashley flips the script on the Prince and takes control as she hits reverse cowgirl without skipping a beat. This scene is indeed amazing and worth the price of admission in this amazing tour of all that is the amazing performer Ashley Fires.

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Scene 3: Ashley Fires, Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong

The heat just continues to fill the room as Ashley engages in yet another first in her career. The scene is set fast with MimeFreak guiding the lovely miss Fires through a series of yummy anticipatory questions about her first on screen interracial DP. Ashley’s seductive voice just fuels the action from the get go, as she lets audience members know just how much she does indeed love her job. As the talk gets raunchier, the action gets beyond steamy as I do indeed think Ashley squirts an unbelievable three times while the combination of lusty sex talk, mixed with orgasmic threesome action just keeps the viewers eyes and hearts glued to the screen. Prince Yahshua steals the show, as he always does in his threesome scenes, something that he has indeed become not just the crown “Prince of the adult world” but quite possibly the king! Ashley’s and the Prince’s chemistry together is simply alluring to watch, no matter if the sex gets a little rough, or the passion and soft tone drive the transition of an angle in the scene, these two simply know how to put on an amazing show. The scene starts fast as I mentioned before and Ashley looks amazing once again in this stunning piece of lingerie that just drives the audiences pulse to above one eighty over sixty if you know what I mean. The heart palpitations do not stop there, it is simply Ashley’s amazing capability to keep every aspect of long takes and positions to look so amazing on screen but can not be easy at all to hold in front of a camera. Things like that continue to indeed make her stock just continue to rise and rise in the adult entertainment world. MimeFreak added in such a great switch to the style of this film with this scene and the next. He ensures that the viewer is indeed ready for another type of ride, even if it is not their particular favorite style of lust and sex. He keeps your attention always upon the performers, sometimes taking your thoughts and visions to places you never thought a fantasy could go while being turned on to the max at the same time. The only draw back to this scene was the casting in my opinion. The Prince and Ashley light up the screen but Rico Strong seems to just be a bystander if you know what I mean. He does not show the same enthusiasm Prince Yahshua does, nor does he add in to the sexiness of the picture. I always say no matter what type of audience you are trying to reach, even if you are portraying man handling a gorgeous beauty in a scene, you still have to have that small aspect of sexiness and charm no matter how small to make a scene pop. It is that lacking that takes away a tad from this scene but it is indeed a small snafu. Rico Strong’s flow within the scene and intense action do indeed fuel the sex to an orgasmic levels, so it is indeed safe to say that this scene is a keeper. Rico and Ashley display some sexy angles and the ride is intense from start to finish and one you will be watching over and over again guaranteed.

Ashley Fires 12Ashley Fires 13

Scene 4: Ashley Fires, Five Participant Orgy Spectacular

When it comes to a finale, it is always the signal of something grand. No matter if it is a motion picture or an instrumental overture. Ashley Fires simply blows the fans out of the freaking arena with this amazing finish, to simply make this one of the best films of early 2016. A performer these days, seems to not be judged by all she is willing to do for her fans. Unfortunately most are given the undeserved respect for every reason than what truly makes a “legendary” amazing, superstar performer in this industry. From moment one of the scene, Ashley takes our emotions of lust, allure and want and simply turns us and them into melted candle wax. Ashley Fires indeed shows the fans something that they have been asking for, for a very long time, just an erotic, sexy, aggressive orgy scene were the only thing a fan can do, is stare wide mouthed with their eyes popped out of their heads, trying to remember what day it is due to the lack of attention to anything else but Ashley and her amazing co-stars on screen. I myself gained a respect for Ashley Fires in this scene most of all. She never once looks anything less than impressive from head to toe in every angle of this scene. She also, never breaks character in terms of how lustful her want for the other costars gets. This scene is a bit rough and there is indeed a lot of man handling involved but like the legendary superstar she is, Ashley makes every moment, a trip to a land of fantasy for the viewer no matter how aggressive the action gets. MimeFreak once again changes things up, as this scene simply jumps at the audience from the get go with sex galore. The takes are amazingly long for an orgy scene, a thing very difficult to do in a production and the steamy action just stays consistent through out. I for one watched this scene and will admit was rooting for it to continue because of how well it was presented in every aspect. Some of my favorite angles are of Ashley getting to do only her second interracial DP and a heavenly end scenario where she just rewards her co-stars and fans in the most yummy of ways in a climax for the ages. This scene, as all three before it, is just amazing beyond words. The rambunctious way Ashley shows the love for her job is just something only the greatest stars can portray on film, no matter the genre or partner. I for one in the beginning of this film was curious to see why MimeFreak and Gabe picked Ashley to be the performer who took on the role and responsibility of being “The Archangel.” After the smoke cleared and I watched everything there could be as well as getting to meet a small side of miss Fires through correspondence I truly understood why they picked her and she simply showed me that she is not done by a long shot when it comes to surprising her fans and mesmerizing a crowd in so many different ways. This film needs to be apart of your film collection, for only then will you indeed see why Ashley Fires is The Archangel.



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