World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Contest

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With a contest highlighting the beauty of one of ExplicitList favorite parts of the female body we have to get on board,  It would be so easy to discount Brian Sloan’s sex toy empire as pure, potentially sexist, kitsch. And yet he’s made a name for himself and his products based on a brilliant marketing strategy of over-the-top, infomercial-esque  online ad campaigns. He turned heads when he announced the world’s first Vaginal Beauty Contest, where he sought out the most stunning genitals around.  Sloan takes a different approach with the strategy of his upcoming product line.  Shying away from the industry standard of modeling male sex toys after pornstars precious parts Sloan is making valuable use of the pretty peaches.  The winners would be 3-D scanned and have their unmentionables replicated on sleeves atop his 3Fap, a toy with a mouth, a vulva, and an anus in which you can stick your junk.

“It was easy to think about it, that it would be fun or funny to 3D-scan them before I knew them, to like, see them naked,” he said to the camera. “But now that I know them and they’re really nice and sweet, I feel a little guilty.”

“I have a right to decide what I want to do with my body, and that’s what feminism is about.”

As well he should. “My friend spread my butt cheeks when they scanned my anus,” one of the winners says in the video. And after all that, it turned out her anus was not “textured enough” to scan. “So we’re down one anus,” Sloan flippantly remarked. Another winner’s boyfriend is in the room, and he can hardly watch the display.

SWorlds_Beauty_Vagina_001 SWorlds_Beauty_Vagina_002 SWorlds_Beauty_Vagina_003

Despite the invasive nature, one of the “Most Beautiful Vagina” winners actually felt great about it: “I have a right to decide what I want to do with my body, and that’s what feminism is about.”

ExplicitList is at its very core about finding the unique and beautiful in the adult industry and making sure you are the first to read, hear, and experience the pulse of the industry.  We applaud the participants and there choice to lay back and grace the world with SWorlds_Beauty_Vagina_004 SWorlds_Beauty_Vagina_005 SWorlds_Beauty_Vagina_006the beauty the hold and empowering others to be proud of that pretty pussy!  Thats why we salute proudly the participants and the contest alike and proudly present the EXPLICITLIST seal of approval.


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written by NP of Explicit Enterprises


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