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Bender Cain here again and this month here at Explicit We got a real treat for you we sat  down with Patricia Goddess one of the world’s biggest cam models. This Ukrainian Beauty has had multiple award nominations and wins as one of the world’s leading webcam models she’s also been blessed with some of The Bluest Eyes I’ve ever seen I hope you enjoyed my interview with the lovely Patricia goddess.



Occupation: Cam model

Country: Ukraine


Performer name: PatriciaGoddess

Real name: Katerina

Age: 20

Languages:  Russian, Ukrainian, English, Madarin


  • Winner 2016 Live Cam Awards Best Cam Girl
  • Winner 2015 AW Awards Best New Comer
  • Nominee 2016 AW Awards Cam Girl of the Year
  • Nominee 2016 AW Awards Fan Votes – Best Smile, Most Attractive Model, Best Entertainer
  • Nominee 2016 AW Awards Social Media Star
  • Nominee 2016 AW Awards Best Solo Website
  • Nominee 2016 AVN Awards Best Cam Girl
  • Nominee 2015 Adult Webcam Awards – Best New Cam Model


Personal site:

Live site:

Facebook: Kate Patricia

Twitter: @patrigoddess

Instagram: patricia_goddess

tumblr: Patricia Goddess

Vine: Patricia Goddess

VK: Patricia Goddess

Kik: Patricia Goddess

YouTube/ Google+: PatriciaGoddess


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Bender,  Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for our readers here @ExplicitInc


(Patricia) It’s a real pleasure, Bender, thank you for inviting me!

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Bender, So Patricia about how long have you been been performing as a Webcam model.?


Patricia I’ve been performing for about 2 years now, since I was 18 years old.  I started in the Hot Flirt category on Jasmin.   After a few months I wanted to do more things on cam, so I changed to the Girls category where I can do a full adult show.  I love it!!!

I still remember my first private, I was so nervous!!  But I told myself I am special and would be best and that all guys will fall in love with me!  So I had first private with this guy for 35 dollars!  He opened his cam and I saw him, so was even more shy but was very excited to know what will happen. Then he asked me to dance for him and touch my stomach. Oh my God, it was so funny! So I danced for him and it was really fun for me. He was happy and me too!! I couldn’t wait to do my next show!

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Bender, now Patricia your webshow can be found on why did you pick


I love so much because I think they have a great team and the highest quality.   All the girls there look amazing!  I also like the format at LiveJasmin with free and private chat and I think this gives members the best experience.


The team at LiveJasmin have very high standards and are so helpful to make sure everything looks perfect.  They are always looking for new ways to keep things interesting, like the Premium Channel and JasminTV and have more exciting features to come!


Most important for me is the video is in full HD and with great quality audio, which means we can feel really close, especially in a private session.   Guys can enjoy show from a big screen and imagine I am with him in his room. I feel this too, and can get really turned on!!


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Bender, now Patricia I’ll be completely honest with a have never viewed a Webcam show.  So described to our readers what they can expect from your show?


Come and see me!!!  In free chat I love to tease guys.  I like to stay active and dance sexy for my fans.  Sometimes I bring the camera up close to my face and tease with my lips and tongue.  Guys go crazy for that!!  I love it when guys take me in private, then I will do anything to please!


In my private shows I try to be in close contact with my members to give him a feeling he is special and I am always warm and open with them.  I love anal, I love vaginal sex, double penetration, deep-throat, blow-job, squirt, fist, gagging, ass to mouth and more!


I have all kinds of toys I can use in my private shows. I have lots of dildos with different sizes and colors, vibrators, different kind of anal beads, butt plugs, I have this from metal with beautiful stone and glasses with flowers inside it for different kind of pleasure. I have strapons, an inflatable doll, handcuffs for guys-slaves and more!  I love to use all kind of toys because I love all kinds of pleasure!


Of course each guy is different, and may ask different things.  Some guys are like Masters, who love to control me, to imagine they have power and I am weak, so they love to protect me, or punish me if I am naughty.  Some guys love to be controlled and told what they must do, so it is important to help them have pleasure that way.  Some guys love to mix, to know my physical and spiritual sides – these guys are most interesting to me and we spend time talking as well as sex.


Whatever they ask me, I always imagine like it is real, I try feel him and to give him these feelings too. It’s not just a performance, I always try to give them feelings of reality.

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Bender, So Patricia you have been nominated for numerous awards including a AVN Award. What is like to be recognized for your work?


Ah it was so great to be nominated for the AVN Awards!  It is so special to win or be nominated for awards because it shows people really appreciate what I do.  I am so lucky!!!


I won my first award last year as Best New Comer at AW Awards.   I was so happy!!!!  It was in Mamaia, and that night we had a big party!!!


In March this year I won Best Camgirl at the Live Cam Awards in Barcelona.  It was amazing!!!  There are so many gorgeous cam girls it was really an honour they chose me!!!  I am so grateful to all my fans that vote for me!!!


Just now I am nominated in the AW Awards for Cam Girl of the Year, and in five other categories (Best Smile, Most Attractive Model, Best Entertainer, Social Media Star, and Best Solo Website).  Voting is open until 31 May at  I am so excited!  Please vote for me!!!

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Bender, Now Patricia this is a tough question have you ever considered doing videos “such as performing as in adult films?


Who knows, maybe one day!   It would be great to do something with other camgirls, I often think about that.  In real life I am a very shy person, so it would be a big step for me but I think it could be fun!!!



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Bender, Patricia I noticed on your Twitter page you have some pictures of you along with some of the other models from such as Sasha red and others so how well do you get along with the other girls from livejasmin?


Yes, they are my friends!  It was so great to be together in Barcelona for the Live Cam Awards.  I try to keep in contact, but it is so nice when we can meet in person.  I hope we can be together again soon.


I got to spend a day with the beautiful Claraa Sweet (@claraa_sweet) while I was in Barcelona.   She is a really great girl, I like her very much.   We went shopping together and had a photoshoot on the beach.  We were so silly!



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Bender, so Patricia do you have any guilty pleasures?


Errm I love chocolate!  Does that count as a guilty pleasure?  I am quite a silly girl and like to enjoy myself, so I don’t really spend time feeling guilty.  Life is for living, right?


I will tell you a naughty secret though.  In normal life I never wear panties!  I like to feel free!   Even when I wear short skirts I don’t wear panties.

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Bender, ok Patricia time for what we here at @ExplicitInc call fan questions it’s no secret that I hate these questions but it is all about the fans here, so what is your favorite sexual position?


Really I like like all sex.  I can cum in lots of different ways, and often cum for real in my private shows!  I like to explore my body and try new things and positions.


Most important for me is the guy I am with, and how he makes me feel.  A great guy needs to make me feel special, then I can get really turned on and go crazy!


If I have to choose a favourite position it would be doggie, because I like to feel a hard cock inside me really deep!!  I love to be fucked really hard like that!

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Bender, Patricia when you are not caming how do you like to spend your free time?


I really enjoy my work and can often spend 12 hours on cam, which means I don’t get much free time.   I like watching movies, or to go for a nice meal.  I also enjoy going to salon, to help me look my best for my guys!


When I take time off I like to travel and see new places.  I went to Barcelona and Madrid last month – it was so nice, such beautiful cities and the people were so friendly.  I had a great time!


Of course like every girl I also enjoy shopping!  I like to buy nice clothes, shoes, jewellery and makeup, and  I’m always looking for new toys and outfits to try and like to look different.  I like to buy the best, and I enjoy good quality in all things.

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Bender, so Patricia some people think that cam models just might be the new pornstars in fact camsistes like are becoming more and more popular what are your thoughts on this?


I love to watch porn and can get really turned by it!   I have so much respect for what pornstars do, I think it’s great!


I think what cam models do can be different from porn, because it is live and interactive.  The guys I chat with really want that.


Some guys like me to turn on porn, and we watch porn and play together so for this I need a big screen near my computer.  I try to move my cam to different locations where members like it – balconies, bathroom, kitchen, even outside!!  Of course I’m also working on my Premium Channel and my site, where I have some hot videos and pictures for members to enjoy, and will make more!





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Bender, Patricia you are from Ukraine so how do people react when they find out that you are one of the world’s top webcam models?


That’s very kind of you to say!   In real life I’m a very private person, and I live quietly, so really not many people know what I do.   I love my work and am so happy to give pleasure to guys.



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Bender, so Patricia you have an amazing body how do you stay in shape?


Thank you!!!  My work really helps keep me in shape, I am dancing so much each day.  Of course I eat healthy, and look after my body.  I am careful about what I eat, and I don’t drink alcohol or coffee.  I like to eat a lot of meat, nuts, fruit and vegetables.  But mostly it is the power of sex!!!


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Bender, Patricia as I said I have never watched a webcam show but I did go on to take a look at your profile I noticed that on your profile that you do anal on your show so do you enjoy anal in your personal life?


Yes, of course!   I was not sure before I tried it, but now I love it!


I lot of guys enjoy watching anal, but I know not all girls like to do it.  I sometimes can use my finger, but I also enjoy using one of my dildos for anal.  If a guy wants I will also do ass-to-mouth, where I can suck the dildo after enjoying anal.


I really enjoy all kinds of sex, which helps me enjoy my work.  I love to feel a hard cock in my ass, my pussy, and my mouth!


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Bender, Patricia how do you pick your music for your Web show?


I just choose music that keeps me excited and I can dance to.   I like all kinds of music, but play a lot Club Electronica, mainly from Europe.  I get a lot of it from the radio.  In Ukrainian radio it is three categories “dance”, “trance”, and “deep”.


I’m always looking for new music to play.  Sometimes guys send me music, which can also be really nice.

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Bender, Patricia do you enjoy interacting with your fan’s?


Yesss!!!  I am so happy when they write me!  Some fans write me often, and come see me every night!  I like to talk with them, and know them quite well now.


I love to talk with guys from different countries, to know a lot about them: their desires, their thoughts.  I love that I can play and feel like it is in real life, to talk with him on cam, to hear him. It is great in my job!  I am willing to do anything to please guys.


Some fans even help promote me, which is really great!!



Bender, Patricia you are very active on Twitter. What other social media do you use if any?


Yes, I love to share things with my fans!  Twitter is so great, I can share all kinds of things there.   Also I am on Facebook (Kate Patricia) and Instagram (Patricia_Goddess).  I love all social media and am always looking for new ways to share things with my fans.  Of course I also have my personal site ( where fans can see my videos and find more about me).   You can also find me on tumblr, VK, Kik, Vine, YouTube and Google+!




Once again Patricia thank you so much for taking the time to answer some of our questions here at @ExplicitInc


Thank you!!!  Kiss you!!!!

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