Feb 2016 interview with Jillian Janson


Country of Origin: United States
Province / State: MN – Minnesota
Place of Birth: Minneapolis
Date of Birth: May 23, 1995 (20 years old)
Astrological Sign: Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)
Aliases: Anna Grace, AnnaLynn, Annalynn Grace, Jillian Brookes, Jillian Jensen
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 168 cm – 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight: 55 kg – 121 lbs
Measurements: 34C-25-38



Jillian Janson is one of the stars that is redefining the American Sweetheart or atleast Explicit Lists naughty little version of the American Sweetheart.  She has taken the industry by storm garnering AVN and Xbiz nominations almost immediately upon entering the industry and continue to put on a strong showing as her star rises and she firmly stamps her name on the industry.  I got a chance to chat with Jillian about how she got started and got a little further insight into what is driving her career and current and future success.


NP: You started out in the business at 18, which satisfied so many fans’ school girl fantasies, as you were actually still in high school. What made you choose porn over continuing in telemarketing?

Jillian: Telemarketing helped me get my own car. I actually really hated calling people that didn’t want to be bothered. They ended up always yelling at us. It was depressing. But, when we did make a sale, we got $8-16 on commission. I originally wanted to be in something like accounting that kept me busy, but realized a job like that wasn’t for me. I wanted to be an actress or a dancer and always be on my feet.

NP: I know you got your start in web cams on MyFreeCams.com and you still do some shows there. What is your favorite part about that experience?

Jillian: I love the one-on-one personal connection it gives my fans and I. I haven’t been using it much over the last year, but I’ve decided to change that. Especially after being able to meet the ones that follow my career and aren’t afraid to attend expos to support me and personally greet me!




NP: Some of your first scenes in the industry were the films “Fuck Hard 18” and “Bound Helpless Girls.” Tell us about those experiences. Were you nervous or excited? How did it happen?

Jillian: Not going to lie, I was always a mixture of both. The being afraid part or the fear of the unknown is what kind of excites me. Being tied up and not able to move is scary, but thrilling.

NP: How did your friends and family feel about your decision to enter the adult entertainment industry?

Jillian: I learned who my true friends were when I left high school in part because of all the bullying I experienced when it got around that I was webcamming. I told my mother right away and she couldn’t believe it. Yet, she wasn’t really surprised either so she has always supported me. My dad never really lived with me, but he was paying for my health insurance at the time. He took me off his plan instantly when he heard what I was doing.














NP: Do you get recognized in public often now that you have become an industry staple and are winning awards?

Jillian: Yes haha. I have gotten recognized in a friend’s Uber. It was interesting actually, considering he didn’t say anything until I had gotten out of the car!

NP: You work for some pretty big companies. I’m not going to ask your favorites, but what’s your most memorable experience working so far?

Jillian: It’s more memorable these days when I work with someone new, do something new, or I’m having good enough sex that makes me squirt multiple times.

NP:  A lot of your scenes are pretty hardcore. What kind of scenes do you prefer to shoot?

Jillian: If I haven’t had sex in awhile I tend to crave regular sex, but in many different positions or I prefer anal. Anal was something I never thought of doing until I got in the porn business. So every time I do it, it’s a new experience to me.

NP:  What made you jump into doing anal scenes? Was it the plan all along? Do you do anal in your private life as well?

Jillian: As much as I love anal, I only trust the professionals to take care of me so I actually haven’t let anyone do it to me in my personal life, but I do let them lick it sometimes, haha!














NP:  Have you ever been asked to do a seen you are not comfortable with? If so, tell us about it?

Jillian: Yes, in fact I was actually paired with someone on my no list. I sucked it up and worked with her anyways since I didn’t want to make a fuss. It was my first time working with that particular company and I wanted to make a good first impression. I told them after the fact that we had shot pretty girl photos and such. They said they would have done something about it if they knew earlier but it was just an agent error.

NP: What is your favorite sexual position?

Jillian: I have always been a fan of doggystyle. Then one day I was getting pounded so hard and it pushed me down onto my stomach while he kept going he stuck his tongue in my ear and played with my clit. Best feeling ever! I call it flat dog.

NP: We always are curious with you being petite and hopefully we can ask this to give the regular guys a hope and a dream. Does size matter in your normal life with working with such studs on a regular basis?

Jillian: No honestly it doesn’t. It matters more about how you treat me and what you do with me to help satisfy me in order to deserve the way I like to give pleasure in the multiple ways that I do where size doesn’t necessarily matter as much. I like to look up at him and suck on it like a lollipop!

NP: Do you prefer working with male or female performers?

Jillian: I don’t really prefer one or the other since I love both, but when it comes to the one that I am NOT as experienced in, I would definitely have to choose girls!

NP: What is your favorite sex toy?

Jillian: I grew up using the Hitachi as a back and clit massager!














NP: Congratulation on your recent; Nightmoves Best Female Performer Award.  The AVN’s are coming up here in a couple weeks. I know you are nominated for several so congratulations.  How does it feel to get such acclaim for your work so early in your career?  Which one are you most excited about?

Jillian: It’s so great because the Nightmoves award came up so unexpectedly and it was amazing! I still can’t believe all the recognition I received for AVN! I feel like I didn’t necessarily work as much, but definitely worked hard last year so I am extremely grateful for all the work that I did at the beginning of the year, because at the end I started to focus more on other things such as feature dancing.

NP: Has this recognition increased the opportunities this year for you?

Jillian: Yes absolutely! The projects I am working on this year are so exciting!

NP: What drives you to succeed?

Jillian: HAPPINESS. I really love money as much as the average person does considering it helps us live healthy, but more importantly it helps us focus more on happiness. If you aren’t in a situation that you make enough money to get you by then it’s hard live healthy and happy. I grew up with the love of the people around me and the simple things we would do together. That’s what motivates me to create an even better financial future for my own family someday.

NP: What’s the most exotic location you’ve ever shot at?

Jillian: Joshua Tree National Park. I gave a blowjob to a good friend/male talent of mine during a beautiful sunset!

NP: What do you do on your down time when you’re not working?

Jillian: I have roommates now, so we are always running around going to events, movies, and hanging out!

NP: I saw somewhere that you have been really getting into fitness. What was your motivation to get healthy and find those sexy ab’s I hear you talking about?

Jillian: At first I started maturing into a young adult then realized I could shape my body the way I wanted to so I saw the abs then started working on my butt. It’s not where I want it yet, but I seem to like myself regardless of my size and I think I have supporters of that.

NP: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Jillian: Yes. I love to wear stockings and play with my feet on mens balls and tits!

NP:  Okay we’re almost at the end of our interview so here at ExplicitList we are not just a website Explicit is a way of life meaning you live to experience the finer things in life and drive to always have the ability
to continue to experience those finer things.  So would you say you live and Explicit Life?

Jillian: Yes I do, although I know how not to as well which is also an important quality to have!

NP:  Is there anyone special in your life or are you looking for someone?

Jillian: No not yet I am looking for someone really special well, waiting for them to find me really. I was never  searching for anything and still don’t want  anything at this point considering my career has really taken off, but if the right person comes along I will definitely take action!





NP: What is the best way for your fans to stay in touch with you?

Jillian: I have a lot of social media outlets I definitely like to use Twitter and Instagram a lot but I just signed up for Facebook too and I love the periscope app you can find me by looking up my name: Jillian Janson; xojillianjanson; and snapchat jillianjansonx3

NP: Okay last question, not really so much a question; but can we get a quick quote from you for your interview just a quick shout out for your fans and us here at ExplicitList

Jillian: I once read from a fortune cookie and have always lived by this quote: “Confidence isn’t something that you get, it’s something that you are” Don’t be afraid to do you boo.




Jillian Janson Bio:

Hardwired for hot sex and frisky fun, 2015 AVN Award Trophy Girl Jillian Janson broke the mold when she defied her “perfect American girl” image by embracing her sexuality. Discovering the pleasures of porn at a young age, Jillian grew up with a passion for exhibiting her growing sexuality, love of nudity, and her need for self-expression. Within days of becoming a webcam model, Jillian found herself flying to Los Angeles to work in adult films. Shutting the door on a normal college life, Jillian dove headfirst into the industry. She has already worked with companies like Evil Angel, Reality Kings, Naughty America, Girlfriend Films, Digital Playground and has appeared in Penthouse and Club International. Jillian was nominated by both the 2015 AVN & XBIZ Awards for Best New Starlet. At the 2015 AVN Awards she received the fan nominated vote for the Cutest Newcomer Award and a nomination for Best Group Sex Scene for her performance in Manuel Ferrara’s Reverse Gangbang 2. 2015 saw her conquer her first interracial anal for Blacked.com, her first blow bang in Facialized Vol. 2 for Hard X and her first DP in her showcase, Just Jillian. Along with being nominated for Female Performer of the year at the 2016 AVNs, her showcase, Just Jillian, received five nominations. Jillian can be seen across US clubs showing her moves in feature dance appearances. With an insatiable appetite to explore every sexual position on camera, Jillian’s electrifying performances led her to win Best Female Performer at the NightMoves Awards 2015. With 2016 award season upon us she is looking to add more winning accolades to her resume.

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