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This month I sat down with Santiago the founder and star for Axxxteca.com way south of the border in Mexico a country not primarily known for the adult industry the interview was very insightful to find out how a handful of people are helping the adult entertainment industry flourish and grow in South America in which Santiago in his website are a big part of this movement.


Bender,  So we recently had a look at your website Axxxteca. Com and wow  we were really impressed so how did you get started in the adult entertainment industry?


Santiago: Thanks, I watched porn since I was a teen, looking up to super stars like Ron Jeremy, Peter North and Randy West. In 2006 a Sex Expo was an important event, the brought Silvia Saint as the main Porntsar, so fans could take a picture with her and get her autograph, Silvia Saint is my favorite pornstar of all times, so obviously I had to go and meet her. After that day I said to myself that I had to do anything I could to become a pornstar, no one was gonna give me the opportunity, so I had to make it for myself. I started saving for 5 years, and when I had  an amount of money, I called some agencies to get the opportunity to shoot. In Budapest Cameron Cruise from Sandy`s Models give me the chance to book 3 of her girls, on my second trip on April 2012 I was shooting with famous girls in Europe, such as Aletta Ocean, Honey Deamon and Liza del Sierra. After that I saved some more money and went to Los Angeles and I started working with Bud Lee, after that I`ve kept shooting


Bender,  now you are based out of Mexico but you shoot in LA quite a bit so what is the difference between the adult entertainment industry in Mexico from LA?

Santiago: Well I can´t say there is an actual industry in Mexico, we are starting, we still need to develop new talent, both men and women, and teach them to be as professional as European and American talent, but we are on our way. More fans are getting interested in the material produced in the country, and we hope that international Market also like what we are doing.


Bender, Ok you where many hats working as a performer,  Producer, Director so how much work go’s into putting it all together?

Santiago: I have a very good crew that helps me out during shootings, they understand the way I want a scene to be done, so it makes it very easy, and takes some pressure out of my shoulders, and I also a good editor, the thing that gets me more busy are PR`s and Advertising. That a side I enjoy doing what I do very much.



Bender, as performer you have worked with pretty big names in the adult entertainment industry Aletta Ocean, Kagney Lynn Carter, Dillon Harper,  Lola Fox,  Sara Jay, Ava Adams,  Keisha Grey and Natalia Star just to  name a few so what is it like working with such top talent?


Santiago: Its incredible, when I set a foot on the locations, and see the talents, I think “Oh my God! Am I dreaming?” , Also, because I`m the first mexican that has the chance to shoot with internationally well known models. As I said it took me long time, but I never gave up to my dream.  


I felt overwhelmed sometimes to think I was gonna do a scene with a super famous and hot woman, but, all of these top pornstars, even as famous they are, are very easy to direct, they are not spoiled, and are very professional, paying attention to our indications, they don´t have this attitude of saying “I`m a top star”, but all the way around. Besides they like the system we have to shoot, which is very fast, and we can finish a scene in 3 hours.


Bender, you have also shot with such international stars as Gina Gerson and our good friend Anissa Kate can you tell us about that?

This girls are fantastic, Gina is very funny, and likes to make funny noises between takes, she is so petite, that was afraid to brake her, but it turned out that she was very flexible. Anissa is insanely beautiful, incredible performer and actress, and I loved both girls accent a lot. European girls are awesome.


Bender,  you also have done some great softcore shots working with stars like Sophie Dee can you tell us a little bit about this scene?


Santiago: That was a very funny story, Since I started shooting in LA I always aimed to shoot the most popular girls in the biz, but recently Sophie said yes, except she was only doing softcore and mainstream, The thing is I said yes, but I was very nervous, I didn`t know how a softcore shoot was done, and I brought a black thong with me to the set in order to avoid contact of the genitalia, but was no need of it, the only tricky part is to hide the penis and vagina of the shot and everything was cool, I ended up falling in love with Sophie, we were born in January of the same year, so we got along pretty well. He reyes, her mouth and her body, damm I want to do another scene with her.


Bender,  now you as I said earlier you have Directed scenes for your website Axxxteca. Com has also shot scenes with Phoenix Marie, London Keys and Romi Rain what is it like working behind the camera?


Santiago: Like I said, sometimes it feels unreal, but these women are very down to earth, and very easy to be directed. Their experience makes everything easier. They all are very talented as well as gorgeous. I Heard that Phoenix was a little spoiled, and I was kind of nervous the day before, but she was fantastic, pretty cool girl with a lot of energy, always smiling, happy, sharing her experiences, we had a great time.



Bender,  wow I just noticed on your site that you also shot with Honey Demon one of my favorite performers what was it like working with her?

Santiago: Honey is so sexy, when I saw her I was shocked, at the beginning there was not much chemistry from her to me, but as we talked about the scene and we started shooting, I felt everything changed, and the scene was perfect, actually is one of my favorites, my acting in the beginning of the story could not be considered one of my bests, but the sex was super awesome. The saddest part of all was when we finished shooting and she had to go.


Bender, You have also worked with some pretty hot milfs like Diana Prince can you tell if a little bit about that scene?


Santiago: I wrote that scene base don my personal life, when I was 16 I started dating a 41 year old woman, those were some of the best years of my life. I learned a lot from her. So I said, what the hell!, Lets do it in video. So I did, she is the mother of a very good friend, and one day when he wasn´t home, I got to his house and started talking with her while waiting, so we accidentally kissed, and the rest is history.


Bender ,So tell me what is you believe sets your website Axxxteca. Com apart from other adult entertainment websites?

We want to support and make grow the mexican adult industry, developing new talent, and producing high quality material, based on my experience in USA and Europe, to give the world the best of Mexico and Latin America.

How can our readers and your fans keep up with you what social media do you use? Santiago Twitter Axxxteca @santiagoaxxxtec


Bender Cain is the President & CEO of Explicit Enterprises holds a masters degree in Psychology. Cain has over 20 years in the adult night club industry, working as a bouncer, DJ, manager, and consultant. Cain has traveled the world over, working at some of the best and worst strip clubs. Cain is also a professional boxer, MMA fighter and promoter . His duties here at ExplicitList.com include writing for the site and the day to day operations of the company .

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