Dec 2015 Interview with Briana Banks

This month we are closing out the year with a  very special interview with porn icon Briana Banks one of the biggest stars in the history of the adult entertainment industry. I want to give a very special thanks to Randy Quintana at society 15 for making this happen.   This is Briana Banks very first interview since returning to the adult entertainment industry.

Before we start I want to thank you Briana for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us here at

Bender;  wow Briana I am a huge fan so let’s get started shall we,   Now you have had an amazing career penthouse pet, Vivid contact performer for over 8 years,  and you have worked with some of the biggest stars in the history of the business.  You took a break from the industry for a while,  so what made you return?

Briana; Honestly I really missed it. Their aren’t many jobs I’ve had in my life where I got to do what I love and what I’m good at . Porn showed me a side to myself I didn’t know existed, I never knew how fun and amazing sex could be until I stepped in front of that camera and realized I could be whoever I wanted and how fun it was to experience sex with people who were also good at it too and didn’t really feel like work most of the time. I got to become Briana Banks and be as dirty and push the limits as far as I could. Being a shy teenager I was never told I was pretty until I got into the industry so I feel free to express myself around people that don’t judge or look down on my sexual appetite in this industry.


Bender,  A lot of people don’t know this but you actually have your own action figure  what was like?

Briana, I actually have one of your action figures. It was very cool. Me and Jenna were the first to have ours made and they actually scanned you head to toe in a exray machine and even painted both our signature tatoos on. Very exciting to have such a amazing collectors item crafted of you an honor Id say.


Bender; You have worked with two of the biggest stars in the history of the business jenna jameson and rococo Siffredi so first what was it like working with these two iconic legends?

Briana; Mortifying. Lol. I remember meeting Jenna for the first time I was so nervouse I almost threw up on her. Id never watched a porn just knew her name from my boyfriends magazines and their porn cleat ions. I was really shocked how sweet and down to earth she was and we soon became good friends and hence Briana loves Jenna was made. Rocco Siffredi scared me in a totally different way. Id heard all these night mare stories about how he destroyed the girls but I wanted to work with him anyway , shooting in Budapest was an amazing experience. Don’t get me wrong Rocco did destroy me but I held my own and got through it and did a DP with him and another male star the next day. It turned out amazing but boy did everything from the waist down hurt for like two weeks, Rocco is the biggest guy I’ve ever been with and he’s not exactly into romantic scenes but it looked hot and I was happy I can say I had sex with the two biggest porn stars ever.:)))))


Bender;  You are also a member of the AVN hall of fame so what was is like to be recognized for your work by the AVN,  and how did you react to the new when you found out that you were being inducted?

Briana; Its a huge honor Of Course, I worked really hard at the beginning of my career shooting about 800 scenes before signing with Vivid for the next eight years . I think the extremely hardcore gonzo and the vivid features gave me a huge fan base of all sorts. I was just grateful my hard work and dedication to doing great scenes was recognized.


Bender; Okay  enough about the past you just signed with Kendra lust management society 15 what is like working with Kendra and Randy?

Briana; A Dream.. A lot has changed since I took a break , so it’s so nice to be able to call and ask them anything and everything. Which I probably drive them nuts doing but I know they know the industry and what moved I should make and what companies are the best to shoot for as well as who all the new talent is I want to do strong scenes with. I need talent that can he their own because I’m older but more focused than ever and want to showcase my talents again with only the best.

Bender; So Briana you have done boy /girl and girl /girl scenes what do you prefer?

Briana; Definitely boy girl,  I love to try and seduce my partner with my eyes before I even touch them. Don’t get me wrong I have a couple big crushes on some sexy woman in the industry I can’t wait to work with !!!! Kendra of course being at the top of my list., She is smart, sexy and dirty , I think we will kill it together!!


Bender;  Is there anyone that you are looking forward to working with that you haven’t yet?

Briana; Kendra, Jessica James, and a few of the society15 girls I met at the society15 launch party. I’m really out of the loop on who the hot make talent is right now. Gotta do my homework!!!!

Bender; you have am amazing body what do you do to stay in such great shape?

Briana; Thank u, I work out seven days a week. Six of them I do a hour of cardio followed by a hour of weights with an amazing trainer and Sunday’s I just do two hours of cardio to get my stanima as good as possible. I also eat very healthy all protein and green veggies no carbs or junk food and tons of water.


Bender;  do have any special projects coming up that you would like to tell us about?

Briana; I can’t tell u yet but something will be released before AVN for all my fans to see how much healthier, happier and more in shape I am.

Bender; ok so Briana what changes have you made since entering the adult entertainment industry and now?

Briana; I was only 19 when I entered the industry , no guidance or rules and instant fame not to mention a string of bad relationships took me down the wrong path. I didn’t take my career as seriously as I should have. I took a few years off to get my life back in order. I am in a much better place now mentally and physically. I am now hoping to repair those relationships and prove to my fans and the other talent and companies I am taking my life and career seriously. I am on the right track and want to be the reliable great performer I once was and I know I can be again. I want to be the Briana Banks that worked her but off and was positive to have on set and always looked and felt her best.


Bender; Ok Briana I have a few fan questions you know its those questions you get asked almost every interview, Briana so what is your favorite sexual position?

Briana; I love doggy style, and being fucked from behind standing. Something about being pinned down turns me on.

Bender;  how important is size to you? Size matters not gonna lie but sometimes being to big can hurt.

Briana; Size matters not gonna lie but sometimes being to big can hurt. I prefer girth over length.


Bender;  is there anyone special in your life? No I’m focusing on my comeback.

Briana; In the past boyfriends have distracted me and tried to control parts of my career I need to stay focused and single.

Bender;  ok as we know fans in the adult entertainment industry can be well a little bit different if you know what I mean so what is the proper etiquette for a  fan to interact with their favorite pornstar?

Briana; With respect, we’re humans and deserve to be treated with the same respect any other person would be. We provide entertainment and sexual education for millions people should remember that.


Bender;  Briana tell us a little bit about your website?

Briana; We haven’t gone over all the details yet but it’s gonna be amazing. Finally new material of me to whack off too. Lol.


Bender;  now Briana you have seen a lot in your time in the industry so what is the  difference between the industry now and then?

Briana; I’m about to find out. I lived through the contract star era and now am going to experience the Internet era, I’ll have to get back to u on that one.


Bender;  Briana you were a vivid girl for over 8 years I loved vivid back in the day the girls were always dressed to the 9s very classy the cream of the crop so to say its something that I think is missing from the industry today what are your thoughts?

Briana; I believe that the girls today are just as beautiful just not categorized by a company name. I do think that vivid girls were expected to act more proper, but let’s be real when the cameras weren’t rolling gonzo and contract stars were all the same just looked  at as different to people who didn’t know them personally.


Bender;  you recently shot with another porn legend Manuel Fiera what was  this like?

Briana; I love Manuel he was a amazing performer, I was going through some personal stuff at the time and didn’t do my best performance I hope I get the opportunity to work with him again.

Bender;  Briana you have always been known for pushing the envelope so is there anything new your fans can look forward too that we haven’t seen before?

Briana; Know I can’t give that away. The element of surprise is important in a comeback I hope as big as mine.

Bender;  Ok, Briana last question you have many loyal fans so how can your fans keep up with you and your career what social media do you use?

Briana; I’m on Instagram and Twitter both brianabanksxoxo.

Thank you once again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with us here at and on Twitter @ExplicitInc

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