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Bender Cain president and CEO of Explicit Enterprises here again and this month I am sitting down with one of the biggest male performers to come out of the United Kingdom in a very long time Ryan Ryder Ryan writer along with is lovely wife  are the crown king and queen of the UK porn industry. I’ve been waiting quite a long time to do this interview I’m very grateful to Ryan for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us here in Explicit

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Before we start I just want to thank Ryan you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us here at explicit and answer a few questions for readers.

Bender.  Okay so Ryan I know that you have done a lot of interviews in the past so I’m going to really try to make this interesting as I can so let’s get started shall we .  Now for some of our readers here in the United States that don’t know you were a singer actor and musical theatre performer before getting into the adult entertainment industry you originally shot to fame on the BBC talent show any dream will do so what was that like getting to live out your dream of becoming and legitimate actor and theatrical performer?

Ryan: It was an amazing time of my life, after earning a living singing for so many years I managed to beat tens of thousands of other guys to make the finalist for this big TV show for the BBC in the UK. Next thing I know I am singing live to 8 million watching every Saturday night.  After the series I was offered to play Joseph on the UK national theatre tour and I did that for 3 years performing 10 shows a week, 6 days a week all round the UK eventually performing 1500 shows.  It was a special time of my life.


Bender. Now  Ryan I also know from talking to you and a lot of research there was a lot of controversy with your choice to enter the adult industry can you tell our readers a little bit about this in your own words?

Ryan:  Well Joseph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat is a show where a lot of families come to watch and the character of Joseph is very much a Universal rated kind of guy if it was a movie rating so to go from that to Adult which is an 18 rated performing role was seen as controversial to the UK media.


Bender. I also know that Keiran Lee was a big part of getting you into the adult entertainment industry in fact here and has been kind of a mentor to you how important when you say Keiran Lee has been to your career?

Ryan:  Keiran has always believed in me as a performer and helped get me up and running and has also given me advice whenever I have needed it.  He also took me in to his home in LA and sorted a lot of work for me out there so for that I will always be grateful.  On top of all that he is a good mate and a football lad which I am and we play football together when we can.  He is a top man and a huge success story for our industry.


Bender. Now of course in your very short time in the adult entertainment industry you have been nominated for several awards including and avn Award nomination for Best foreign male performer so what was it like getting recognized for your work in the adult entertainment industry?

Ryan:  The AVN nomination was amazing to get after only 3 years and getting nominated every year for the Paul Raymond awards since starting is also great.  Any performer likes to be recognised for doing good work and I am not really as fussed about winning anything but if I am nominated regularly through the years I am doing a good job.  If I was to choose one award to win it would be an AVN for best actor.


Bender.  now Ryan no I’m not going to ask you to name any names or anything but I know very well some of your co stars and probably be pretty difficult are you just might not be attracted to them in general I know that you have answered similar questions through this before but here is where professionalism comes in you’re hired to do a scene and you accept the job and you get to the set and there’s just no connection or you’re getting bad vibes from the coast are how do you prepare yourself mentally for that because you always seem to pull off an amazing scenes?


Ryan:  Most scenes are easy, some are hard and that depends on a number of things. The demands of the scene, the company you are working for, the team shooting you and yes, the girl.  I have to say that the vast majority of girls i have worked with have been lovely but you do get a few where I have to delve into the old roladex of memories/fantasies in my mind to get me through the scene!.  I think sometimes I feel the most achievement performing a scene well when you were not feeling it for whatever reason because in this industry nowadays where more and more guys are opting to inject their dicks in order to perform a scene I am proud of the consistency rate I have performing scenes without having to do that.  To me its cheating, like an athlete taking steroids and I also would never dream of risking the long term health of my penis.

Bender. I know that you’re Scottish so I have to ask even though I know the answer but I’m sure it’s when you get its just a tongue-in-cheek question so what do the Scotts wear under the kilt?

Ryan: This Scot never wears anything under his kilt!


Bender. We talked a little bit about your acting career before getting into the adult industry and now that you’re one of the UK’s biggest the UK you’re one of the world’s biggest  male performers in the adult entertainment industry I know that’s a pretty large statement for me to make and you’re pretty humble. But it’s true so how do you deal with getting recognized on the street because I know that you have to deal with that stuff from kind of time?

Ryan:  It used to be quite prevelant during the TV show phase of my life but these days I keep my head down and its not that bad a few people recognise me but to be honest the one that can’t go anywhere without being recognised these days is my wife Jasmine Jae.


Bender. Ok Ryan you have played a crooked cop in digital playgrounds city of vices, a horny aristocrat one of my favorites I just love this name Lord stiffy in harmony films parody of Downton Abbey Down on Abbey and most recently you had top billing in director axel Braun’s   Peter Pan a XXX Parody of course but the thing that stands out what you have brought all of these roles is your legitimate acting background you have the ability to actually be one of the few male performers in the adult industry that can truly act important has this been for you?


Ryan:  Yes I think I am pretty lucky in that aspect because I have had years performing as an actor a few producers and directors have recognised this and give me some great roles to play.  I have been able to play a wide variety of roles in this industry and I really love the acting side of it, a lot of people don’t want to spend time on the acting and just want to get the sex done but I genuinely enjoy it. 


Bender.  Alright Ryan this interview is all about you and your career but as most people know you’re married to one of my favorite people of all time jasmine jae so how say that both with both of you being in the adult entertainment industry and his help your personal lives?


Ryan:  Its great being married to someone also in the industry as they “get it” so to speak and we can support each other and lean on each other for advice and discuss all aspects of the adult industry together.  She has definately been there as a huge supports if I am ever doubting myself

Bender in addition to being a male performer in the adult industry you have also work behind the camera as a director and producer for companies like private media group and DDF network is this something that you’ve enjoyed directing and producing and something you want to do more of?

Ryan:  Yes for sure its cool to have had some experience doing that already and I plan to get involved more on that side as the years go by as well as still performing.  I am a creative guy and want to get to know all aspects of the industry



Bender.  so Ryan as I mentioned earlier you recently were cast as the lead role of Peter Pan 4 legendary producer and director Axel Braun in his big budget parody of Peter Pan so what was it like working with Axel the man is simply a legend?


Ryan: It was an amazing part for me and great opportunity to be able to do this while out in LA.  Credit to Axel for casting me when I was a relative unknown out in LA.  He is a very inspiring guy.  Always happy and smiles a lot which I like and very encouraging, always wanting to bring the best out of his talent and always on set working the same long hours as the talent, and has the same passion for acting as I have.  I am sure we will work together again down the line and I hope Peter Pan XXX is a big hit.


Bender.   you are also managed to buy ATMLA  here in the United States so how was the company to work with?

Ryan:  They were really good, they do not represent a lot of guys but they took me on and we had a big success out there together they told me I had worked more than any euro guy they have represented while I was out there so it was a happy and successful relationship with ATMLA and Mark and his team were great with me, I look forward to the continued relationship with them for the foreseeable future.


Bender.  Alright Ryan so there’s a big difference between the adult entertainment industry here in the US and in Europe so what would you say the biggest differences are in your own words?

Ryan:  Just the amount of companies shooting is much more in LA and the talent pool is a lot bigger as well, in the UK the girls you would count as top drawer talent there is maybe ten or so at any one time but a lot more girls in the US.  Its the same for guys too there is some top male performers out there


 Bender Ryan on your most recent trip to the US you had the opportunity to meet with one my business partners fact my partner was very delighted he said it was a great experience meeting with you and having a few cocktails kind of a broromance  sounds like you guys really hit it off so what’s your take on the meeting because generally I’m kind of a jerk to my partner?  

Ryan:  It was nice to put faces to names and get to know about explicit a bit more and the projects for the future.  I know Jasmine is a partner now so hope its going to be a big success for you guys

Bender what is next for Ryan Ryder?

Ryan:  More performing, another trip to the US, developing as a performer and learning more producing and directing and just to stay happy and healthy


Bender.  Okay Ryan as you know guys are always trying to get into the adult industry and they are very overly excited most of the time and who wouldn’t be but the fact is most people can’t do your job there’s a lot that goes into the phone I’ll be completely honest I couldn’t do what you do no don’t get me wrong I do fine with the ladies but there’s a big difference between performing camera and in front of people and having sex in private in your own bedroom so what advice would you give someone wanting to get into the industry?

Ryan: Don’t do it lol!  Once I paint the true picture of a typical day on set all my mates are telling me there is no way in hell they could do it and how do I manage it etc.  the idea of it is awesome but the day to day of it is incredibly demanding.  If someone really wants it and has the mindset for it then go for it but otherwise I would keep it as a fantasy and act it out behind closed doors.

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Sorry Ryan I know my interviews go kind of long and you are a pretty busy guy before we go how can your fans keep up with you and any new projects you got going on what social media do you use?

Follow me on twitter @RyanRyderXXX

Once again Ryan thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us I know you’re a busy guy and it really means a lot to us I can’t tell you enough how much respect I have for you not just as a performer but is a person we had several phone calls I look forward to talking to you again

It was a pleasure thanks for having me!

 Since doing this interview with us here in Ryan Ryder  took home several Awards from the Paul of Raymond award ceremony in London which we at addexplicit list believe will be the first of   many  Awards.  Ryan’s not just any adult former to us here at explicit enterprises he’s part of the family and gets the explicit list  stamp of approval for life


Bender Cain is the President & CEO of Explicit Enterprises holds a masters degree in Psychology. Cain has over 20 years in the adult night club industry, working as a bouncer, DJ, manager, and consultant. Cain has traveled the world over, working at some of the best and worst strip clubs. Cain is also a professional boxer, MMA fighter and promoter . His duties here at include writing for the site and the day to day operations of the company .

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