Oct 2015 Monty cash interview

Before I get started I’d like to thank Monty Cash for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to sit down with us here at explicit list.com
Bender.  Hey Monty as always it’s a great pleasure you and I have had several talks over Skype and they always seem to go on forever not only you an amazing former producer/director but you’re just a kick ass guy so how you doing buddy?
Monty: Hey mate, thank you ! great to talk to you again & thanks for the interview ! appreciate it
Bender.  So Monty so can you tell our readers hear it explicit live.com how you got your start in the adult entertainment industry?
Monty: Well i had 10 months off work due to a motorbike crash & in that time i decided i wanted to do something that a little more “creative” so i booked on a camera course to learn photography & planned to start taking pictures of hot women ! i tried to sell some nude pictures to a magazine & they offered me £10 IF they use them ! So i looked at other options & figured id make a porn website instead with video’s of me fucking the girls
Bender.  Now in addition to operating your own website Monty Cash pov – ( itsmontyspov.com mate 🙂 you also fill in occasionally for fake taxi so tell us a little bit about that a little bit about the guy usually fill in the form?
Monty: Like anyone else when i first saw fake taxi i thought it was brilliant, my introduction to the company was when i was offered a B/B/G shoot with the regular driver, a new model id found & i was to be wearing a police uniform, catching them fucking & getting invited to join them.. was great to shoot in the famous taxi!
Bender.  Almost forgot you also do fake cop as well as MontysPOV and helping out its fake taxi Tulsa little bit about this experience?
Monty: Yea after my taxi gig i was kindly connected with the bosses, the guys already had the domain for fake cop & i had a uniform so the taxi driver told them he found their fake cop 🙂
Bender. Alright Monty as you know I’m a big fan of your work hello I’m a big fan of yours you and I hit it off every time we talk so we’ve talked about this in a few times every guy in the world thinks they can do your job almost every guy in the world I know I can’t do it and let me tell you I do OK with the ladies but there’s a big difference between performing in front of the camera and having sex with your girlfriend and your bedroom wouldn’t you agree?
Monty: Thanks man, sure its not as easy as it looks .. i had a 20 yo guy tell me once he wanted to get into it but was worried he wouldn’t get a hard on, all i know is when i was his age i wasnt worried about getting hard, my concern was spilling my beans early
Bender. Now people might not know this but you’re from the UK and you’ve recently moved to Spain we’ll talk about the reasons why in a minute what is it been kind of hard adjusting for you with the move?
Monty: Timing wise it’s something i could have done without, i wasn’t ready & had a load of other stuff going on too, but I’m glad i made the move to Spain, its a beautiful hot country, nice people lots more space & less traffic than Uk, I’m enjoying it, I’m learning spanish & i love perving at the topless girls on the beach 🙂
Bender.  Alright Monty now as some people may know the UK recently passed some censorship laws which are some of the biggest infringement on civil rights and freedom of choice I’ve seen in a long time especially for a free country like the UK so how have these laws affected you and your business?
Monty: Its something a lot of people don’t know about or don’t care about or overlook the point that regardless of if you like porn or not it is like you say a massive infringement on civil rights and freedom of choice & it won’t stop here, the more you give them the more they will take.. our rights will continue to be taken from us, the effect on me & my business is I’ve moved to outside the Uk so i can continue to shoot the content i like to shoot & so i don’t have to sensor the content on my public pages & conform the new bullshit laws that nobody had a say in apart from politicians who as we know are as bent as a 9 pound note.. this isn’t about protecting children from seeing porn, its about control, money & taking away peoples rights.. you can watch what you want on tube sites without a credit card or age varification but they want to shut people down, take money from them & fuck up years of peoples hard work.
Bender. Monty you have work and perform with some pretty big stars in the UK Sienna Day,  Tamara grace, Samantha Bentley and of course my good friend and business partner jasmine jae so what if I’m not going to ask you what your favorite performer is I don’t want to put you out there like that but do you have a favorite scene?
Monty: Yes i have been lucky enough to to shoot with some real hot girls but like a kid in a sweet shop i just couldn’t pick a fav lol, of course i love hot girls, natural or silicone doesn’t matter to me, i just love beautiful girls.. & the dirtier they are the better.. for me i love a hot girl that does pretty much everything.. swallows cum, anal, a2m, deep throat, eats ass, drinks piss.. thats my kinda woman.. From the feedback from my site i will tell you that girls mostly named by the viewers as their favourite performer are Chantelle Fox & Jasmine Jae..
Bender. Monty you recently work with my friend Khaya Peake what was that like and how did it come about?
Monty: Yes & thank you for introducing me to Khaya my friend ! it was a very interesting, Khaya is pretty unique & also pretty intense.. cant put my finger on it but there’s something about her !  You hooked me up with her so i hadn’t met her or heard anything about her from anyone in Uk, I didn’t know what to expect, she looked real hot.. she suggested we hook up before shooting.. so i thought that sounded interesting.. though i had some taxi’s to do for the guy when he was on holiday so i suggested i come by in the taxi.. So i did & we shot one hot sweaty scene in that cab in a car park on Brighton beach front !
Bender.  I think you’ll appreciate this is actually pretty cool I was talking to a friend of mine tonight who is also in the industry and in fact he is  pretty good friend Khaya Peake is well and I was telling him about your site and he stopped me right in the middle of the conversation goes man I love that site it’s amazing how does that feel will you get good feedback like that from other people in the industry about your siding Monty pov?
Monty: Thats great to know mate & It feels great, I’ve got some good support now, its great that people like what i do & support me, i think theres lots of ways i can improve & lots more i want to do with the sites, I’ve been a little restricted, I’ve actually been waiting 10 months for a guy to do the coding for the new site/s & its really held me back but once its done & its promoted properly I’m sure both montyspov.com &montycash.tv will go to next level.
Bender. You know Monty it’s kind of funny because I’ve never been a real big fan of the point of view shooting style that you do but that all changed after I checked out your site for the first time I’m simply blown away it’s probably the best POV site there is anywhere what do you think that you do that makes your styles so much better than the rest are different I don’t want to say better?
Monty: When i decided to start shooting movies i bought a camera.. I tried a scene with a mate filming it for me & tried one with me holding the camera myself.. to me it just worked out better to do it myself, i preferred the way the pov looked & didn’t have to rely on a camera person & girl to both turn up, for montyspov.com its just the girl & me, viewers have commented on a great “intimate atmosphere” .. you don’t get that with a crew.. apart from that I’m always conscious of how the girl looks & I pay attention to detail.. when I’m shooting something / someone special I’m not just thinking my dick feels great in her ass, I’m thinking this looks great.
Bender.  We talked about this next question as well you and I in the past as a male performer you have off days how do you get past that and still do a good thing when you’re just not feeling it?
Monty: No matter whats on your mind or who you are working with you have to find something to keep that “want” to fuck her strong .. For whatever reason if the day becomes & off day its only gonna get more & more difficult.. so its best to keep fitness in body & mind & try to have not major stress or distractions to deal with
Bender.  Alright Monty I always got to ask so do you have any embarrassing her funny stories as a performer or producer in the adult entertainment industry?

Monty: Apart from getting caught in public with my pants down banging a bird over my car bonnet wearing a cop uniform i cant think of any lol

Bender.  What kind of laughing right now because I remember our first talk over Skype yeah it must have been about a year ago and you were telling me about when you were in the US before your time in the industry and going to strip clubs I think it was in Canada while you were driving truck that you were telling me about asking a stripper about fitting extras do you mind sharing the story with our readers?
Monty: Ha ha well i was a trucker before & i went to drive long haul in Canada & USA, I’ve always loved a strip joint & of course strippers ! We were running out of Lethbridge, Alberta & it was a 3 day drive flat to the matt to Toronto.. 850 miles a fucking day, one of the drivers said theres a strip club by the destination & that the girls there do extra’s, i think he was talking shit but after that drive i asked nearly all the girls there anyway, i got a drink poured over me.. had plenty of dances & one girl got really turned only my proposition, i banged her all night in the cab of my truck & all the next day at her place, she didn’t want paying & signed a magazine she was in for me saying she’s glad to be the one to rock my Frieghtliner in a Toronto truck stop lol..
Bender.  We talked about the problems in the UK with new laws but it’s more than just a new laws it seems like a lot of people in the industry they just don’t work together they don’t support each other would you like to see this change to see the industry in the UK become more of a community?

Monty: you are right, i agree but i think the new laws will just make things worse, i think it will separate producers more because now some people have to conform & some don’t, i think if people came together to fight & overturn the law sure that could be the start of some serious unity.. i dont even know what the chances of that happening are, i would guess slim – 0, maybe i’m wrong, i’ve been as guilty as anyone else for not working together, i find myself struggling to pay bills with very little time to even look what anyone else is in the industry is doing.. Though i know there are people in Uk making good efforts to oppose & protest the new laws, so i have a lot of respect for them, there is Jerry Barnett with www.sexandcensorship.org/ who is doing great things & Ben Yates who runs www.pervlens.com, i found an article by Ben when i started to take the Atvod situation seriously, i realised we were following each other on twitter, i contacted him & he was kind enough to give me good help & advice, made a friend & an allie, maybe like others i could have done more but when Atvod started contacting people with threatening letters i didn’t think it was going anywhere, i thought everybody would blank them & not conform.. then all of a sudden sites were closing down, larger companies rolled over to them.. they were given the backing of the law.. So by then the only thing for me to do was to go abroad like jumping from a sinking ship..

Bender now like me you have you are really cool tattoo work so when did you start getting your ink done and do you have a favorite piece?
Monty: The first one i got was a dragon on my right calf when i was 19, so thats some 19 years ago now 🙂 next was a dragon on the left calf.. i made some mistakes, I’ve had some laser & some cover up, still need to finish the chest / shoulder piece sometime.. its not at the top of my to do list..
Bender.  I know this month you be shooting with jasmine jae so can you tell us what you have planned for this sheet I mean I’m sure it’s going to be amazing jasmine just really knows how to make a great scene no matter what and well you are a master at the pov genre?
Monty: Yess ! This is going to be great, we have already shot 2 scenes formontyspov.com & they were both amazing, one of them a rim job which went down great, i heard Jasmine shot anal in the states so of course i wanted to shoot her, she warned me it wasn’t going to be cheep, but i figure its a worthwhile, she’s a star has some 200k followers, she retweets my tweets & hey i get to fuck her in the ass 🙂
Bender.  Okay Monty when someone decides to get a membership on your site Monty POV cash what can they expect?
Monty: They get a whole load of great homegrown content, you know i went through stages of wanting to produce like this company or that company & i realised there’s no need, people like what i shoot & i like shooting it, montyspov has become known for Hot Girls, New Talent, Anal & Big Facials so this is what you can expect to see plenty more of & believe me the best is yet to come, members also get full access to Montycash.tv which will have all the non pov content, great home movies, behind the scenes, non pov gonzo, group scenes & more!
Bender.  Alright monty I know that you’re a busy guy I’ve just got a few more questions let’s say somebody’s going to read this interview and say hey I think I’m going to check out Monty Cash pov and see what all the fuss is about so how much does a membership to your site cost?
Monty: Just $29 bucks! for 1 month $65 for 3 months !
Bender.  Monty how do you find the girls the female performers for your site Monty POV cash?
Monty: If a girl is in the industry we find each other through twitter or word of mouth but yes I will take credit for introducing a lot of hot new girls to the Uk porn industry, some have gone on to do more & some havent, some contact me through my site, some i have asked in strip clubs.. I’m sure i can do more when i finally get chance to focus my time to shooting & recruiting
Bender.  Alright Monty one last question what is the best way for our readers here an explicit list.com and your fans to keep up with you and any projects you were involved in what social media do you use?

Monty:  Twitter @montycashxxx & @montyspov.com

Thanks again mate ! really appreciate the interview & I’m buying one of them comic books when its out !


Bender Cain is the President & CEO of Explicit Enterprises holds a masters degree in Psychology. Cain has over 20 years in the adult night club industry, working as a bouncer, DJ, manager, and consultant. Cain has traveled the world over, working at some of the best and worst strip clubs. Cain is also a professional boxer, MMA fighter and promoter . His duties here at ExplicitList.com include writing for the site and the day to day operations of the company .

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