Sexiest Female Politicians

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These women have the brains, the looks and the power to lead.  Politics is no longer a man’s world  and here is a list of the world’s sexiest politicians  one of which has actually had an adult film  parody made about her several have posed for Playboy so we thought it was appropriate considering here in the US it is the start of election season but he wants to get screwed by Donald Trum for Hillary Clinton we much rather be screwed by these sexy politicians


25. Michele Bachmann (USA)


She’s a Republican congresswoman from Minnesota who is absolutely out-of-her-mind insane. However, during the five seconds a year she isn’t saying anything spectacularly racist, homophobic, anti-semitic or otherwise completely bonkers — we can admit she’s pretty easy on the eyes. If only she wasn’t so totally batcrap crazy.


24. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (Argentina)


The current president of Argentina and the first directly elected female president. There’s a reason press conferences are such a huge deal there.


23. Mary Bono Mack (USA)


A former congresswoman from California, she took over the seat from her late husband Sonny Bono upon his death. She currently serves as Senior VP of a prominent  consulting firm.

22. Ayla Malik (Pakistan)



A former member of the National Assembly, she comes from a powerful political family. She also had made a name for herself as a television personality.


21. Kelly Ayotte (USA)


This senator from New Hampshire is making a huge mark on the Republican Party, and is pretty nice to look at in a press conference too


20. Eva Kaili (Greece)


This former Greek television presenter became a member of the Greek parliament in 2007. She is widely known as the most attractive member of the Greek parliament.


19. Alina Kabaeva


This Russian beauty was a former rhythmic gymnast. She became State Duma depute in 2007.


18. Anna-Maria Galojan (Estonia)


Galojan is a former politician in her country of Estonia. She was accused of embezzling over 59,438 euros. She posed for Playboy in 2009.


17. Christa Mark Walder (Switzerland)


Walder is a member of the Democratic Party of Switzerland and President of the New European Movement Switzerland. She is also a former lawyer.


16. Emma Kiernan (Ireland)


Kiernan is an Irish politician whose run for office created headlines when risqué photos where posted of her on a social media outlet.


15. Joanna Mucha (Poland)



This Polish beauty became a representative of Lubin in the Polish Sejm in 2007.


14. Julia Bonk (Germany)


Bonk is a Left Party politician in the Landtag of Saxony. She’s the youngest member of the German parliament having been elected at the age of 18.


13. Kirsten Gillbrand (USA)


Kirsten Gillbrand is a New York Senator. She took Hillary Clinton’s seat in 2009.


12. Luciana Leon (Peru)


At the age of 31, Leon become the youngest member of the Peruvian parliament in its history. She has also been polled as the most beautiful female politician of all time.


11. Marina Schuster (Germany)


Schuster was elected into the German parliament in 2005.


10. Michelle Vittoria-Brambillam (Italy)


Michela Vittoria Brambilla is an Italian politician and businesswoman. She was appointed Minister of Culture and Tourism in 2009.


9. Orly Levy (Israel)


Levy is a member of the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament.) Before going into politics, Levy worked as a model and television host.


8. Ruby Dhalla (Canada)


Dhalla is one of the first Sikh women to serve in the Canadian house of commons. She is also a licensed chiropractor.


7. Sabine Uitslag (Netherlands)

Marije Weterings
Marije Weterings


Albertje Sabine Uitslag is a former Dutch politician. She was a member of the Christian Democratic Appeal.


6. Setrida Geagea (Lebanon)


Geagea is a Lebanese politician born in Kumasi, Ghana. She has been a huge factor in Lebanon’s fight against Syrian oppression.


5. Sarah Palin (USA)


Sarah Palin is probably America’s most attractive female politician in recent years. She was formerly the governor of Alaska and in 2008 ran for vice-president with Senator John McCain.


4. Yulia Tymoshenko (Ukraine)


Tymoshenko was the first female Prime Minister of Ukraine. She is also a very successful businesswoman.


3. Vera Lischka (Austria)



2. Yuri Fuyikawa (Japan)


Fuyikawa is a councilwoman in Hachinohe City and a member of the Conservative Party. She was also involved in a sex scandal with another politician.


1. Michelle Vittoria-Brambillam (Italy)


Michela Vittoria Brambilla is an Italian politician and businesswoman. She was appointed Minister of Culture and Tourism in 2009.

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