Sept 2015 Interview/Randy Quintana

Sept 2015 Interview/Randy Quintana


Hello  explicit nation Bender Cain president and CEO of  Explicit enterprises here with you once again bring you some of the best interviews and showcases in the adult entertainment industry keeping you on the pulse of adult entertainment and this month is a very special month I’m going to kick things off with a great interview with one of the biggest business managers and the adult entertainment industry one of those unsung heroes from behind the scenes. Many people think I have the greatest job in the world running explicit and explicit comics but to be honest most of my day it’s kind of boring I do have the occasional phone call or Skype with some of the world’s biggest porn stars but it’s really a lot of work. This month I recently sat down with a man who might possibly truly have the greatest job in the world Mr Randy Quintana who when he’s not rubbing elbows and god knows what else where some of today’s hottest sex goddesses he’s managing their careers careers like that is Kendra lust and angel dark just to name a few so I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I had conducting it.



Hello Randy I had a great time talking with you the other day on the phone could have spent hours talking about the adult entertainment business with you and just stuff in general before I get started I’d really like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us here explicit and answer for our readers.


Randy Thank you very much for taking time to interview me.

Bender,  ok Randy for those who do not know you are a manager in the adult entertainment industry and you manage some of the biggest adult performers in the business but could you explain what the difference between a business manager and a talent agent or for those of our readers that don’t know?

A talent agent is a licensed individual who talent usually hires to find them work. As a result, talent will pay the agent a fee for securing them work. In the case of adult film, that would be work in the adult entertainment arena. As a business manager, we help talent make decisions that are best for their brand and help guide them professionally in the direction that is most beneficial for them. We aid in securing deals in and outside the industry and negotiate contracts and or business proposals.


Bender,  how important is it do you think it is for the for entertainers to have a talent agent or a business manager like yourself?


I think its absolutely crucial for talent to have an ethical, licensed agent to help protect them from questionable or shady situations. A business manager I think is best for a person who is a bit more established and strive to expand their brand. 


Bender,  alright Randy you manage quite a few girls in the adult entertainment industry some pretty big names in fact like Kendra lust one might say you’re a general in the army so what is Kendra like?

A general, lol, clever. Well I don’t know about general, but we do make a great team. Kendra is a strong, dedicated, humble, career driven, honest human being. That woman is a rare breed. Aside from her obvious physical attributes, she absolutely earns every bit of success and deserves every title that she has been blessed with. I can see why she is Queen of the fans! 


Bender , No I know you manage some other girls so can you tell us about some of the other entertainers that you manage,

I have an amazing group of gals! I work with the stunning Jessa Rhodes. Jessa is one of the most down to earth, honest, strong people I have ever met (@MissJessaRhodes), Love her! I also work with Paris Lincoln (@ParisLincolnXXX) who is our little flower child, lol, . I also am fortunate to work with blonde bombshell Kenzie Taylor (@TheKenzieTaylor) who I must tell you to keep your eyes out for, that one is going places. I also work alongside beauties Teanna Trump(@TeannaTrump), Mena Mason (@FunkyColdMena), Rachael Madori (@RachaelMadori), Kelsi Monroe (@NewKelsiMonroe), Cali Carter (@CaliCarterXXX), Jada Stevens, Farrah Dahl (@FarrahDahl) and in talks with a few other amazing girls that Im so excited to fill you in on later this week so keep checking my twitter. 


Bender,  do you have also worked with Jenny Hendrix one of my personal all time favorites and you were a big help in her career can you talk about what it’s like to work with such big names as Jenny and now Kendra lust?

Jenny Hendrix has always been a fan favorite. She radiates in the limelight and being a star comes natural to her. Jenny is unlike so many women. She’s a free spirit who loves life and people. I am grateful to her for she is the person responsible for my break into the adult film industry. I still get emails about her to this day asking for her to make a come back….Ahem….All I can say is that fans will be happy. Shhhhh! 

Working alongside Kendra Lust is one of the most gratifying experiences in my professional life. She’s one of the hardest working women I have ever met. SO so humble. Working for her, with her is a blessing, It never feels like work because we are such good friends and I enjoy aiding in her success.


Bender, now I know you probably hear this a lot and I know but you might agree with the statement but it’s not true all the time because I hear it quite often myself when someone must protect me another man finds out what you do for a living they will tell you you have the greatest job in the world I can’t help but laughing because we know that a lot of hard work goes into this business and with that comes a lot of frustration at times can you tell us what all goes into your job behind the scenes? Without giving any secrets way of course.

Yes, lol, I get that a lot. So much work goes into being successful. Generally, the responsibility is similar and varies depending on the person and the celebrity demand. Emailing will be your life, responding to all potential business proposals in a timely manner is important, so is filtering out the bogus emails as well. Negotiating endorsement deals and/or personal appearances to organizing schedules and publicity tours. 

Bender,  Now Randy  you have also worked In mainstream entertainment as well so can you tell us about that experience and some of the similarities and differences between the two?


Mainstream is a definitely more demanding and exhausting, but I loved it. Its non stop energy and changes and long hours and rehearsals and more rehearsals and traveling with many a sleepless night. LOL! Adult is also work but It grants me the luxury to still live life and enjoy family and friends while still being productive and making a living.


Bender,  some people might think your job entails a lot of partying and rubbing elbows with pornstars which is true to a point but we’ve already talked a little bit about the hard work but there are definitely some perks to this business so I’m hoping you could share some of that?

Lies, all lies……. LOL! There are definitely perks to any job in entertainment but I think that people imagine this huge sex fest with booze and drugs. It’s not. My closest friends are in the adult film industry and because of the nature of the business and it being so close knit, we do get to hang out a lot.  I do have a very small circle though and its usually the same people chillen and doing normal things. Yes, they do normal things like shop and fart…occasionally. Seriously, they do fart too

Bender, Alright now I know that you feel the same way as I do about the topic of piracy my belief is paid porn is safe porn because not only am I in the industry I’m also a parent as you know but the piracy affects a lot of people just like the mainstream entertainment industry the little guy like the cameraman or the guy that puts together the DVD covers can you elaborate on this a little bit,


That is something we all struggle with on a daily basis. So many online adult outlets have made it easy to view stolen porn so so many adult fans are just not paying anymore. I dont think they have any idea how this really affects their favorite stars. If you love a particular performer, then pay for their content. They can’t continue to make movies that fans want if there is no money to put the production together, pay talent, hire post work professionals and release the movies. Its all connected. PAY FOR YOUR PORM PEOPLE!!


Bender,  Randy I know that you have been where most men fantasize about going and that is being on an actual set of porn shoot so from a non performer perspective can you toast a little bit about this experience?


Its quite the experience. Its a lot of dodging cum shots, non stop moaning, crisco and pregnancy tests, lol, totally kidding. Its really not what people think. Its super professional and a lot of fun. Its a lot of prepping for the scene itself like hair and makeup for talent, light and camera set up, wardrobe, in some cases script rehearsals, etc. People think a sex scene its a non stop sex and its a 1 take shot. It isn’t. Its positioning and lighting and direction. It really does take work on everyones end to put out good content. So again, PAY FOR YOUR PORN! Thats how you can show your favorite performer that you are a true fan by keeping them in business.


Bender,   alright Randy this is coming important question I think someone brand new to the industry 3 piece of this of advice that you feel are indispensable what would you give them to make it in this business?


1. I can’t stress enough how important it is to research the agency you are thinking of hiring for representation. Everyone paints a pretty picture to lure you. Ask some people on their roster or try messaging some of the performers you admire and see what they say about who they are signed with and DONT get yourself into a lengthy contract.

2. Its a small industry and reputation is everything. Word spreads fast on how you conduct yourself on and off set so make decisions that you won’t be ashamed to be attached to professionally.

3. Stand up for yourself and know that its ok to say no and not be bullied of forced into anything that you are not comfortable with in a scene or on set.


Bender,  ready with talk a little bit about talent agents and having a business manager and the differences between the two but how do you feel about PR agencies because I know as a manager you do a lot of this work yourself?

Im all for PR. Well I should say that Im all for a good PR agent. Although I do a lot of promoting my girls during potential business opportunities and while negotiating a contract, I don’t have the personal resources to focus on getting the right information to the masses like they do. They have connections and relationships with the people who matter in this business. 

Bender, as I said we’ve spoken before on the phone and got to know a little bit about each other and I think we gel together pretty good how important is attitude in your opinion to be successful in any part of the adult entertainment industry?

Attitude and professionalism is key to being successful in any industry. Being on time and respectful speaks volumes about a person. Having a mindset to work hard and being open to learn is also important. Remember, when people like working with you, you will be requested more.

Bender, ok Randy I’m going to ask you to give or readers a glimpse into your day today work so what is a typical day today like for you?

My day to day varies. Typically I check my email and respond to any legitimate business inquiries. I reach out to directors and producers and let them know who I have available to work and to get an idea what projects they have going on to help find a fit for them. Im very involved with the girls day to day schedules so I help them plan their monthly schedules and make sure they are tested and that their travel itinerary is secured. So many little things that people have no idea is important in this industry.


Bender,  can you tell us about any big projects you and your girls have coming up that you would like to promote


YES! Kendra Lust has an amazing toy line by Zero Tolerance set for release September 17. Now her fans will have the chance to take her home and have some fun. One of the many products we are excited about is called The Perfect Stroke. You have to check it out at and get one! No tissue or lube is included! Ha.

Jessa Rhodes is in talks to appear in several mainstream projects next year playing strong influential roles.

We also are also in  talks for a television project that is in the preliminary stages of the creative process we are very excited about,

Also in October we have something huge we plan to announce so make sure you keep you keep up with myself or the girls to find out what.

Bender,   ok Randy one last question before we go I know it was a pretty short interview what I really wanted to focus on you and not so much the girls you represent even though I’m a big fan of the girls but I really wanted to give our readers a glimpse of what it’s like behind the scenes end the importance of representation so how can people keep up on you

I can be found on twitter or instagram @RandyQuintana and be reached for any Kendra Lust inquiries to or for information on the other gals you can contact me to . 

once again Rady thank you so much for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to sit down with us here and before I go I would like anybody considering a career as a performer in the industry to consider getting a manager to manage the business affairs or a talent agent and Randy is a great choice for this but I would also say it like to say this is not a decision anyone should take lightly but it is very important thanks again Randy you Rock

Thank you so much, I had a blast! YOU RAWK!!


Bender Cain is the President & CEO of Explicit Enterprises holds a masters degree in Psychology. Cain has over 20 years in the adult night club industry, working as a bouncer, DJ, manager, and consultant. Cain has traveled the world over, working at some of the best and worst strip clubs. Cain is also a professional boxer, MMA fighter and promoter . His duties here at include writing for the site and the day to day operations of the company .

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