My adventure in a Taxicab

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I think your first scene is a tricky business. Although strictly speaking I had done a number of scenes on The Sex Factor, I knew Fake Taxi would be released way before anyone saw anything from that. Fake Taxi is also a well-known scene brand so I definitely felt like it was a good choice for my career.

I don’t get nervous, I have a personality that gets off on doing new things and being in situations where I am at least a little out of my comfort zone. Leading up to the shoot I did all the things you normally would, I got myself nicely made up and came up with an outfit that I was happy with. I didn’t do anything abnormal or overly extravagant, my goal was just to ace the shoot to the upmost of my ability.

If you aren’t a Fake Taxi aficionado, it’s a simple concept: Female protagonist gets picked up in a cab by seemingly unknown cab driver and for whatever reason ends up getting pounded into oblivion. Unlike bigger shoots where you may show up to a set and have lots of cameras and staff, this is a one man show, or well one man and his taxi. That being said the taxi does have a large number of different cameras a long with the POV so it gives the editors a lot of great material to work with.


Monty showed up at my house with the cab early evening. We had been texting beforehand to get to know each other a little and set the scene. I think this is one of the most alluring things about Fake Taxi, it’s a real taxi in a real street, entirely done in potentially the public eye. That definitely gets my juices flowing, I love exhibitionism and outdoor sex. You might have guessed that from my Twitter! If I am doing a scene, having a concept behind it that makes me fundamentally horny is a huge plus because I know it comes across in the performance. We chatted a bit about potential role play and since he had never done the traditional lost wallet scenario, we decided to do that. I didn’t want it to sound too staged so just went with the flow and tried to make it as natural as possible.

For those of you that don’t know I live in Brighton, UK. It’s a small city but jam packed with people, finding a place by the sea to shoot the scene that wasn’t full of people was quite a challenge. Fortunately it’s all shot in one clean take, there is no stop start. What you see is just a straight scene where it’s just me and Monty fucking like anyone would, there is something both hot and enjoyable about that.


On to the shoot itself and I very much enjoyed doing the role play. I managed not to bungle my lines although I have to be honest, I hadn’t actually lost my wallet, and was there just to fuck the shit out of him.

I won’t go into too many details of the scene because I would rather that you enjoy it for yourself. Suffice to say I got fucked every which way you can imagine. I gave him a gloriously messy deep throat blowjob that seemed to go down a treat for all parties involved. My favourite position was definitely being fucked doggy with my head through the window into the driver’s cabin. That is a position completely unique to a taxi and anything that is a bit different is right up my alley. In this case he was also right up my alley at the time. I’ve had Monty spew his cum all over my face a few times now and for some reason I definitely have the knack for igniting him like a firecracker. I get drenched in cum, nicely mixing with all the spit from the blowjob and ultimately end up feeling all together a messy little slut.


After all that depravity, I find it’s nice to do something a little relaxing. We both went back to my house and he met my husband and cats. We feasted on burgers and wine, like you do! Later on he drove off into the sunset with his Taxi and cameras for yet another adventure.

I was in a Taxi a couple of days ago with my girlfriend. She is the one who so adeptly shot my little train video that everyone seems to have enjoyed so much! I told the Taxi driver that I had done a Fake Taxi and apparently every single taxi driver in London knows about it. I guess I can’t blame them, it’s pretty fucking hot.

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Live Hot Flirts for You!

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