Ava Dalush interview

Ava Dalush interview



I really felt I needed to give a proper introduction to this next interview and I also feel that I need to give an  apology to both the lovely Ava Dalush and to our readers here at  explicit list.com you see ava did this interview what does quite some time ago but due to some health problem I was not able to get it up on the site on time as I meant to but I will tell you that I am back and better than ever and I think you will all enjoy this interview with the lovely ava dalush she is smart classy Corky funny and has the looks of a classic pinup model sexy lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets if you know what I mean once again thank you so much Ava

Hello Miss Dalush; thank you so much for agreeing to do an interview with us here at ExplicitList. My name is Bender Cain I am the president and CEO of the company.  I am good friends with Jasmine Jae and she speaks very highly of you.  I’m usually procrastinating about interviews and sending them off but I am sending yours out immediately as of right now so once again thank you so much for green to do an interview with us

So let’s get started shall we

Ava thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for us  I hope you like the questions I tried to ask questions that were little more engaging instead of the normal cheesy stuff I did have to ask if you fan questions but I try to keep them to a minimum thank you so much
ExplicitList: Ava how are you doing today thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers at Explicit List.

Ava:   Hey, I’m feeling rather dandy today (and extremely dandy about filling in this  massive list of deep questions lol!  ;-D


ExplicitList:  So Ava how exactly did you come up with your stage name?

Ava:   Ok; so my stage name was made up by a lightbulb moment. After I finished work at a coffee shop, I was in a supermarket “Marisons” and I was cruising around the store and well I was messing around with words in my head then I was like “hmmm Eva, Eve, then”AVA” then I was like I need a name that perhaps could be a brand perhaps, so I was brain storming in deep thought in the supermarket still and I was messing around in my head with the letter D and  was thinking fashion then I dunno “DALUSH” just appeared & that was that.


ExplicitList:  What made you make the decision to enter the adult entertainment industry?


Ava:   I didn’t look to be in porn at all! Porn embraced me by pure randomness. I can’t help people when they say how do I get in & I’m like ” I don’t know” story goes I was web caming I got scouted by a TV chat company then a playboy photographer contact me & id never had a shoot so on the weekend I was having an interview at the TV chat company I met the photographer as I didn’t trust him as id never had a photo shoot you see, so after the TV interview and I agreed to try out TV chat work ( which is so boring I hated it and left )

I met up with the photographer at a convention called the “XBIZ” and their I met dear friends both directors ” GAZMAN” & “SCARLETT REVELL” and I also met Samantha Bentley and the rest is history these 3 people are responsible for the making of “Ava Dalush”



ExplicitList:  I try to do as much research as I can before I do an interview or I write about any all the stars we feature here on explicit list.com one of the things I found about my research if you were not a regular viewer porn before you entered the industry correct?

Ava:   Yeah I never watched porn the only time was when my grandad would come back home with a bunch of magazines and he’d have a secret porn mag stash and I used to look through them at a young ago.  I really do like “Mario Saleri” as his stories are perverted and I love the cinematography.



ExplicitList:  On top of being an actress in the adult entertainment industry you’re also a director can you tell us some of the titles that you have directed?


Ava:   I’ve never directed lol. I’ve been on postproduction; but I’ve never been interested in directing at all in porno as it all leads to the same ending….right “splat”

ExplicitList:  How exactly did your family and friends feel about your decision to enter the industry?

Ava:   My family are cool with it. I’m an adult, I don’t answer to anybody they all know I don’t do things unless I like something and I think it out before hand. I keep things to myself and I think about things for a while without discussing a decision then I make it.  So whatever I want to do its seems extreme to family and friends at first as I didn’t discuss it I like to think deep about what I’m going to do, as its “me, myself and I” its nobody else life but mine. Everything I’ve decided on is extreme and they all love the surprise on what I do next they don’t judge their just like we didn’t see this coming again.


ExplicitList:  Now I know you’re from the United Kingdom but you’ve also worked here in the US can you tell us what other sites you have work for here in the US?

Ava:   I seriously can’t answer as I worked for so many companies I can’t be bothered to think of all of them as I can’t even remember who I fucked!

ExplicitList:  You were recently featured in Penthouse magazine which is kind of a big deal you even made the cover from what I understand can you tell a little bit about what that experience was like?

Ava:   Penthouse was a great achievement as it was the 50th anniversary since it started in London before it moved to the states.  It was great and the photographer was amazing. No lie; this was a two day shoot and I posed for 8 hrs a day my back was killing me, but I’m a professional so I kept flexing the poses out.


ExplicitList: No of course there’s been some what I hope are false rumors on Twitter and things like that about your retirement. Are they true?


Ava:   No; its true, I’m just doing clips for sale and photo shoots.  I’m bored of porn and the easy money, it was just a sexual experiment and I’m over it. I didn’t ever see it lasting longer than 3 yrs as I want to do over things, I want to experience love, I want to experience just being me, and I’m ready and I like change I like reinventing myself.



ExplicitList:  Now this is something I’ve been dying to ask you because you’re pretty vocal from what I’ve seen you actually stood on the front lines protesting the new censorship laws in the United Kingdom I’ve seen some YouTube videos of the protest and frankly the laws to me are very fascist and anti-women the laws  basically say it’s okay for men to get pleasure but not okay for the woman to enjoy working in the adult industry are even watch adult entertainment what are your thoughts on the new laws and the reasons behind them?

Ava:   I can’t be fucked to get into it, as I’d be writing an essay! And I’m already writing almost essay answers.

ExplicitList:  What would you like to see change in the United Kingdom and Europe as far as the adult industry?


Ava:   Make porn legal, make prostitution legal and more help and advice as I’ve done it because I want to explore and indulge in the sex industry and many others don’t. As believe you me there are even people in the government mostly 9/10 who are extremely kinky…. I know this. But they have a job like all of us and to label porn and prostitution as a bad thing it distracts the public’s attention from the real issues so it’s a tactic they use.

ExplicitList:  Now you have performed here in the US and in Europe what do you think the big difference is you know how things are done in the industry and how performers are treated as a whole?

Ava:   I’d have to say Europe they pay shit, they really do besides Harmony, and I refuse to shoot for $600 a BG scene like its pennies yak knows?! And in the states and my agent was on point professional as I am so I got good rates.


ExplicitList:  Now I now they don’t really use talent agency in the adult industry within the United Kingdom but do you have any agent here in the US right?

Ava: Spieglergirls.


ExplicitList:  Do you think having an agent is beneficial to having a good career in the industry?

Ava:    Yes in the USA it is very important.

ExplicitList:  Ava you were recently nominated for best female foreign performer by XBIZ how did it feel to receive such a prestigious nomination?

Ava:    It’s great.


ExplicitList:  Being such a huge Pornstar within the adult entertainment industry do you ever get recognized on the street?

Ava:    I wouldn’t say I’m a huge porn start lol, yeah I always get seen in my favorite place in London a place called Shoreditch as I love the vibes and I love vintage things and there’s loads of vintage stores and chilled out cafes. And I get seen when I go to the flea markets down in LA I’m always cruising around for bargains.

ExplicitList:  Now Ava I know that you’ve also had some issues with Twitter bullies how do you deal with this negativity and how does it affect you?

Ava:    I aunt had any bullying maybe 3/4 people saying they don’t like my bush then I block them coz they dissed my bush, so that’s nothing lol, I don’t give two fucks, I don’t understand how people can say they are getting bullied on twitter who gives a fuck I don’t know them and they just want a reaction it’s pointless.



ExplicitList:  Also I noticed on your Twitter page that you are a big fan of jazz I know it’s not related to the adult industry but I got a new jazz music because of Charlie watch the drummer for The Rolling Stones I simply love the stones the greatest rock and roll band ever and thanks to Charlie I love jazz so you can you tell us a little bit about your love for jazz?

Ava:   Yeah I know Charlie was kind of big before the stones, same as ginger baker! my love of jazz I have no idea I come from a small town with people and a culture of miner people, I’d have to say I first heard swing when my grandad but old radio shows on and we’d listen to them so they were post war/war radio programs then as I got older I used to get second hand types off the market and listen to them.

ExplicitList:  Ava is there anyone special in your life?

Ava:    Everyone is special in my life lol

ExplicitList:  How has being a performer in the adult entertainment industry helped you discover yourself sexually?

Ava:    it’s really helped with what I like and what I don’t like, I really am going to go into the darkness of fetish!

ExplicitList:  Are there any other big projects that you have coming up that you can tell us about?

Ava:    Big projects well my mind changes like the English whether so I have like 6 things going on and I’d feather not tell as I don’t want to jinx stuff… lol!  Nothing super amazing like becoming the first ex porn prime minister! I wish I studied political science!

ExplicitList:  Okay now it’s time for a couple of fan questions most of these I really don’t like but they are fan questions who is your favorite adult star to perform with?

Ava:    my fav star to perform with ….. Fuck I don’t know lol it’s like you’ve had one male adult talent you’ve had them all you know, I’m being honest no bullshit and most say the same behind the camera loll

ExplicitList:  Do you prefer boy girl scenes or girl scenes?

Ava:    I get so bored of BG you know 3 positions n cum shot! So working with girls is fun and natural and it just flows if the other girl is into girls!

ExplicitList:  Ava do you have your own website at all or any plans for one?

Ava:    I have a clips4sale site and as for a website there’s no point people get to see me fuck for free on the web or people will steal my shit

ExplicitList:  Alright now I’m hoping you can shatter this myth because everybody always ask and who better to ask then one of the top adult film stars around the world and I like it a lot better than asking some of the cheesier questions you get on these interviews so does size matter?

Ava:   I’d have to say 6 inch to 7 is perfecto!  Massive dicks are off my list but I worked with the biggest dick in blacked.com fucked the moans of pleasure and pain with the stretching lol; all in the name of art aye!

ExplicitList:  Ok Ava last question how can your fans follow you or keep up on your upcoming projects do you have a twitter account or Facebook?

Ava:   I’m just on twitter @avadalush


Once again thank you so much ava for taking the time out of your busy schedule and I would also like to apologize again for taking so long to get the interview up to both you and our readers here at explicit this.com I would also like to thank you for all the wonderful work that you have provided the adult entertainment community with sincerely Bender Cain President and CEO of Explicit Enterprise

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