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Those of you that follow me on Twitter or know me face to face will be aware that I live a relatively audacious personal life. I’ve had a somewhat strange upbringing and ended up having life experiences that have shaped my outlook on how we should live our lives. I believe that you should try to experience as many things as you possibly can. You won’t get another chance and you certainly don’t want to look back on life and think, I should have done that and now I’ve missed out.

Sexual freedom is not an insignificant part of that outlook on the world. The ability to separate emotional love and physical sex is an important part of working in the adult industry and this is something that already existed in my personal life before I made the move towards being a performer. In short, I am a swinger and I fucking love it.

I would consider both my husband and I to be open minded people, we enjoy a hedonistic lifestyle that is bonded through emotion, but enjoyed through diverse sexual experiences. We have an open marriage and the decision for us to swing was an easy one, but I think it’s important for anyone going into it, to do it in the right way.

In the UK there are a variety of platforms for finding people of like minds. After searching through and signing up to some sites, I couldn’t really find exactly what I was looking for so instead I turned to a friend of mine. For the sake of anonymity we will just call her Zoe. She is extremely hot, I am definitely attracted to women a little older than myself and I loved the idea of getting my hands on a nice big pair of tits. I asked her if she had ever considered doing anything like that. Her husband is similar to mine in that he is really tall and again a bit older than myself. Turned out she had done something like this before and is also bi-sexual like myself, we agreed to give it a try and whatever happened, it would never affect our friendship.

I would like to point out that I am not a particularly physically motivated person, I believe there is beauty in most people within reason. For this first time however I wanted it to be an unforgettable experience and so I felt this couple would be just right for me.

We laid down ground rules and for many couples this is an incredibly important step because you want to make sure that everyone is comfortable with what is going to happen. There should be no surprises and the worst thing that can happen is someone feeling left out, unfulfilled or unhappy. In our case though we had very few rules, anything goes as long as we are practicing safe sex. We were not planning to split off and instead decided to do everything in one place with all four of us together.

I don’t know why we hadn’t done anything before this, but I guess the journey just comes to you and you go with the flow. Needless to say I was incredibly excited. The prospect of a foursome and of fucking this gorgeous couple had me wet days in advance and consumed my thoughts throughout the days leading up to it.

We met up at our place at the weekend and started out with a few drinks to break the ice. I hadn’t known my Zoe all that long, but we were comfortable enough that it wasn’t awkward. It definitely helped that they had done this before and made the experience go more smoothly.

I love girls, in some ways I love them more than men depending on my mood. I started out kissing Zoe and before I knew it I was face deep in her pussy. I think this is the first time I realized that I loved being watched. Having two hot guys watching you with another woman, knowing they are incredibly turned on is an amazing feeling. From that point on it all just felt incredibly natural, an overwhelmingly freeing experience. Doing something for pure physical pleasure, but doing it in an environment encapsulated by the bond you have with your partner creates a feeling of liberty and safety that is impossible to replicate in another way.

Around thirty minutes into it and we’ve gone from pussy licking to all out full blown group sex debauchery. I will never forget that feeling of watching my husband filling up my friend, the look on their faces combined with my own pussy being ploughed by another man was spine chilling. That being said, all I could think of was that I wanted more. I wanted to be the centre of it all, I wanted to be filled up from every angle and have rivers of cum all over me.

At this point neither of the guys had popped and I knew that at least my husband had been saving up a heavy load for a couple of days. I told my friend to jerk my husband off into my mouth and all over my face and at the same time her husband pulled out of me and started to jerk himself off. I took in the view as a chain reaction unfolded in front of me, my husband being jerked off onto my face seemed to turn on Zoe’s husband even more and he busted another massive load all over my tits and stomach. So here I am, my first swinging experience and I’m lying on my couch absolutely covered in cum. Just when I think it can’t get any better Zoe starts licking it all up off my stomach, my tits and my face. We make out and snowball the cum between each other, smearing it everywhere. Needless to say everyone was enjoying themselves to a whole new level by now.

We clean up and there were several more rounds of fun that would take far more time to go over than just this one blog. Over the next year we got together probably 5-6 more times and each time was just another exploration as the sex got more adventurous and kinky. We have done lots of other swinging, sex parties, threesomes and other open relationship type nights of sin over the years, but I don’t think anything will ever match the journey we had with Zoe and her husband. It was a journey where I learned a huge amount about myself and my sexuality and helped shape the direction I wanted to take in my life. I would say it undeniably had an impact on me ending up as a porn performer.

Swinging and open relationships aren’t for everyone. Maybe in a past life I was a crazy nympho in the Roman Empire where hedonism was part of everyday life, who knows. The most important thing is to do it in a safe way, to create an environment where everyone is comfortable and understands what will happen. If you can manage to get yourself into that place of emotional comfort, the world becomes your oyster and all your desires can be filled while remaining in a loving and committed relationship.

If you want me to blog about something specific or want to contact me, tweet me @khayapeake. I regularly post pictures and document my escapades.

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