Avn hall of famer Jonathan Morgan Interview

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Avn hall of famer Jonathan Morgan Interview

Bender Cain here again I’m very very happy with this next interview were going to give you guys  here at explicit list.comI recently sat down with multiple  Avn winner and Avn Hall of Famer Jonathan Morgan Jonathan has been in the adult entertainment industry as a actor performer director and is now running next level talent with his co-founder Andre madness so I hope you will take the time to read this wonderful interview with not only one of the greatest performers of all time but one of the greatest directors a true pioneer in the adult entertainment industry when I spoke to Jonathan on the phone I could have stayed on the phone for hours upon hours listening to his stories and very funny intelligent and insightful man who has my respect and it goes without  Saying the explicit with stamp of approval

“Bender Hello Jonathan thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few question for us at explicit list.com  an amazing career and seen a lot of changes in the adult industry so let’s get started Shall we?”

 Now Jonathan When we previously spoke last week on the phone told me a story about how you actually broke into the adult industry and how it wasn’t very easy do you mind sharing that story with our readers? Jonathan While attending a weekend party thrown by my then roommate. One of the party guests proceed in popping in a porn video into our VCR. While the scene between porn legend Tom Byron & Ginger Lynn played to the hoots and howls of our party guests, my roommate challenged me to see which one of us could get into the porn industry first. Long story short….I won.


Bender  Jonathan before you entered the adult entertainment industry you were actually in the hotel industry but that’s not really what I want to talk through my research showed that you started out as a stand up comedian no how did this come about exactly? Jonathan I was always the class clown in school, so when I was attending college I did stand up comedy at the local clubs for pocket money to help pay for school supplies.


 Bender Now as a performer you have work some of the biggest Studios in the industry but you have found kind of a permanent home in Wicked Pictures can you tell us a little bit about that relationship and how you have kept it going so long?  Jonathan I have  known Steve Ornstein the owner of Wicked Pictures for 20 plus years and he has been a huge part of my life over the years. When ever I thank him for the many years working for Wicked he always says the say thing. “Your friendship got you the first directing job at Wicked but your skill as a director, writer, performer and editor has kept you here for 17 years”

Bender  You work with some of the biggest stars in adult entertainment  history who would you say some of your favorite performers to work with as a performer?  Jonathan

My top 5 performers I loved working with are….
1) Asia Carrera
2) Kylie Ireland
3) Tiffany Mynx
4) Serenity
5) Jenna Jameson

Bender  So Jonathon you can definitely be considered an expert on the matter so what in your opinion makes star in the industry? Jonathan ATTITUDE plus CONFIDENCE

Bender Jonathan when we spoke on the phone well for one I could have spoken with you for hours but I know that we’re both pretty busy guys but you told me but you had a mentor of sorts in the industry and how did this influence your transition from being a performer in the industry to directing and producing? JonathanI was very lucky to have meet porn director Jim Enright early on in my career. His advice and wisdom helped shaped who I am today.

Bender Now as a director you have won several AVN Awards but I noticed that most of your films are comedies how did former career as a stand up comedian play into this? Jonathan I always knew how to make people laugh and I felt that the mix of porn and comedy was the perfect mix.

Bender  Now I asked you of course earlier who your favorite star to work with as a performer was but now I would like to know who some of your favorite stars to work with me as a director are? Jonathan  1) Stormy Daniels 2) Samantha Saint3 ) Randy Spears 4) Carter Cruise 5) James Deen

VRTB007-Taboo 11 - Crazy On You (1992) - Melanie Moore_ Jonathan Morgan_s_m

Bender Alright Jonathan I have to ask because you are the first    AVN Hall of Famer we have  ever interviewed   here at  explicitlist.com  you have won many AVN Awards over the years which award meant the most to you and what is it like to be a part of the AVN hall of fame?  Jonathan They all mean the most to me because I know allot of hard work went into all of them.


10. As I said earlier you have seen a lot of changes in the industry over the years I’m sure some of them good and some of them bad so how do you think the adult industry has changed for the better?I Jonathan  love how safe the current talent is. With a two week mandatory testing policy, it is safer now than ever before.

Bender And of course the other side of that coin what are some of the negative changes you’ve seen over the years?  Jonathan Pirating of porn


Bender  In addition to being a former actor and one of the greatest directors of all time in the adult entertainment industry you have also founded nexxxt level talent with your partner Andre madness so can you tell me what brought about this decision to form a new talent agency with your partner Andre  madness?  JonathanBoth Andre and I over the years have seen how mistreated, misguided , and out right mishandled most of the adult agents are and felt we could change that. So we started Nexxxt Level for a simple reason. To offer talent the BEST option on how to guild and manage their careers.

Bender So how exactly do you look for talent? Jonathan We don’t look for them, they seek us out

Bender  . As one the  the co-founders for nexxxt level talent  do you have any Stars in particular that you represent that we should keep an eye out for? Jonathan not at this time

Bender  If someone wanted to enter the adult industry and they wanted you to represent them how would they go about the process ? Jonathan  Just log onto our website at nexxxtlevel.com and fill out our talent submission form.


Bender   Now  Jonathan you were one of the greatest male performers in the industry of all time as we both know it’s a lot harder for female talent to make it in the industry you have any advice for any aspiring male talent? Jonathan You have a ten times better chance of getting in the business if you have a girl with you that will only perform with you in the beginning.

Bender   What you say then nexxxt level that brings to the table that other talent agencies in the adult industry don’t?  Jonathan there are too many things to list. It’s like asking me to name the differences between a stick and a tank

Bender  what is it like working daytoday with your co-founder and partner Andre madness? Jonathan Its great, not only do I get to work with a man I like and respect but he is a wealth of advice and wisdom

Bender No Jonathan you’re no longer performing if I’m not mistaken but you are still or still actively directing features do you have any new projects that you’re working on that you would like to talk about ?  Jonathan I am pretty excited about my showcase project call Completely Wicked starring Samantha Saint

Bender  Alright Jonathan so I always love hearing about behind the scenes stories from the industry and I know fans do so do you have any funny stories you would like to share with us? Jonathan Most of my BIG comedies for Wicked show some great funny moments that happened in the BTS on the DVD. I invite everyone to check it out.

Bender  Now one last question how do your fans and supporters stay in contact and follow what’s going on with your career?  Jonathan You can follow me on Twitter at @WickedJMorgan

Thank you so much Jonathan really appreciate you taking the time to answer our  questions for explicit list.com and also I would like to thank you for all your contributions to the industry sincerely Bender Cain

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Bender Cain is the President & CEO of Explicit Enterprises holds a masters degree in Psychology. Cain has over 20 years in the adult night club industry, working as a bouncer, DJ, manager, and consultant. Cain has traveled the world over, working at some of the best and worst strip clubs. Cain is also a professional boxer, MMA fighter and promoter . His duties here at ExplicitList.com include writing for the site and the day to day operations of the company .

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