Misha Cross interview March 2015

Misha Cross interview March 2015

Once again this month here on explicit this done, we are giving you several interviews from across the globe the world’s greatest pornstars but this particular interview with Misha cross I must say is the best interview ever done on explicit list.com both the questions and answers well you just have to read the interview to get what I’m saying but we have a home run here misha is amazing very professional very honest very raw thank you so much meet you at once again


Bender . So Misha you are originally from Poland a country not known primarily for the adult entertainment industry so what makes you decide to enter the adult entertainment industry and become one of the biggest European pornstars today?

 misha-cross-gets-her-ass-hammered-in-nude-stockings-2 misha-cross-gets-her-ass-hammered-in-nude-stockings-3

Misha  Im a businesswoman and I have a brain between my ears. if i decide to participate in something, I always devote myself to it and try to make it big. Bullshit will never satisfy me. Also i like to get dirty.

Bender . Now Misha you have performed in both the US and Europe what would you say the big difference is between European porn and porn in the US?

Misha  . The differences between american and european porn are huge and visible. We can group them in two categories: one is the quality of content, second is the career possibilities. Regarding the first one, imho there are only few people in european bussiness who actually can take pictures and shoot video  that is visually appealing. This is my biggest complain. Europe doesn’t follow high quality standards that are represented by american porn, also there are only few companies worth shooting for, most of them luckily still release their content on dvds, which is one of the reasons why they count in my eyes. Regarding the career possibilities, there are none if you decide to perform only in Europe. Companies here don’t pay attention to names, they choose girls randomly, the newer girls are, the better. That’s why we don’t  really have many carieer girls in Europe. Also the attitude is completely different. What I have noticed in America, girls do porn because it’s their mature decision to take this career path and they are determined to succeed, like in mainstream, they act like stars because in fact they are ones. Can’t say this about european girls.


Bender . Who would you say are some of your favorite co stars?

Misha  . If we speak about girls, Samantha Bentley, always and forever. She is my best friend from porn but also in real life. She’s an amazing performer and working with her is not working really but actually performing which makes my job even more exciting. I love working with Lola Foxx, she was my first american fuck and i truly adore this girl. Also Jessie Volt, this girl is amazing, we shot together recently for Jay Sin and she has stolen my heart. If it comes to guys, its pretty simple: Manuel Ferrara, Mike Adriano, Ramon Nomar, no words needed.


Bender . Misha What would you say is one of your best scenes that you have performed?

Misha  . I don’t know, can’t choose just one. Let’s say i can pick 3 then. Number one is my Jules Jordan scene with Manuel Ferrara for Manuel creampies their asses. When i think of all the scenes I have performed this one comes to mind first. Number two is my threesome with Samantha Bentley and Nacho Vidal for legalporn.com. It’s really fucked up and crazy and it was called one of the top 20 scenes of 2014. Last but not least is a threesome with Manuel Ferrara and Ashlyn Molloy for Fluid vol 2 by Dana Vespoli. I love this scene, i loved the chemistry between us all and how crazy it was to be buttfucked and dipped in the water in the same time. This scene was even nominated for best bgg sex scene for avn 2014 and I knew from the very beginning it would.

Bender. Who were some of your favorite performers in the industry? Past or present.

Misha  . I loved watching Belladona and Sasha Grey. They were one of a kind. Now im a big fan of Gabriela Paltrova and Dahlia Sky, I really want somebody to shoot us together when Im back in Los Angeles.


Bender. Has being a performer in the adult entertainment industry helped you discover anything new about you and your sexuality?

Misha  . Sort of. Porn helped me realize that I’m pretty fucked up lol. But honestly, I’ve learnt so much about myself ever since I started porn, what i love about sex and what I really hate about it.  Also what I’ve learnt from the adult industry is that I’m really into girls. I have always been but I enjoy even more working with girls recently.

Bender . Ok now Misha some of your scenes are considered extreme by US standards in fact they remind me a lot of Shasha Grey’s work how would you describe your own work as an adult entertainer?

Misha  . I think I am  awesome lol. But seriously,  my job is to give all my best in each video I am in. The money that performers in porn earn is tempting but I don’t treat it as the main reason why I’m here. I don’t really care, as long as I’m satisfied with my own work I’m ok and motivated to keep going, no amount of money can buy that I suppose. I’ve established myself as a hardcore performer, most of my scenes are anal and pretty rough because that’s my style and you need to show what’s unique and different about you so people can remember your name. There must be blood, tears and spit. Before entering porn I decided to go all the way and do nasty shit and I think it works for me pretty well. To be honest with you i also find it quite boring to perform in softer content now.  Porn gives me this freedom to choose who i wanna work for and what kind of scenes I want to be in, god bless it for it.


Bender . do you have an agent, what do you recommend that someone in the industry have  an agent?

Misha  . Of course, Im on a contract with ATMLA in Los Angeles, they are one of the bests. It’s very important to have an agent/agency that promotes you and help you to move your career forward. It also eliminates the risk of being harmed etc. Every now and then i get offers to perform in amateur videos that are nothing else but escorting, and I’m not an escort, never have, never will. All these offers are sifted by agents so they will never send you to this kind of job. It makes it easier and safer. Also i can’t imagine dealing with my booking myself, it’s too much to do, I’d have to hire a PA.


Bender. Misha can you tell us some of your favorite studios that you have shot for?

Misha  . Evil Angel, definitely my number one. I love working for Jules Jordan too.

Bender, I always hate these questions like this it is a big fan question so what would you say your favorite sexual position is?

Misha  . Yeah i know these questions very well! Simple question, simple answer: doggy.


Bender. Another big fan favorite is everybody wants to know what your favorite sex toy is so Misha can you tell us what yours is?

Misha  . Wait for it…I hate toys. Don’t find them pleasurable at all. I like cocks and as long as I can take one i will always choose real body over plastic or glass.


Bender. Do you prefer shooting boy /girl or girl /girl?

Misha  . I like shooting bg and gg as well. I can’t really say what I like more. You can do bullshit dull bg scene and volcanic gg and vice versa. It all depends on who you perform with and if there’s any chemistry between you. If the people are right and passionate about their job I find bg as well as gg very exciting.

Bender. Now Misha  you have shot for some of the biggest studios an adult entertainment and you have been nominated for numerous awards in fact you even won XBIZ Best Female foreign performer so do you ever get recognized on the street?

Misha  . Not really, or maybe I do but people are too shy to say hi. Off set i don’t really wear make up and sexy clothes, so i look different than in the videos. Once i got recognized in front of a big builder’s supply store while I was going out carrying big and heavy bamboo mat that I bought for my terrace. The guy was like „Yeaaah, id love to take a picture with you but I can tell its not the right moment really”. Good times.


Bender. Is there anyone special in your life?

Misha  . Yes, there is.

Bender. Do you have a website or any plans for one if not?

Misha  . Not yet but Im planning to launch one pretty soon. It will be one of the best things you’ve ever seen.

Bender. Misha As I mentioned earlier you recently won an XBIZ award for best female foreign performer how did it feel to win such a prestigious award?

Misha  . It feels pretty fucking amazing! I entered adult industry almost two years ago with the entire plan how i want my career to evolve and being nominated for foreign performer of the year was one of my goals. When i actually won this award I was proud of myself and felt that I really deserved it. It was even a bit scary to see all these things that you had only imagined and dreamt to come actually happening. But what was totally far beyond my expectations was being nominated for avn’s best new starlet. Craziness. Great summary of all I’ve done in 2014.

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Bender. Now Misha  have you ever experienced any negativity like Twitter bullies because of your career in the adult entertainment industry?

Misha. Not much really. One thing that piss some of the retards off is the fact that i don’t do IR, so from time to time i get comments going „bla bla bla why you don’t fuck with black guys bla bla bla” Most of them gramatically incorrect which pisses me off even more then the insults. The thing is, you do IR, some people won’t like it, you don’t do it, people won’t like it either. That’s how it is.

Bender. Misha this is more of a question for me I want you to know that we put a lot of fun in the stars that we write about on explicit list.com and not just anybody makes the list every month so I have to ask since I do most of the writing for the website what did you think of the article that I wrote about you?

Misha. It was awesome to be march 2015 editors choice showcase, thank you for that!

Bender  Misha what does the future hold in the adult entertainment industry

Misha. Only amazing things to come, I cant accept any other option. I don’t like to talk about projects in the making, cause i don’t wanna jynx it, but I feel 2015 will be another great year.

Bender . One last question before we go how can your fans keep up to date on your future projects and Scenes?

Misha. You can find all info about me on twitter, especially what I’m working on, bts pics etc etc. If you find it amusing to see me going mental because of some retarded tweets, you know where to go. Also i will be visiting sexhibition in Manchester in the Uk in august, so come to say hi to me and Samantha Bentley.

Once again Misha thank you so much for taking the time to answer some of our questions here at explicit list.com sincerely bender cain president/ceo of explicit enterprises


Bender Cain is the President & CEO of Explicit Enterprises holds a masters degree in Psychology. Cain has over 20 years in the adult night club industry, working as a bouncer, DJ, manager, and consultant. Cain has traveled the world over, working at some of the best and worst strip clubs. Cain is also a professional boxer, MMA fighter and promoter . His duties here at ExplicitList.com include writing for the site and the day to day operations of the company .

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