April 2015 Jessie volt interview

Bender Cain here  A few months ago I got a DM on Twitter from the one and only Jessie Volt asking to be featured on our site explicit list.com Jessie also agreed to do an interview with us and in February we featured her in our showcase section when the site but due to scheduling conflicts on both mine and Jessie part the interview well it was well worth the wait and I’m sure you agree Jessie and got our schedules lined up to bring you our readers this amazing interview which one of the biggest pornstars in the world miss Jessie Volt

Bender so Jessie tell us here at explicit list.com how exactly did you get into the adult industry where did it all start for you?    Jessie   When I was 19, I finished to study and had my diploma, I decided to start and be a striper. Two years later, it was not enough for me, I wanted to go further, so porn was obviously the next step. I didn’t have any contact in the porn industry, so I did everything for attention, meet people in adult expos, casting website where I was abused by people. That didn’t stop me, on the contrary, I knew I would become a pornstar. Like it was written. I had a lot of ambitions, so I directly able to work for my first scene with John B.Root, who is one of the most famous and talented french director. After only two weeks of career, I’ve been offered a major role in a porn blockbuster in USA. In same time, Mark Spiegler, the superstar agent contacted me to take me under his wings, as I had the opportunity of working with the world biggest porn companies and with americans stars.


Bender How did you come up with your stage name is there a story behind it? It is very unique even for the adult industry Jessie  Haha thanks, yes I wanted to get a short and catchy name. Volt represent me very well because I have a lot of energy to spend, I am an electric girl. I know I’m the only one in the industry even in the world to have this name, I didn’t want a classic name like black, white, diamond, rose,… simply because I don’t consider myself like another pornstar.


Bender so tell us about your first scene who was it for and were you nervous? Jessie    My first scene was for the french director John B.Root who is one of the most famous and talented porn director in France. I was not nervous, even if it was an anal scene with a huge dick. I would say I was fucking excited and impatient, I waited this moment for so long.


Bender How do your friends and family feel about your decision to go into the adult entertainment industry?  Jessie  I grew up with a evangelical protestant education, so I didn’t know how my familly was going to react especially my father who is extremely religious. But finally he accepted my job really well, maybe his faith helped him to understand my decision. About my friends, now some girlfriends are jealous of my life, but nothing changed about guys, they still want to fuck me lol.


Bender Is there anybody special in your life? My asshole haha !   


Bender. So jessie what do you do for fun outside the adult industry?  Jessie I hang out with my bitches in hip hop night club, I fuck with guys and girls, sex is my life. I never stop !


Bender. Do you ever get recognized by people on the street ? Jessie Oh yes a lot, in general people are impressed and shy. That’s funny to be impressed by me when you know some of them jerkoff more on me than on their wife haha


Bender I know the adult entertainment industry can be a pretty rough industries to be in so in your experience what does it take to make it in this business and be a star?   Jessie  Some porn actresses will say hard working, I would say, be yourself and make porn for porn, you have to like it and watch it. You don’t want to be a footballer because you want to be a star, you play football because you love football. If it’s just a job, something painfull, and you are not someone extremely sexual, you could be a porn actress but certainly not a Pornstar.


Bender What important lessons have you learned your time in the adult entertainment industry? Jessie  I learned that you cannot pretent to people you are sexual if you don’t like sex, like a lot of actresses do, one day they will see you were fake. I repeat myself but you have to be yourself and really enjoy it, shit it’s the best job in the world !


Bender If you had gotten into the adult industry what would you be doing now instead?    Jessie Well,… it’s hard to me to answer to this question because porn is my life. You cannot figure out how much I am a porn addict haha. So no possible to imagine something else.


Bender  Do you prefer video or photo shoots what do you think brings out the best in you?  Jessie I love both of them but video is the main stuff. There is nothing better than the action to brings out the best in me ! Especially when you see my butt twerking.


Bender Now you are huge start not just in friends but in the US as well and you have probably shot in some pretty exotic locations so what is your favorite location you have ever shot in?  Jessie  My favorite one was a big penthouse on the hollywood hills, very modern as I like, with the wonderful view of Los Angeles, I shot there many times, last time was directed by William H for Jules Jordan Video.


Bender Who is your favorite adult performer pastor present ?  Jessie  I don’t have one favorite but many, like Manuel Ferrara (french like me), James Deen, Erik Everhard, Mandigo, Prince Yahshua, Jon Jon, there are all fantastic performer. They all know how to treat a real bitch like me haha


Bender Is there anybody in the industry that you haven’t performed with that you want to who who do you most want to shoot with ?   Jessie  Jessie  Jesse Jane because she almost crazy like me and Jenna Jameson because we have a lot in common.


Bender Do you prefer performing boy girl scenes or girl girl scenes?  Jessie  Both, but I prefer from far, boy girl girl scene, the threesome is the best. this way I can be so rough with the girl and be fucked in same time.


Bender Ok jessie do you have any funny or embarrassing stories from the set of any of your shoots?  Jessie  A funny history happened just a week ago, the scene was 2 guys and 2 girls, double penetration and fisting. Ok so first, we made the photos, then the video fisting with the girl and after the 2 guys were going to come in the scene, but right before that, we did a little break to drink, smoke, whatever. And…I saw the girl, she was dressing up and starting to leave hahaha Everyone was like, WTF are you doing ? She said, but… it’s finished no ? I did the fisting. I said “No my girl you are not done with us, you have still 2 cocks’s waiting for you !” hahahahaha so funny, it’s not so hilarious to read it, but for real I almost pissed on myself, it’s the first time an history like this happens. 


Bender Now in Europe you are represented by Brill Babes and in the United States you are represented by Mark Spiegler do you think it is important to have an agent in the industry ?   Jessie  Firstable now I work with two agencies in Europe, BrillBabes and Sandy’s Models. When you are with the best agencies in the world, yes I think it’s a good think. Honestly, I do not have time to do their jobs by myself.


Bender You have done some work for some pretty large companies like DDF,  21st Sextury,  Brazzers and Evil Angel is there any company that you want to work with that you haven’t yet?  Jessie   I already worked with the biggest and best companies, but I am always happy to work with talented newcomer.


Bender Ok jessie for this next question you’re going to have to use your imagination a little bit if you can direct and star in  any seen your dream scene who would you cast as your co star and what kind of scene would be?  Jessie  I will direct very soon, I already have a lot of ideas, some of them are really crazy so I know exactly what I want ! About the cast I don’t care if the girl is famous or not, I just looking for the best performers, I worked recently with Misha Cross, she’s kind of crazy, I love this girl, I’m gonna play with her so hard haha For the scene, the main word for me is FUN. It’s gonna be colorful, young, modern and gonzo. I want to go directly at the essential, no bla bla. I want dirty and nasty bitches, I’ll make all kind of scene but always mad !


Bender Now you are a huge star and you have worked in both the US and Europe so what do you think the big difference is between United States and Europe in the industry?  Jessie    The biggest difference is that the US porn market is so bigger than the European one. So there is more money to produce films, more competition, so better quality, the level is higher. 


Bender number 21. Now Jesse you are also each social media phenomenon with over a hundred and seventy thousand Twitter followers you have even been nominated as this year for AVN favorite female porn star and social media star tell us what it’s like to have such a huge following and recognitions by the fans as you affectionately call volters?   Jessie   When I see that I cannot imagine how many people are jerking off on me everyday haha. My fans are the most important things for me, I’m happy there are so many to follow my sexual madness. I guess all the Volters know what is real good slut haha 


Bender You have also had some success outside the adult entertainment industry so mainstream crossover success appearing in the 2014 French film GPA to be or not to be can you tell us a little bit about that experience?    Jessie     t’s always a pleasure to work on mainstream projects, it’s really different from porn because I have to act and to be a character, alor que usually in porn scenes I’m myself, I never act, maybe I shouldn’t say I am a porn actress, I should say I don’t act, I do porn.    

Bender Well we’re almost done here Jesse and I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions here to explicitlist.com . But for my next question do you have any big projects coming up in or outside of the adult industry that you would like to date your your fans your volters know about?   Jessie   Like I said earlier, I’m gonna direct very soon, I’m really excited about it, it’s gonna be huge. I’ll give more infos when it will be the time 🙂 Also, I want to create a more direct link and fun between my fans and I than simple Facebook and Twitter posts. I will propose some brand news things in the next weeks which have never made before by a porn actress. So stay tuned to my socials medias to know it 🙂

Bender Okay last question jessie how can your fans keep in touch and up to date on what’s going on with you jessie volt    Jessie  The best way to be up to date is to follow me on my socials medias, 

Facebook : facebook.com/jessie.volt

Twitter : @jessievolt

See you soon on Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget, BE A VOLTER !!!!!!!!!

I really hope you enjoyed this interview with Jessie and if you’re not familiar with her I hurt you to check out her work she is an awesome performer I loved the interview we did together it was honest dirty raw everything then we could ever wish for in the interview and I am proud to call myself a voltar 

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Bender Cain is the President & CEO of Explicit Enterprises holds a masters degree in Psychology. Cain has over 20 years in the adult night club industry, working as a bouncer, DJ, manager, and consultant. Cain has traveled the world over, working at some of the best and worst strip clubs. Cain is also a professional boxer, MMA fighter and promoter . His duties here at ExplicitList.com include writing for the site and the day to day operations of the company .

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