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Have you ever wanted to go to the the AVN Awards wondered what it was like to mingle with the world’s greatest pornstars,  well then just sit right back and I’m going to give you the next best thing with my good friend Buddy hollywood and let Buddy experience with with you Buddy Hollywood’s the name, you probably haven’t heard of me, but you soon will. I guarantee it.

I’m a 26 year old Las Vegan who is competing on the show called, The Sex Factor. Its a reality porn competition to find the next big thing in the industry.

We recently went to the AVN’s back in January, and let me tell you what, as new undiscovered male talent, it was probably the best thing to have ever happened to me, thus far in my career.


We had a nice booth set up for the show. It was laid out simplistically with a big banner hanging across each side, a pair of comfortable black leather sofas aligned the back, two tall standing tables in the middle, and a couple long tables and chairs on either side. It was set up mainly for the new auditionees’ to fill out paperwork and hang out with the current cast of the show. Get comfortable and acquainted before they went upstairs to perform for their auditions.

The first day was a little dull. I was the first one from the cast to show up. All the other cast members weren’t flying in until later that night. I met up with the executive producer, Buddy Reuben, and the ever so stunning Lexi Belle. (For which I have a huge school boy crush on;) Buddy proceeded to tell us that it was a chill day today with no shooting, to just hang out, walk around, and get familiar as to where the booth was set up, in all of the madness that is the AVN Expo.

I took the downtime to walk around and check shit out.

This place was fucking huge! Porn stars were everywhere, tits and ass hanging out left and right! (If you’re a fan, and have never been to the expo before, I highly recommend you go next year!) I got lost a few times trying to find my way around. Walking from one building to the next, the size of this place blew me away. How can they pack so many lovely ladies in one building?  I proceeded to get familiar with my surroundings, lay out a map in my head of where each booth was that I wanted to visit throughout the next couple of days. A few hours later I was told by Buddy to meet our driver out front by valet, where he would take us to the mansion we were staying at. Of course, we had to go pick up some ladies while on the way, and by ladies I mean the gorgeous Allie Eve Know and Kaelin Blake, as well as a few other cast members.

The next few days were crazy! Traffic by the booth was endless, from curious fans, to top performers in the biz. It was like a vine video, playing over and over. Explaining the show in full detail to fans and media. I got to the point where it just rolled off my tongue, word for word, in precise punctuality and enthusiasm. Selling the show to these curious minds, as their jaw hung open in disbelief that this was really going to be on network television.

Throughout the next few days we had auditionees’ make their way by the booth, immediately heading upstairs to the suite where they would shoot their first ever scene. At one point I escorted a pair to the room, with a camera following close by, filming us as I gave them some solid advice and shared my past experience of how my audition went. Somewhat shaking, fumbling the door handle, they entered the room. Production equipment littered the floors, with numerous lights and cameras set up, all focusing on the plush California king that centered the main room. Greeted by their mentor and judge, the door quickly closed behind them, and I was left to head back downstairs. Hoping that they would be able to perform to the standards that the judges would accept, making it on the show as fellow cast members.


Fast forward to the last day of the expo, the grand daddy of them all, the AVN Awards.

The atmosphere that morning was unlike any other day on set. It was as if the air were deadly still, no gust of wind or slight breeze to pick things up and move them. The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled every square inch of the house, sounds of water harshly hitting the floor broke up the silence by each of the four bathrooms. An iron blowing off steam in the darkest corner of the house, as a contestant quietly pressed his shirt to perfection. It was relaxed, quite tranquil actually. More and more contestants started to pour out of their dimly lit rooms, giving me a nod as they quietly passed by, some in their pajamas and others half way dressed for the red carpet.

The chirps of an alarm sounded, the front door had been opened. Down the long hallway I see the director fiercely walking towards me as I pour myself a cup of dark roast coffee. “Is there something going on I don’t know about?” I thought to myself. “Call time isn’t for another hour.” He stood there in front of me, in his perfectly hemmed blue jeans and fitted sport coat. “Alright guys, we need to be ready to roll in 15 minutes!” he yelled. Panic then ensued!

Everyone started running around with their heads cut off. The once still air turned into a force 5 tornado. Contestants jumping out of the showers soaking wet, running to their rooms to grab their clothes. Blow dryers going off in every corner of the house. Make up being thrown all over the counter and mirrors. I was distracted, more so amazed, at what was going on. Then it hit me. I threw my cup of coffee into the sink and ran to my room. Throwing each leg into my pair of pants I simultaneously grabbed my button up and vest out from the closet. I were to join my fellow contestants as everyone scrambled to get ready.

15 minutes later we were all in the van and on our way to the Hard Rock Hotel.

We were hurried off the van and into the main lobby of the hotel. Buddy urgently gave a quick run down of what we were to expect for tonight. Group photos were taken and event passes were handed out. Immediately after we were to walk the red carpet. We lined up and paired together, boy girl, boy girl. Except for me, I had two lovely ladies, one on each arm. The beautiful Khaya Peake and Sydney Gilmore. (Not sure how that worked out, but I’m not complaining.) As we walked to the start of the red carpet I looked back and thought to myself, “What a sexy group of mother fuckers we have right here.”

The look of nerves, excitement, and anxiety were all present… Show time!


I don’t think any of us knew what to expect, or how dramatic the red carpet would actually be. We hit the first few feet of carpet, bright flashes going off in every direction, fans throwing me the thumbs up as I walk two gorgeous ladies down the isle. A few stopped us to get a better picture, others just waved us by. It was about 100 feet before the red carpet took an immediate left turn, at that point we could see the whole event, it was massive! It just kept going on and on, never ending, banking around the center bar, running up the stairs to the entrance of The Joint. My face started to hurt as I smiled more and more, cheeks shaking from holding a pose for so long. That had never happened before, I didn’t even know it was possible. We made it to the end after several minutes, well we thought it was the end. The next set of carpet was the real deal, media outlets lined the walls, all equipped with the best cameras on the market. Markers were strategically placed on the floor that ran parallel to the back drop. We stopped to pose at each mark, looking right, then center, then left. Hold for a minute, then to the next marker. Repeat. Until we made it to the end, which wasn’t the end, we had been fooled once again! We were ushered to another red carpet, this time news crews and media outlets filled the room. Production equipment and massive fluorescent lights gleaming in your face. Microphones out as reporters grabbed any star who caught their eye, drilling them with questions and congratulations to the nominees of awards. We were ushered to a media outlet where we shared our story and what the show was all about. After a few minutes we were at the end of the carpet, where Keiran Lee was patiently waiting with producers and directors close by. Catching our experience and emotions, he asked us what our thoughts were on the whole event and how it may have helped us gain some notoriety in the industry. The director yelled “Cut!” and we were brought to the hallway just outside of The Joint where the actual awards were being held. Backdrops we placed in different spots along the walls, leather sofas and standing tables ran down the entire length of the hallway. An open bar was directly in the middle, surrounded by a crowd of glamm’d up porn stars, as 3 bartenders worked quickly to thirst the quench of these beautiful people.

The night went on with many awards being announced and accepted, the crowd applauding as some of the industry leaders walked on stage. A beautiful production and very well planned, it seemed to go off without a hitch. I’ll spare you all of the details, if your curious, I’m sure Showtime has it on demand. As for the show, we filmed for five more days at a luxurious mansion right here in town. But I’ll have to write about that experience another time. 😉

-Keep it Buddy Hollywood


Bender Cain is the President & CEO of Explicit Enterprises holds a masters degree in Psychology. Cain has over 20 years in the adult night club industry, working as a bouncer, DJ, manager, and consultant. Cain has traveled the world over, working at some of the best and worst strip clubs. Cain is also a professional boxer, MMA fighter and promoter . His duties here at include writing for the site and the day to day operations of the company .

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