April 2015 Khaya Peake of The Sex Factor

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April 2015 Khaya Peake of The Sex Factor

Okay I have had several talks with the amazing Khaya Peake via Skype she is one of the 16 remaining contestants on the sex factor reality show and during our talks I found her to be honest engaging and very intelligent in fact I could have stayed on skype for days with her very smart and super sexy I hope you enjoy our interview with her ladies and gentlemen I give you miss Khaya Peake

Hello Khaya how are you today before we start I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview with us here at explicit list.com and answer a few questions.


Bender . Now Khaya we spoke last week on skype  and I was very impressed not only are you very professional but you were also very outgoing and it was a real pleasure to get to know you  KhayaThank you! It was great talking to you and getting to know a bit about you and the website you founded. I may not have been wearing any pants during our interview, however.

Bender. Khaya for those that don’t know your a contestant on the sex factor reality show but we’ll get to that later so what made you make the decision to want to get in the adult entertainment industry as a performer ? Khaya I found myself at this weird stage in my life where I was interested in exploring more things sexually but not having enough outlets for them. I could get them but the quality of the experience wouldn’t necessarily be up to standard or I couldn’t get enough of something I desired to do. As I began to become more curious and experiment with kinkier escapades, safety also was becoming an issue in my mind. Porn intrigued me because it could be a way for me to get more of what I wanted in a safer environment and dually have a way to document it.


Bender. So Khaya when we spoke last week it was kind of a pre-interview to get to know each other so is this your first interview outside the sex factor show? KhayaT his is the first interview I remember outside of the sex factor show at least!


Bender. So how did your family and friends react to your decision to enter the adult entertainment industry? KhayaConsidering my family is extremely religious I haven’t told them, yet. My mother couldn’t even support my brother or me playing computer games and publicly shamed my brother for doing so. I have reason to be believe that she wouldn’t take kindly to me doing porn. I’m sure my brothers will find out about it at some point if they don’t know already, but I don’t think they would actually have the guts to bring up the topic with me.


Bender. Your stage name Khaya Peake is very unique so how did you come up with it? KhayaI wanted to find a name that represented multiple sides of my personality. I love the name Khaya because it means restful one. That ties in with my laid back and easy going personality. Peake represents more my competitive side, the part of me that always strives to be better and reach the top. I also think that it links in seemlessly with the climactic nature of adult performing

Bender. Now you have a great natural body what would you say your best feature is? KhayaPersonally my favorite feature would have to be my face – followed closely by my ass. I only recently discovered and started applying makeup, so maybe that’s why. I’m learning to appreciate and have fun with it! I lift weights regularly and have an evil personal trainer that likes to push my butt to the limit


Bender. Ok Khaya I always hate this question but it’s kind of a big fan question so what is your favorite sex toy? KhayaI like a few different styles of dildo for sure. My favourite ones are either the softer jelly type or anything with a bit more of an interesting shape that can really get your g-spot. There is a brand called nJoy that sells these amazing stainless steel toys of all sorts of shapes and sizes. I also like the softer feel Doc Johnson dildos

Bender. Another big fan Question what would you say your favorite sexual position is? KhayaI don’t get this question at all. All sexual positions are good as long as the sex is enjoyable and you have chemistry with your partner. Getting fucked hard and fast while I rub my clit usually produces a nice squirting orgasm for me.


Bender. Now  I now  that you are currently in the UK so this is something that I really want snow what do you feel about the UK’s new censorship laws it just seems kind of anti woman to me I mean no female ejaculation no water sports no facesitting it seems almost kind of Hitler terrian what are your thoughts on the UK’s new laws.  Khaya It’s a bit strange to me. I consider watersports to be a sexual thing and something I love doing as I can get really into it. The dirtier the better! The no to female ejaculation would mean that I would never be able to orgasm if I did UK porn! British men seem to love it when I squirt all over their face. All I can say on the subject is that I’m glad I’m moving.

Bender. Who would you say your favorite adult star is past or present?  Khaya I don’t like to single people out because everyone has their own strengths. I’m sorry I can’t give a better answer because I love lots of people for different reasons.

Bender. Now Khaya when we talked about a week ago like I said my impression of you is very outgoing very professional very sexy a very cool chick very adventurous I’m so would you say you live explicit lifestyle? If so please explain Khaya I have a lot of sex at least and do orgies or gangbangs every couple of weeks. I suppose that is explicit? I love having more than just one person – the more people there are, the more turned on I am. My last gangbang I squirted myself dry for the first time ever! I couldn’t believe how turned on I was and there were around 17 men. I love women too but I prefer if they have a more dominant personality and are older than myself. It is also a bonus when they have a plethora of toys we can play with together

Bender. Let’s go ahead and talk about the sex factor show for a little bit can you describe the experience now I know you can’t talk a lot about the show but what exactly is the premise?Khaya The premise of the show is to find a new star in porn, someone totally unseen before and to do it from a completely new angle. I think it’s quite tough to make a name for yourself with a sea of talent and the show is here to give performers a platform to shine. I also think it brings porn a bit closer to the mainstream entertainment market since in the end it is a reality competition and so all the elements that make those shows enjoyable are brought to the table. Finally I think it’s just a lot of fun and we have a great time on the set

Bender. Khaya now I know you can’t tell me who’s on  the show or really even if you’re still on the show until it’s done shooting but can you tell me what the judges are like?  KhayaThe judges are awesome, they give us direction and help us to build the tools that we need to be successful. I think that is part of the uniqueness of the show since normally it would be hard to get access to their knowledge and skillsets. Apart from that everyone has been friendly and they have been joining in with the contestants, socialising and chilling out. I am really looking forward to doing a scene with one of them if I get the chance!

Bender. Khaya have you bonded with any of your fellow contestants are cast members all?  KhayaI can say that we all get along, but Buddy Hollywood would be my favorite since I did my first scene with him. He is highly sexually experienced with a great attitude and I’m confident he could do well in the porn industry.

Bender. If you win the sex factor competition what can we expect from you as a performer?  KhayaI like to think of myself as a versatile performer and capable of filling a diverse number of roles. I have a look that can be both innocent and filthy. I love the super hardcore / gangbang stuff. I would say that gangbangs and BDSM are more in sync with my personal tastes since I crave those in my personal life. I also genuinely like girls and I think when you are actually bi rather than pretending, scenes with multiple girls work a lot better.

Bender. Now I you recently attended your very first AVN Awards show back in January can you talk a little bit with that was like?  Khaya  Honestly, I felt very calm and at home there. Everyone was incredibly friendly and fun to talk to so I soon got into it. I think that it puts on an incredible showcase of just how deep and richly diverse the adult industry has become. My favourite experience was definitely walking down the red carpet with some of the top performers and I was humbled to be there alongside them.

Bender. So Khaya how would you describe your self sexualy?  KhayaI would describe myself as experimental. There is pretty much nothing I won’t try once and the things I enjoy the most are when I am pushed or am pushing others to the absolute limit. I don’t like to categorize myself because I don’t believe in boundaries or taboo. Just as I say in my Sex Factor bio, when it comes to sex, yes is my favorite word

Bender. If you can work with any performer in the adult industry who would you most want to work with?  KhayaSimilar to my other answer I wouldn’t want to single someone out. At the moment I am just looking forward to performing more with the other contestants on the show and past that I couldn’t even count the number of people I am looking forward to working with.

Bender. When and how can we see you on the sex factor? Khaya I don’t think they have announced how the show will be broadcast yet, the best thing to do right now is to watch my twitter and the official Sex Factor twitter (embed hyperlinks)

Bender. Khaya your fans support you by voting for you on the sex factor?  KhayaThe best place to support me right now is by following me on Twitter. I love to document my sexual exploits both professional and personal! Once the show goes live I hope that my fans support me there. The support of the fans I have at the moment means an incredible amount to me.

Bender . Once again thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us here at explicit list.com I wish you all the luck with the competition in the show you know that you have our vote so one last question how can your fans follow you and your career injury in the adult industry?  I think I answered this in the previous question, sorry! Via my Twitter @KhayaPeake  you will get all the information and debauchery you will ever need

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Bender Cain is the President & CEO of Explicit Enterprises holds a masters degree in Psychology. Cain has over 20 years in the adult night club industry, working as a bouncer, DJ, manager, and consultant. Cain has traveled the world over, working at some of the best and worst strip clubs. Cain is also a professional boxer, MMA fighter and promoter . His duties here at ExplicitList.com include writing for the site and the day to day operations of the company .

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