Lynna Nilsson Interview

Lynna Nilsson Interview

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing world famous fashion model turn DJ turned adult film star Miss Lynna Nilsson here at Explicitlist. Miss Lynna and I had several chats prior to our interview and got to know each other a little bit and found we had a lot in common not only is she one of the most beautiful women on the planet physically after several talks I have come to truly believe that she is a beautiful soul as well just a wonderful person very intelligent you see. Explicit list we don’t just feature pornstars we feature the most intelligent adventurous men women in adult entertainment industry and that is exactly the kind of woman Miss Lynna is a true free spirit it gives new meaning  to sex appeal


Bender  So Lynna tell us how you get started in the adult entertainment


Lynna I have always found this business exciting and since many of my fans were literally begging me to do also BG scenes, I made up my decision and my fans very happy 🙂
Bender . How did you come up with your stage name?

Lynna My name is Lynna, my father’s surname is Nilsson, so creating my DJ & Glamour model stage name Ms.Lynna was very easy 😉 In adult entertainment (striptease, porn) I simply use my full name Lynna Nilsson.

Bender . Lynna you have shot for such big companies as 21st Sextury and woodman casting tell us what other companies you have shot for ?

Lynna I work for 21st sexury, DDF, Mofos, Penthouse, SexMex, PerfectGonzo, Reality Kings, BangBros, Brazers, Holly Randall etc. but I have never worked for Woodman, I only did an interview with him.

T-DJ Ms.Lynna SK 63T-DJ Ms.Lynna SK 62
Bender   so tell me your a successful model and DJ so do you ever get recognized in the street when you’re out in public ?

Lynna Yes and quite often although I don’t find myself famous, mainly when there are posters/billboards of myself all around the city, advertising the upcoming gig 😉 It is actually pretty fun seeing the people staring at you, not being sure if it is really me (I am not a fan of heavy makeup in my private life and as you know makeup does a huge difference even to a model). Some people simply tell Hello and smile and continue their journey, in Mexico they ask even for a signature when seeing me in restaurants!

T-DJ Ms.Lynna SK 68T-DJ Ms.Lynna SK 41

Bender  Do you prefer video or photo shoot? Lynna I can’t tell, both are so different and exciting at the same time!I

Bender What do you prefer more performing boy/girl or girl / girl shoots? Lynna Same answer like the question above 😉 I feel excited equally in both cases. Only thing I am not able to enjoy much the scenes when the other performer is a smoker.Lynna

MsLynna4ClaudioTaiana8SONY DSCMsLynna4ClaudioTaiana2

Bender  used to perform a lot of solo shoots so you must have a favorite sex toy can you tell us what it is? LynnaActually not at all, I use mainly my fingers as traveling by airplane doesn’t allow you to bring a collection of toys with you. Moreover when I bought my newest one, they stole it to me during the luggage transfer in Paris!!!

Bender As I mentioned earlier and of course all of your fans know you’re also a DJ in addition to being a porn star and adult model can you tell us how you first came about this second career as a DJ? LynnaYou are very wrong. I am Model for almost a decade, DJ since 2013 and only three months ago (25th November 2014) I started to work in porn. So porn is the addition to my real job of Model and DJ.

T-DJ Ms.Lynna SK 37T-DJ Ms.Lynna SK 54

Bender . So can you tell us what it’s like performing live in front of an audience as a DJ what does it feel like to get all that energy from the crowd?

Lynna It feels great although I am always very nervous when approaching the stage and couple of minutes afterwards. If you do a mistake in modeling, the material will be not used. If you do mistake while DJ-ing, people will “eat” you alive 😉 I love watching the people in front of me enjoying the music and I love even more if they come to me after the gig (I hate those coming during my gig!) and telling me their opinion, we are often taking photos together, if the venue security allows it.

T-DJ Ms.Lynna SK 48T-DJ Ms.Lynna SK 47
Bender  When you DJ you preform topless quite often we are very impressed here at explicit list can you tell us what brought this about and what the crowd reaction is?

Lynna If I am fully naked on photos and videos, why I cannot be topless while DJ-ing? 😉 Some people find it unprofessional and inappropriate but 90% loves what I do (also girls) and this is important for me. If you don’t like T-DJs, then simply stay at home rather than watching me badly when I am playing for you and all your friends! It only makes me sad.
Bender For someone reading this interview that is discovering you for the first time where can they  find some of your music? Lynna On my website you can find direct links to my Soundcloud and Mixloud profiles.


Bender  I’m a bit of a music lover myself but we probably have different tastes in music so what are some of your music influences? LynnaBenny Benassi and Swedish House Mafia.


Bender . Other than your career as a DJ, musician, adult film actress and model what are some of your other interest outside of music and the porn industry?

Lynna  Traveling the world, eating kilos of chocolate, strawberries, sushi and sleeping in the airplane before we even take off 😉
Bender  So you must be a very busy girl Lynna can you tell us about any other projects that you have coming up?  Lynna Nope 😉 Let it be a surprise for all my fans.


Bender now you are managed by Jul models how has that benefited you?As a freelance model I think I still need some time to get use for cooperation with an agency and find the benefits which it brings to me…Lynna As a freelance model I think I still need some time to get use for cooperation with an agency and find the benefits which it brings to me…

Bender  Well Lynna we are just about done I have one more question and I must say before we go I have become an instant fan of yours I love your beats and I love all all your performances that I’ve managed to catch so far as an adult entertainer so how can your fans keep up with you and your career?

Bender They should Like my Facebook Fan Page, follow me on Twitter and obviously come to enjoy my gigs any time I play near to them!



Once again thank you so much I must say this is been one of my favorite interviews the whole process or earlier chats and getting to know you I hope your fans appreciate this but more than that I hope people that are not familiar with you and your work will take the time to check out not only your work as a adult entertainer but your music and your fashion modeling as well I think you were a truly magnificent human being thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview



Bender Cain is the President & CEO of Explicit Enterprises holds a masters degree in Psychology. Cain has over 20 years in the adult night club industry, working as a bouncer, DJ, manager, and consultant. Cain has traveled the world over, working at some of the best and worst strip clubs. Cain is also a professional boxer, MMA fighter and promoter . His duties here at include writing for the site and the day to day operations of the company .

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