INNA SIRNIA interview


INNA SIRINA interview


Bender Cain here again This month we are giving you more interviews than any other month in the past and this next interview is with a true  Greek Goddess adult film star model and show girl from Greece Inna Sirina I made contact with Inna  about 2 months ago and we got to know each other quite well I’ve checked out several of her scenes and was immediately impressed not only was her passion and front of the camera but her professionalism as well Inna has the body of a Greek goddess end the soul of an angel a truly remarkable woman very frank and very passionate it is a true delight to get to know her and I hope you will take the time to check out her great work and read this interview and if you’re looking for that special someone with just the right amount of charisma exotic looks to be in your next adult feature you really should book Inna Sirina
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Bender so tell us  Inna how did you come up with your stage name- Inna Sirina  The truth is that i like very much the Inna the singer and because i like and the name of the company that i start SIRINA entertainment i put bout of the names together INNA SIRNIA
Bender You are from Greece what a beautiful country there are not a lot of adult film stars from Greece so how did you get into the adult entertainment industry?-Inna  Actually i am not pure blood Greek only one of my parents !How i start me and my husband we have a friend (Kenzo) he was working in one porn company and he propose to my husband to met him whit the owner of that company we discus that and we go then the producer like us and keep me and my husband in the company
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Bender  So can you tell us what websites for companies who have shot for in the past?-Inna  one and i hope the be a lot now after this interview the name of the company is !
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Bender There are a lot of large adult websites and studios around the world is there anybody you haven’t shot for that you would like to?-Inna  they are a lot like u say but for me it is only few that make very good job nice  movies and amazing scenes and that studios are  i am crazy for PASSION-HD and the another is HARMONY of  course !
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Bender According to social media you also have some experience directing scenes can you tell us a little bit about this?-Inna  it is some scenes that me and my husband was alone we go for vacation in Thailand and Bali and we have some cameras whit us so in one point we decide to put the cameras on right position and make some scenes after we understand that we must have and some theatral  part so we did it also when we give the shots to the director of porn company he like it so much and he say from now one u gonna make this every time when u go for vacation and the peoples like it very much the name of dose movies is TO BACHELOR THS INNAS STO BALI  and A WIDOW IN THAILAND you can watch them and tell me i u like the job that we make 😀
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Bender  I noticed that you have work for a company by the name ofI noticed that you have work for a company by the name of Sirina Entertainment can you tell us a little bit about this company and what your relationship with them is?-Inna yes that is true this is the the most successful ant the famous company in Greece i start to work there in 2011 and steal shooting for them the owner and producer is Dimitris Sirinakis i feel very nice there the peoples are very lovely and i feel like a port of the family there
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Bender Inna do you prefer to work with males or females?-Inna i like to work and with female and male of course the best for me is scenes threesome  FFM the only problem is that the only man that i play is my husband another actor dont touch me so thats why maybe the female scenes is better for the companies
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Bender  So this is usually a big fan question fans always want to know this so I have to ask what is your favorite sexual position?so this is usually a big fan question fans always want to know this so I have to ask what is your favorite sexual position?-Inna  for me and to have full pleasure it is dogy stile ass up face down xaaxaxaxa but like u know this is not so looking nice at the movies everybody get tired to watch this
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Bender  I always hate this next question but it is kind of a standard but lately I’ve been kind of surprised by some of the answers so what is your favorite sex toy?-Inna wow actually it is very nice question i like toys i have a lot of them 😀 it is helping very much to keep your relationship on fire i am married 8 years and believe me we do sex like crazy any time so it is helping i like dildos vibrators my favorite one is rabbit vibrator it makes me cum every time like a waterfall
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Bender  Also another big fan question do you prefer anal or vaginal sex?-Inna well depends of the situation i like more vaginal but when i am too horny i lake and ass 🙂
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Bender  If you could work with any performer in the adult entertainment industry who would it be?-Inna i say before i make only whit my husband and females so i wan whit Tanner Mayes  ,Britney Amber ,Christy Mack .Skin Diamond also make me horny a lot 🙂
Bender This is a question I always like because the answer is usually pretty different so do you have any guilty pleasures?-Inna xaxax i never think about that before i dont know what to say yes i have when i dont go to gym and start to eat everything but in the bed nope my pleasures are never guilty i like to do everything that i like why to feel guilty if its bring me pleasure 😉
Bender  Have you ever performed in the US?-Inna  now nope because i didnt have visa but now i take for 10 years so i will like to perform
 Bender This is a very important question for me because I’m a very driven businessman and the adult entertainment industry is a business so what are your goals for your career in the industry what drives you to succeed?-Inna the first and more important is   audience i like to give pleasure to the people it is very nice feeling cause i like to watch porn also and i know what is the feeling to makes you horny some scene the AWARDS special the AVN AWARDS and the money of course
Bender  As you know we hear it explicit right about the adult entertainment industry and I have to write about some of the most beautiful pornstars in the world end I have to watch a lot of porn so my next question is who is your favorite pornstar?-Inna  visual JESSE JANE she is an angel but she dont make so passion scenes she is more hard and i like passion so this makes me say Tanne Mayes
Bender  You have an amazing body that of a Greek goddess some might say so how do you stay in shape? Inna wow thank you very much the answer is DIE BIG DIE YONG DIANABOL   xaxaxaxaxa i am joking everybody ask me that alot of gym special squat a lot of squats
Bender  Ok I always wonder about this and the answer is quite different than most of the time how did your family feel about your decision to enter the adult entertainment industry?-Inna  didnt know now they gonna learn so thenk you about that now we gonna see whats gonna happen and i will tell you xaxaxaxai am joking in the beginning i had  a little problem but sins they see that i am ok i am famous and the peoples like me and give me more attention start to go on the tv shows and be guest on different emissions and i do only whit my husband and i am happy they say that they are whit me
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Bender Greece is known for to beautiful women but it’s not really known as being part of the porn industry I really hate the word porn sometimes I prefer adult entertainment but I have to ask do you get recognized in the street at home?-Inna I agree whit you for the porn word its sounds hard but anyway yes the companies here never try to go more out then Greece i mean the movies who they make is only for the Greek peoples now Sirina tv start to sell more outside and was on the AVN awards so maybe now will be the time that the world will heart about us ind that entertainment  and    yes they are recognize me in the beginning was nice i like it very much but now some times i just wan to go do my shopping and turn back like a normal girl
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Bender  Do you have anyone special in your life?-:) Inna yes like i told you before my husband we are together 8 years we do all together i love him very much and i thank him for all that he do for me really
Bender  You are also a showgirl can you tell us a little bit about this,  exotic dancing is always been something I’m very interested since I’ve spent over 24 years in the adult nightclub industry so I would love to hear about it from you?-Inna  wow i think you search all about me xaxaxxax FBI maybe xaxaxa yes i am also show girl we travel a lot because of that i do dildo shows lesbians shows and Live sex shows all of them have a nice theater part in beginning and after is the erotic part unfortualy in USA i think it is not aloud this kind of show but if you come in Greece and see us u gonna like it very much actually we are only 2 couples who make that in all of Greece so u can imagien !
Bender  How has being in the adult entertainment industry helped you explore your sexuality?Inna actually it helping me very much thanks to the adult entertainment i learn that i am BI-sexual and i like very much womens 🙂 alot of difrent positions its helping very much for the relationship and give you always new ideas who brings you pleasure and passion in the bed
Bender  Okay I’m hoping you can give some of the guys out there a little bit of hope as far as a men does size matter to you?-Inna oh this is a bull shits actually yes it is looking god when u must watch it but let be honest u can give pleasure make one woman cum and make her horny and whit a normal or small dick the most important thing is the passion and to know how to use it i have seen a lot of guys whit big dick and to stay like a tree or to be cold like an ice how those kind of mens cen make happy a woman in the bed and to be honest like i told u i am bi-sexual so u can make her happy only whit fingers only whit licking so who say that the size have mater it is not true this is mine opinion
Bender  If you were going to get sex advice what is the most important piece of advice you would give someone On how to be a better lover? Inna -more passion more fire and to try to understand when must be gentle and when to be hard in the bed
Bender inna what does the future hold for you?-i Inna if  knew that i wan be very happy i hope winner and holder of AVN AWARD after ofcourse like all the womens i wan children
Bender  Do you have any other personal or professional goals outside the adult entertainment industry?- Inna yes i wan to be owner of gym  and personal trainer
Bender Tell us this is always a very interesting question what is a typical de like for you on a film set?
Inna Well we’re almost to an end here with our interview and I thank you so much for sitting down with us to answer some of our questions but I do have one more how can your fans follow your career and know about any new projects you may have ?
– the passion lesbians part and the hot FFM threesomes my my fans can follow me on my facebook page and my twitter acount soon i gonna make and web site
it was pleasure for me and cooperate whit you best wishes and a lot of Kisses INN
You know when I spoke to Inna Sirina on the phone today once again I can’t say how impressed I am with her professionalism and humility just a true shining light explicit isn’t just about bringing you the biggest stars in adult entertainment today worried about keeping you on the pulse adult entertainment by bringing you the biggest stars of the future and I truly believe that Inna Sirina  is going to be a huge star in the adult entertainment world thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions and I hope that your friends enjoy this interview and I hope people take the time to read it to get to know you and researcher work


Bender Cain is the President & CEO of Explicit Enterprises holds a masters degree in Psychology. Cain has over 20 years in the adult night club industry, working as a bouncer, DJ, manager, and consultant. Cain has traveled the world over, working at some of the best and worst strip clubs. Cain is also a professional boxer, MMA fighter and promoter . His duties here at include writing for the site and the day to day operations of the company .

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