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Chanel Preston (apac president )



Hello my name is Bender Cain president and CEO of explicit enterprises in this month will bring you several interviews with some of the world best adult performers from around the globe but this interview is with one of the biggest adult film stars today but this isn’t about her film career this is about something completely different everybody watches porn just not everybody admits to it well most people anyway and lot of people sit in judgment there are a people looking out for the producers for the studios and for the agency but who’s looking out for the stars will to be honest until recently nobody was until recently they never really had a voice that all changed when Chanel Preston, James Deen,  Conner Habib,  Stoya and Asa Akira the group apps on the biggest adult stars got together and formed apac USA an adult performer advocacy and education group the APAC committee works tirelessly on educating performers in the adult entertainment industry and giving them a voice within the industry though their concentration and focus is on protecting the performer first and foremost they have also done some great charity work such as raising money for AIDS research.  This organization and its members had my undying respect and admiration yes explicit list is a business and we are in the adult entertainment business but I believe that we have a social responsibility just like any other business and I truly believe what APAC is doing is a wonderful and worthwhile cause.The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee advocates to maintain and improve safety and working conditions in the adult film industry by giving adult performers organized representation in matters that affect our health, safety, and community. The mission of APAC is to provide representation for performers in the adult film industry and to protect performers’ rights to a safer and more professional work environment. We do this through education of each other and the greater community, development of ethical best practices, and fostering of solidarity. We review existing health and safety protocols, and will initiate new ones as needed. We are committed to working cohesively with all aspects of the adult entertainment industry and the public, strengthening unity between all performers, and maintaining a work environment where workers are valued, respected, and educated. –

ExplicitList: So the organization was formed in LA right did you get any push back from the local community when you started? Chanel Preston Absolutely not. However, it has taken time to gain recognition in the industry since multiple attempts at creating a similar organization have been made. I feel like it was the right time and the right group of people that have allowed the organization to flourish.


ExplicitList:How did APAC get started, what made you and your partners want to make a difference. Chanel Preston In the last few year,s the adult film industry has been experiencing multiple set-backs caused by multiple shutdowns and legislation around Measure B as well as AB1576, the local and statewide condom ordinances. During this time, many people were speaking for performers that were not performers. It took a small group of prominent and influential performers to come together knowing that we needed to have our own voice in matters that concern performers. After several meetings discussing changes we wanted to see, APAC was formed.

ExplicitList:  Do you have any aspirations of taking APAC global, especially with some of the other countries around the globe practicing further censorship?  Say Europe or more specifically the United Kingdom? Chanel Preston know that to be successful we have to start small and locally is where we have been placing most of our focus. However, we have put some outreach in Las Vegas as well as Miami. Eventually, we’d love to take APAC wherever there are adult performers. Until then, anyone can benefit from the information we are placing on our site no matter where you are located.


ExplicitList: We here at    explicitlist have had troubles with the banking industry in fact we have had 3 banks close out our accounts before we finely found a bank that would do business with us .  I know  that you and others in the industry also went through this struggle  banking how did you overcome this? 

ExplicitList: What drives the APAC organization every day? Chanel PrestonIn the last year, we have seen APAC gain more leverage in the adult film industry, and we’ve been able to see first hand how much influence performers can have when we come together. I think these feats, even if small, are what drives APAC.


ExplicitList: What are the organization goals for 2015? Education. We want performers to better understand the adult film industry as well as their own health and safety. Performers need support and resources in order to have a successful experience in this industry, and APAC wants to be the ones to offer that for new and current performers. Also, a lot of the information we provide not only benefits performers but also everyday people. There will be plenty of information about sexual health that applies to anyone.

ExplicitList: So we know you started the organization with James Dean, Stoya & Asa Akira.  Is there anyone else involved with the industry we would know? Who all sites on the official APAC board.Chanel Preston  Blue and Anikka Albrite were definitely integral contributors to APAC. Also, Nina Hartley and Jessica Drake have been supporters from the beginning. Currently the board is James Deen (Chairperson), Chanel Preston (President), Conner Habib (Vice-president), Ela Darling (Secretary), and Veruca James (Treasurer).

ExplicitList: Chanel what was APAC’s Biggest Accomplishment of 2014 and what are you striving for in 2015? Chanel Preston Our biggest accomplishment in 2014 was fighting against the statewide bill, AB1576, which would have required all performers to wear condoms. Although we feel everyone should have a choice, requiring condoms would only lead to greater risks in the industry and in turn performers. Our goal is to keep performers safe – AB1576 did not do this.

ExplicitList: What is APAC’s long term goal? Chanel Preston Our long term goal is to be nationally recognized as a performer organization. We never want another person to get into the industry and not have the resources they need to be successful.

ExplicitList: Are there any groups you are not advocating for in the porn industry, you seem like you are taking on all angles for the better. Chanel Preston The only group we are advocating for is performers. We aim to work cohesively with all aspects of the industry, but our focus is performers.


ExplicitList: What are the specific services your organization provides? Chanel Preston currently offers resources for performers who are looking for adult-friendly professionals anywhere from doctors to attorneys to accountants. We also provide a blog about what is happening in the industry, a forum, and educational material. Most important we provide a safe place for performers to express concerns and opinions about the industry and their experiences. The first Sunday of every month we have a meeting that is open for all performers to attend.


ExplicitList: Whats your favorite thing within the organization, what have you taken a personal passion in? Chanel Preston have met more performers as a result of being a part of APAC, and it’s amazing to see how intelligent and capable so many performers are. When you work in this industry, you often only meet one side of people, but doing this has given me the opportunity to see performers is such a different way. I have more respect and admiration for my peers than I ever have. This gives me even more drive to make this organization a staple part of the adult performer community.

ExplicitList: Whats your greatest/most memorable APAC experience?  Chanel Preston Last year, APAC raised over $20,000 for the Los Angeles AIDS walk. We were one of the top earning teams. We also had over 20 performers show up to walk the 6 mile trek to support AIDS Project Los Angeles. It was amazing to see all these performers come together to raise awareness and be a part of something together.

ExplicitList: Tell us what APAC has coming around the corner what impact is APAC planning to have in 2015? Chanel Preston We’re definitely focusing the most on education this year. We’ve already finished the Model bill of Rights and Professional Code of Conduct, which is a step in creating a more professional atmosphere for performers and producers, on and off the set. However, performers still need knowledge about the industry as well as their bodies. This is a lot of information and could take time to develop, but we’ve seen that giving performers even a little bit of information has helped people tremendously in making better decisions for themselves.

Once again I would like to take chanel preston for taking the time to sit down with our staff here explicit list regretfully I couldn’t do the interview myself due to scheduling and travel but as presidency of explicit enterprises I would once again like to extend an offer of help in any way we can to apac and their cause I truly believe that apac is forging a brave new frontier for the betterment of the adult industry as a whole and more importantly for the performers yes I am the president of explicit enterprises but I also hold a master’s degree in psychology and I think that any time that we do not interact socially responsible in this industry then we were a detriment to it I truly believe the chanel preston and her fellow apac members are not only some of the best adult film stars today but they are intelligent and caring human beings and they deserve your support so whether your address after a producer an agent or website like explicit list I heard you to support them and if you are new to the industry new performer are you check the amount with open mind


I have never given the explicit listing of approval sugested interview but that has changed apac adult performer advocacy committee get the explicit list improve approval


Bender Cain is the President & CEO of Explicit Enterprises holds a masters degree in Psychology. Cain has over 20 years in the adult night club industry, working as a bouncer, DJ, manager, and consultant. Cain has traveled the world over, working at some of the best and worst strip clubs. Cain is also a professional boxer, MMA fighter and promoter . His duties here at ExplicitList.com include writing for the site and the day to day operations of the company .

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