Alina Henessy Interview – December 2014

Russia     Alina Henessy

Bender Cain here with Thank you so much Henessy for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for your fans on our site. Well, I’m hoping this interview was little bit different compared to what you’re used to. Let’s get the usual questions out of the way first. Lets get started, shall we?
Alina Henessy: Hello! 🙂

Bender Cain: Where are you from? My research says either Slovakia or Russia.
Alina Henessy: Originally I am from Russia, was born in the far east, but then moved to Saint-Petersburg for study and was living there for 6 years, and now I am based in Budapest.

Bender: How did you get into the adult entertainment industry?
Alina: My first steps start from webcam studio in St.Peters, I was a student and was searching for a job and found this. After 1.5 years working on webcam (was sucessfull by the way) I decided to find something else in industry of erotic, like for example, nude photoshoots, just because I feel comfortable to show my body and I like it, but instead of photos I found porn shootings and staying in this industry till now already for 6 years.

Bender: How did you come up with your stage name?
Alina: There is no big story about my stage name, its was given to me on my first scene and just stuck with me! I was trying to change it a few times, but my fans already knew me as Henessy and I decided to stay with this name.

Bender: Tell us about your first scene, and who was it for?
Alina: My first scene was for the website Teencoreclub, it was a boy/girl scene, I was really looking like a little teenager, big boobs (much bigger than now :)), blonde, and so naive! I dont know why, but I didnt realize that this is a real porno, I didnt know how to move, to act, and even which way I should sound. My second scene was anal, and 4th, double penetration. Now I enjoy it for real, but those times I wasn’t ready for it yet!

Bender: How do your friends and family feel about your decision to go into the adult entertainment industry?
Alina: Now all of my friends know about my job, and they’re totally fine with it. I feel free to talk about it and dont feel ashamed, but at the beginning, when I was still studying at University and my little secret came out, it was such a big stress for me, all the people with who I study and even my teacher knew about that and they were saying bad things about me. Russian people are not very open minded in this way, but after that I started to see that real friends don’t change their mind about you and were protecting me from the others. I think it’s the first lesson I learned from porn. That people who loves you always stay with you. Also very important that I change my mind about this business too, if at the beggining I still was thinking that I am doing something bad, after I start to treat it professionaly and when I am telling to the people what I am doing, some of them are shocked, but dont take it in a bad way.

Bender: Is there anybody special in your life?
Alina: There is somebody special in my life — it’s my family of course, and my friends, but not a man yet!:)

Bender: What do you do for fun outside of the adult industry?
Alina: My passion is travel, I can’t be in one place for a long time, sometimes me and my friend just sitting at home and then in 1 hour can sit in the car and go to another country! I didnt see much in the world — only Europe, but have plenty of time to do it! I dont have big hobbies or dont dont do proffesional sport, but i like to learn new things and open for everything. Last year I start snowboarding, and my dream now is to jump with the parachute. 🙂 Pictured: Alina Henessy and friends snowboarding.

Bender: Do you get recognized by people on the street? And do you have any funny stories?
Alina: It’s happened with me 3 times, when somebody recognize me. First time was in a book store, once at the airoprt, and the last time was not long ago, when i was traveling from my home city to Moscow (it’s 8 hours flight), Steward come to me and whispered, “You are very beautiful as a woman and as an actress too.” That was a very nice surprise, because I was very tired and look terrible as i thought, he was very nice and kind to me all the flight, asked for the photo, and i was very thankful to him because I hate flight and he made it pleased to me!

Bender: What does it take to make it in a tough business like the adult entertainment industry?
Alina: In this business as in any other, there’s a lot of tricks and gossips, but I am always trying to stay away from it and concentrate on my career. I respect people with whom I work and always staying proffessional and friendly on the shootings, and correct as an agent.

Bender: What important lessons have you learned in your time in the industry?
Alina: As I already said, first of all people who loves you will stay with you no matter what you do, I learn a lot about myself, I start to be more open to the people, and love myself just as I am.

Bender: If you hadn’t got into the adult entertainment industry, what do you think you would be doing now?
Alina: I think I still would live in Russia, St. Petersburg, working somewhere in the office in my speciality (advertisement), but don’t think that I already would be married yet.

Bender: Do you prefer video or photo shoots?
Alina: Oh I like both! I like shooting from the make up till the last shoot! I like solo photoshooting because I like modeling, and video because i can enjoy the sex!

Bender: Where is the most exotic location you ever shot at?
Alina: Hmmm…I don’t remember really exotic locations, but I used to shoot in very nice places and villas in Portugal, Spain, and Czech Republic.

Bender: What is your favorite and least favorite body part; and if you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
Alina: My favorite body part is my breasts (especially when they become bigger sometimes 🙂 And less favorite is belly, he most difficult to control and keep in shape. But I wouldn’t change anything in myself!

Bender: Who is your favorite adult star (past or present)?
Alina: I am quite long time in the business, and for all this time, I liked many adult performers, but didn’t pick a favorite yet. But I always respect models who are professional and doing this job with pleasure and passion.

Bender: You have an amazing body, so how do you stay in shape?
Alina: Oh, actually it’s photoshop :). Just kidding! But I don’t do anything special for it, fitness and that’s it. I love good food, so i don’t counting calories.

Bender: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Alina: You mean in sex? 🙂 I am kind of a submissive person, that’s why I love porn, because in private life it’s not easy to find a partner who is not afraid to do with me nasty things! 🙂

Bender: Ok, a lot of interviewers will ask you something like, “What’s your favorite food?” So, I have a different spin on it, what’s your favorite aphrodisiac?
Alina: It’s ice cream, sun, and pool! 🙂

Bender: You’ve done a lot of work for some pretty large companies in Europe, like DDF network, 21st Sextury, and Harmony Vision films. Have you ever worked in the United States?
Alina: No, never been there yet!

Bender: I’m a big fan of how the Europeans do things in the adult industry. What do you think the differences are between Euro and U.S. porn.
Alina: I can’t answer that question, because I’ve never worked in US, but I’ll tell you later after I go there!

Bender: Who is your favorite performer to work with?
Alina: Oh if I will tell any names, the others could take offense on me!

Bender: You did a really awesome scene with Mandy Dee for Harmony Vision: Young series. It’s actually one of my favorite scenes of yours. What was that like?
Alina: Yes, I remember this scene, a few years ago! That was great, she is amazing actress to work with, all together we done a good job. There was a funny story on this scene, we were shooting late evening in the old house in the small village and this room was on the ground floor, while we were shooting the other guys went for dinner and they saw as two guys was standing in front of the window, watching us and masturbating! 🙂

Bender: A lot of your scenes, well to be frank, are pretty hardcore by American standards. You’re what we would call a real extreme queen. Group sex, anal and DP. So where do you draw the line as far as what you will and won’t do as an adult entertainer on camera?
Alina: This is interesting question because I also asking this to myself. I start to learn about me that with each year, each scene I am going more and more far, this is my style, I prefer nasty and rough scenes then soft romantic stuff… So, how far I can go we will see, of course, there is things that I dont accept, for example pissing (receiving).

Bender: Have you ever had a bad experience on set?
Alina: Not really, I mean, never had a problem with companies or actors, just some small troubles, like bad snow hitting on the location in winter time. 🙂

Bender: What’s your favorite sex toy?
Alina: Dont using it much, but nicest ones is different vibrators, clit stimulators, etc.

Bender: Do you prefer female partners are male partners?
Alina: I prefer male.

Bender: You seem to really enjoy yourself on camera. How much does it compare to your sex life at home?
Alina: I feel more comfortable in sex with the partners in private life. I love to give maximum pleasure to my partner. But I think porn made me a bit more pervert in sex (I start to see it from this year). And it’s not easy to find a good partner for me now, but still sex in private life stays for me as something personal and very intimate.

Bender: As I’ve said a lot of your scenes are kinda of extreme. I know from your pictures on Twitter, but you’re into snowboarding so what else is extreme about you to see?
Alina: Yes, I start snowboarding a couple of years ago, now learning roller skates, in my nearest future plans jump with the parachute and I also would like to try surfing, maybe one day i will!

Bender: Who do you most want to work with that you have not worked with yet?
Alina: I really would like to work with the companies like Brazzers, Digital Playground, Dorcel (used to work for them once but would like to do it again!)

Bender: Do you prefer anal or vaginal sex?
Alina: I like both, can’t say that only anal sex will be please me, I also enjoying DP, but never did in private life, only on the set.

Bender: Do you have your own website?
Alina: No, I dont have my own website yet.

Bender: Do you have any new scenes coming out anytime soon?
Alina: Yes, I had a couple of month break, but now started to work again, some new scenes will be out soon!

Bender: Now I understand that you are also a talent agent for the adult industry how did this come about?
Alina: I started to manage agency 2 years ago. I was still living in Russia, and didn’t have much shooting those times, so I was bored and had nothing to do, and Julia, director of Julmodels and now my best friend, asked me to help with the agency. I was happy to help, and do something new. I started with the simple things like managing website, adding new girls, etc. Then I started to organize working trips to Paris for our models. By then I understood that this is something that i can do! I loved porn bussiness when I was just performing, and managing it brings me even more closer to this world.

Bender: Tell us a little bit about the talent agency you work for?
Alina: Our agency is mostly representing Russian models in Europe. Every month we are organizing work trips to Budapest for 3-5 models. We are working in cooperation with Brillbabes model agency. Girls shooting here for many companies, get well known and after getting job offerings from other companies in the different countries. We are having good conditions for the models, model house and driver, new girls always a bit scared to go for shooting to another country where they don’t know nobody, but we are taking care of them here. 24 hours available if girls need any help, we are always happy to take them out and show the city if they are first time here, talking not like just with the models who working for us, but like with the friends, because we want them to feel comfortable and safe. Some of the models become good friends of us and we are staying in touch even if they are not working in this business anymore. We will not stop to bring Russian models, but its also would be nice to have more girls from European countries.

Bender: What advice would you give someone just getting into the industry?
Alina: My advice to the new girls who just started the business, first of all, think about, what is the motivation of it for you, just to do couple of shootings to get money, or you want to reach something in it and get well known and famous. I think the second option is the best, otherwise it will not be professional and will not bring any good results. If you decide to become a porn actress, it’s a serious step and it will change you and your life a lot, in a good way or bad way, depends on you. Anyway, do only what you like and do it with pleasure. Porn shooting is not just sex it’s team work. 🙂

Bender: I mentioned the difference between the U.S. and Europe in the adult industry, last year the U.S. porn industry had a moratorium, which is when the entire adult industry was down because of an STD scare. How do you think the European adult industry handles this differently?
Alina: If something really big happens, all the productions and actors get informed about that. Big productions and agencies, making decision all together and we are always finding a best solution how to resolve the problem. Health and safety of the performers is always come first.

Bender: Of course you’re already a famous adult film star, model, and talent agent, but what’s next for Hennesy in the adult entertainment industry?
Alina: In my plans to go to US and work with the big companies like Digital Playground in big movies. Of course would be nice to win a biggest award in the adult entertainment industry!

Bender: What is the best way for your fans to stay in touch with you?
Alina: You can follow me on Twitter!

Bender: Once again, thank you for taking the time to spend with us here at!
Alina: Best regards!

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