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Hungary Amirha Adara


Bender Cain here, President and CEO of Explicit Enterprises Inc. and Chief Editor of For about the last month and a half or so I have been getting to know Hungarian adult film star and model Amirah Adara on Twitter.  Amirah has agreed to this interview with!  God, I love my job! 


Wow I might just be the luckiest guy in the world!


Thank you so much Amirah taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down for this interview with and answer our questions. Let me start by saying I’m a huge fan myself and thank you so much for your great work from a fans point of view!!! We’ll let’s get started shall we.

You started out in the business very young, around 18 or 19, do you have any regrets?             

(Amirah) I started when I was 18 but I don’t have any regrets! 🙂 I like my job 😉

Your first job in the industry with Woodman casting enrolled famous director Pierre Woodman what was that like? Were you nervous?

(Amirah) Yes, I was very nervous and excited before but it was a good surprise.  I enjoyed it very much!

How did your friends and family feel about your decision to enter the adult entertainment industry?

(Amirah) First it was strange for everybody because it is not a regular job but they accept that I do this!

Do you ever get recognized out in public?

(Amirah) Yes sometimes 🙂 It is strange but in a good way 😉

You work for some pretty big companies in Europe, some of the largest in fact: 21st Sextury, DDF network, Private, and you’ve also work for Reality Kings. So, what’s your most memorable experience working in the adult entertainment industry?

(Amirah) I like all what I did because I do only what I like 🙂 All was different experience but not one was bad!

You’ve worked all over Europe, when can we expect you to work here in the U.S.?

(Amirah) I don’t know yet, but I have plans to work there in the future.

A lot of your scenes are pretty hardcore by U.S. standards, so tell us what kind of scene do you prefer to shoot?

(Amirah) I like every type what I did. All types of senses give me something special.

Have you ever been asked to do something you are not comfortable with? If so tell us about it.

 (Amirah) If I don’t want to do something I just tell & they understand it. It’s never a problem 🙂

What is your favorite sexual position?

 (Amirah) Missionary and doggy 😉

Okay, I really hate this question but I try to ask questions people really want to know so, as an adult former model and actress and even in your personal life, does size matter?

(Amirah) No 🙂 In my real life I am like every other people 😉

Do you have a favorite performer to work with male or female?

(Amirah) No, I don’t have favorites 🙂 Mostly I like all with who I work!

Working with male or female performers?

(Amirah) Both 🙂

Has ever been anyone that you will not work with?

(Amirah) No 🙂

Do you have any funny or embarrassing moments while working in industry?

(Amirah) Sometimes yes 🙂 ; in shootings every time we have a lot of fun!

What is your favorite sex toy?

(Amirah) Pocket rocket 😉

You have been working on your own website which will be launching soon we hope when I asked you about this you said it was a secret, so what, can your friends expect from your new website when it launches?

(Amirah)  Yes 🙂

You also directed your own scenes for your upcoming website tell us about that experience and what was it like to direct yourself and others for the first time?

(Amirah)  I don’t want to speak about this before I do this.

Amira Adara adult film star actress, model, director, business woman; what’s next for you in the industry?  Tell us about your plans for the future.

(Amirah) I just want to do my best and I hope the people like it! 🙂

 Amirah tell us what drives you to succeed?

(Amirah) I just want to enjoy my life and give something to everybody.  I hope they enjoy it what I do!


 What’s the most exotic location you’ve ever shot at?

(Amirah) In Zakynthos, Greece for

Amirah you are very much in demand these days which makes you a very busy girl in the adult industry.  So tell us here at what do on enjoy in your down time when you’re not working?

(Amirah) Just relax, do daily stuff, be with family and friends and do school.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

(Amirah) No 😛

Okay we’re almost at the end of our interview so here it explicit list we are not just a website explicit is a way of life for us we have a saying around the office live explicit, so Amirah would you say

 you live in explicit life if so please explain?

(Amirah) Yes, absolutely!

Is there anyone special in your life or are you looking for someone.

(Amirah) The most important people in my life; my family and friends. 🙂

What is the best way for your fans to stay in touch with you?

(Amirah) On my Twitter account: @AmirahAdaraxxx

Okay, last question not so much a question really but can we get a quick quote from you for your interview just a quick shout to your fans and us here at Explicit List

(Amirah) I would like to tell to somebody just enjoy the life cause it is very important!  😉

Once again I’d like to thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to spend some time with us here at us and explicit we wish you all the best you have certainly made my day

(Amirah) Thank You, Too! 🙂

Kisses: Amirah Adara





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