October Product – Form 6 Generation 3

Form 6 Generation 3


The Form 6 Generation 3 (also known as the “Form 6 G3”) is not your average dildo, or even your average vibrator. As the third version of the Form 6 vibrator model, the G3 has an elegant curved shape that is designed to reach the G-spot, but it also makes it good for those experienced in anal play (it is a little on the thick side for beginners). From award winning sex toy company Jimmyjane, this luxury toy is gaining a solid reputation as one of the most fun devices of its kind produced in the last few years.

Made of medical grade, Phthalate-free, platinum silicone and stainless steel, this smooth, velvety-feeling vibrator is best for those who don’t like the feeling of a lot of texture. However, the downside to this is that this kind of material can collect lint easily if not stored correctly (it is best if stored in a box or bag specially made for sex toys). This toy is also free of latex and is hypoallergenic.


The Form 6 G3 is also powered by a lithium ion battery that is high performance and runs up to six hours on a single charge. The pleasure device is also waterproof and completely submersible, which is rare for rechargeable vibrators (most risk water seeping into the adaptor jack, but this one is thoroughly covered). And yes, this means tha3010741031013t it is also washable.

Also unlike many of its rechargeable competitors, the Form 6 G3 does not require any cords. Instead, it attaches right in to its compact, stylish charging base and plugs in to an outlet. And it is designed to be travel friendly. Those going to spend time in other countries with different outlets can easily purchase a
specially made universal adapter from the Jimmyjane website. The charging base is largely what sets the G3 apart from the original Form 6 vibrator from Jimmyjane, since the original was shaped slightly differently was bulkier. However, the original charging base also had a lid to keep it from getting dirty while in storage, whereas this one does not. Nevertheless, the actual vibrator is very much the same and the original Form 6 has since been discontinued.


As for actual vibration power, the Form 6 G3 has five levels of power and six vibration patterns to provide users with different intensities and feelings. In addition to the differences mentioned above, the G3 is also unlike its predecessor because users do not need to hold down any buttons change the speed/intensity. Instead, there are no defined “buttons” on this toy— only subtle symbols that users can tap to change the settings. The vibrator also comes in two different colors— pink and black “slate”, with a sterling silver middle piece.

When purchased straight from Jimmyjane, this device also comes with a three-year warranty (as other toys from this brand do). Almost ll of their products can be purchased online, although the company does have several stores, primarily on the West Coast.

Founded by Ethan Imboden, Jimmyjane is based in San Francisco (around where most of its stores are located) and has been producing high-end sex toys (primarily those aimed towards women, like vibrators and dildos) since the company was launched in 2003. All of the company’s products are designed in-house. It is true that the company is primarily known for its dildos, personal massages and vibrators, but it also offers consumers a wide range of lotions, blindfolds, candles, games, and other sex and pleasure products. Though it has only been around for a decade, Jimmyjane products have already been recognized with AIGA, ID and IDSA awards for their design.

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