Erica Fontes Interview – October 2014

Hello Erica,

My name is Conrad I am the CFO for Explicit List. Thanks again for taking the time to interact with Explicit List and your fans.  This journey creating and putting into action the Explicit Lifestyle is something we are passionate about and ExplicitList and can’t wait to deep dive into Erika Fontes and what has made her so special and such and unique commodity in Adult Entertainment both in the US and in her home country of Portugal.


Conrad: You started out in the business very young at 18 which is hot satisfying so many wonderful school girl fantasies, do you have any regrets?

Erika Fontes: I’m in this business for 5 years and never had any regrets.

Conrad: Your first job in the industry was the film Diário Sexual de Maria tell us about that experience were you nervous or excited? How did it happen?

Erika Fontes: I remember I was a little nervous, but I was lucky to shoot with my husband and actor Angelo Ferro.

Conrad: How did your friends and family feel about your decision to enter the adult entertainment industry?

Erika Fontes: on this issue, the people can find just in my new book with the title of “Body and Soul”, which will soon also in English

Conrad: Do you ever get recognized out in public?

Erika Fontes: Yes, especially in Portugal, i am the first professional actress and the first iberia actress  win a prize  in the adult industry in Los Angeles..

Conrad: You work for some pretty big companies in Europe & the US some of the largest in fact 21st Sextury, DDF network, Naughty America you’ve also work for Hustler. So what’s your most memorable experience working in the adult entertainment industry?

Erika Fontes: All were memorable and important for my career. the fact that always working for large companies helped a lot in just two years as an international actress to win a  XBIZ prize.

Conrad: We were playing around on one of our favorite company’s site Virtual Girl and happy to see you in a few of their downloads.  What was the experience like working with them?

Erika Fontes: Was amazing, they are very nice team and is very funny shooting with them, i hope back again. 🙂

Conrad:  A lot of your scenes are pretty hardcore, so tell us what kind of scene do you prefer to shoot?

Erika Fontes: I love shooting threesome scenes Girl/Girl/Boy.

Conrad:  Have you ever been asked to do with seeing you are not comfortable with? If so tell us about it.

Erika Fontes: I never have any work i don’t feel comfortable. When i go shooting i know about everything and i only accept the works i liked.

Conrad: What is your favorite sexual position?

Erika Fontes: I loved Missionary

Conrad: We always are curious and hopefully we can ask this to give the regular guys a hope and a dream. Does size matter in your normal life with working with such studs on a regular basis?

Erika Fontes: I think the size matter but not the most part, the important is the guys know working and give alot orgasms to women

Conrad: Do you have a favorite performer to work with male or female?

Erika Fontes: Yes, i like working with my husband Angelo Ferro.

Conrad: Working with male or female performers?

Erika Fontes: I prefer work with both if possible. =P

Conrad: Has ever been anyone that you will not work with?

Erika Fontes: No, never happen.

Conrad: 15. What is your favorite sex toy?

Erika Fontes: My favorite toy is Massager.

Conrad: Congratulation on your recent; “XBIZ Foreign Female Performer of the Year Award”.  How does it feel breaking new ground and being the first adult actress from Portugal to win?

Erika Fontes: I feel very happy, because in Portugal we dont have Adult Industry.

Conrad: Has this increased any additional interest in projects in Portugal?

Erika Fontes: Yes, i write my first book, its a erotic and real storys about all my life (carreer and private life). and I’m working for Portuguese television channel


Conrad: Erica tell us what drives you to succeed?

Erika Fontes: I think the most important is like the sex and be smart.

Conrad: What’s the most exotic location you’ve ever shot at?

Erika Fontes: For me was Ibiza, was amazing shooting for X-art.

Conrad: Erica you very much demand these days which makes you a very busy girl in the adult industry so tell us here at ExplicitList what you do on your down time when you’re not working?

Erika Fontes: I go to shopping (i think all girls doing that), i love go to movie theater.

Conrad: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Erika Fontes: Candys… Is my guilty pleasures…

Conrad:  Okay we’re almost at the end of our interview so here it explicit list we are not just a website explicit is a way of life meaning you live to experience the finer things in life and drive to always have the ability to continue to experience those finer things.  So would you say you live and Explicit Life?

Erika Fontes: Of course, i love enjoy the life and doing the best things in it :).

Conrad:  Is there anyone special in your life or are you looking for someone.

Erika Fontes: I have already my husband Angelo Ferro who i am merried for 6 years.

Conrad: What is the best way for your fans to stay in touch with you?

Erika Fontes: In my twitter @ericafontesx or in my shows on Cam4.

Conrad: Okay last Conrad: not so much a Conrad: really but can we get a quick quote from you for your interview just a quick shot of your fans and us here at explicit list

Erika Fontes: ” i want say thanks to all my fans for the support all this years. And i hope they continue watch my movies. Big kiss for all.” =D

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