Cassandra Jane Interview

Cassandra Jane


We went along way to find ExplicitList fans this beauty. Bringing all forms of adult entertainment to the mainstream is our goal here at Explicitlist. That being said we just couldn’t forget the sexy art of Burlesque, so many have made this famous and even a few movies may pop into your head? Explicitlist only had to look to the Miss Burlesque competition to find the sexy creature who has dominated that event Cassandra Jane. We had a chance to pick her brain and wanted to share a little about this powerhouse of burlesque and her motivation in looking like a Goddess onstage and for the world.

ExplicitList: Cassandra Jane let’s start off with where your from?
Cassandra Jane: Melbourne Australia

ExplicitList: What drives you everyday?
Cassandra Jane: In this business, there can be a lot of doubters and haters. I love defying critics – success is the best revenge!


ExplicitList: Cassandra you have a real simple turn on tell us what it is?
Cassandra Jane: Chocolate

ExplicitList: Tell us how you got your start in burlesque?
Cassandra Jane: I was always intrigued by burlesque and exotic dance as an art form and managed to get myself a job at a lap dance club in King St, Melbourne, which quickly led to loads of private bookings, and I’ve been busy ever since.









ExplicitList: Cassandra what was your Biggest Accomplishment of 2013 and what are you striving for in 2014?
Cassandra Jane: Not only did I produce the Miss Burlesque Australia competition for the fourth consecutive year, but I flew to Wisconsin and won the title World Champion of Exotic Dance. My goals for 2014 are to keep doing what I do, and keep getting better at it. I’m working on getting a new wardrobe of costumes, so people can expect to see fresh new shows, which I hope to take on tour.

ExplicitList: So what is your Dream Miss Cassandra?
Cassandra Jane: My dream came true when I won Miss Nude World 2013, which I strived very hard to achieve. Now, as long as I have a stage to dance on, and people wanting to be entertained by me, I’ll be happy.


ExplicitList: What are you trying to find in this crazy life?
Cassandra Jane: I’ll tell you when I find it.

ExplicitList: What should your fans love about you, what is your best quality?
Cassandra Jane: Hopefully they love that I entertain and make them smile.

ExplicitList: What’s the thing they tell you they love about you?
Cassandra Jane: My personality actually. I’m very down to earth and real.

ExplicitList: Whats your greatest or maybe your most memorable fan experience?
Cassandra Jane: At the Eros Shine Awards last year, two fans turned up with blown up photos of me. God only knows where they got them from – and they asked me to sign them on the red carpet. It was very cute.


ExplicitList: Tell us what do you have coming around the corner what should we be excited to see from you?
Cassandra Jane: I have and I’m currently selling posters of one of my favorite photos taken this year. $15 and they’re selling like hot cakes! Check my Facebook page for details.

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