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Quantified XXX

This month we are reviewing a very unique product, the Quantified XXX. The technology boom has given us so many evolutions in new products.  I myself take advantage of some of the new technology in tracking health using the Fitbit, having an app to help track is pretty interesting to see the results.  One thing I have noticed though is it only is tracking steps.  Sure it also reads when my heart rate increase some of the time and gives me credit for that but what about when I’m enjoying the finer things in life?  The private time has been an area that has been left out in the cold.  Quantified XXX has crossed into a new boundary with giving you the ability to track the positive results that Sex provides. Imagine this being able to put a number and results to the calories you burn during sex.  Now of course we encourage you to work with yourself to avoid being a minute man.  Take some time and put in the work to help increase your stamina, by doing this now with Quantified XXX you can actually work sex into your workout routine and justify the increase philandering. No more will people call this a waste of time when you can now attribute your positive health changes to your sexual activity.


This isn’t just for the man about town banging everything under the sun. Married men, has your wife been urging you to get off the couch and make some changes towards a healthy lifestyle?  Well here is your chance to take advantage of some interesting technology to increase your sex life at home.  Just tell her, “Honey, now we have to have sex because it is part of my new work out plan”.  With trackable results delivered from the Quantified XXX anyone can take the health to a new level.  Next time you’re eating that In & Out Double Double, don’t feel guilty. You have a tool that you can work that out and prevent any spare tire.


The Quantified XXX is something that you can put into action very soon.  Taking a cue from many small companies out there, they have gone to Crowd Sources funding to make it happen.  Just Google the Quantified XXX and you can find several outlets to help make this wonderful new product possible.  Taking advantage of new technology and using new ideas to make it happen through crowd source funding.  Quantified XXX is something everyone should put into action while getting some action and gets the ExplicitList Stamp of Approval as our product Showcase.


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