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Evil Angel/Harmony Video

Genre: Fetish, Gonzo

Director: Tanya Hyde

Cast: April, Danielle Louise Kelson, Lucy Law, Sandra DeMarco, Luisa DeMarco, Taylor J. Morgan, Sasha, Ian Tate, James, Kevin Long, Pete Le Meat, Steve Hooper, Tony DeSergio

Length: 124.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 7/29/2003 to 8/22/2003

Tanya Hyde has been making films for years but recently partnered with Harmony to make her brand of fetish films with a unique flare. She has been making these artistic fetish film before with Private as well so her craft has defininitly been perfected. The fetish films for me are a lot about the approach and flare that the director can bring more than the pain. Sure we love some good ole fashion hair pulling and spanking but the atmosphere that many of these types of films have are entertaining in themselves regardless of any sexual appeal you have to the S&M, latex, pvc, etc. these types of films are always entertaining.

The film is broken up into 5 main scenes, with an entertaining as hell Extras sections with some great behinds the scenes sections that make up for the lack luster areas.

You start off the movie with the first scene “The Bitch’s Room” After being greeted by the Hotel Hyde reception desk clerk (naturally clad in fetish wear); we ascend the candle-lit main staircase and are passed by some masked hotel visitors who are departing. The whole double-take/head-turning reaction (“Did I really just see that?”) quickly sets the mood.

The Bitches Room; has three cages; two are occupied by masked men in leather chest harnesses and black tights which expose their genitals. A third cage appears to have a woman. A pretty corseted brunette walks into the room and starts with the dual hand jobs/blowjobs as the two males’ cages are side-by-side. More accurately, she puts most of the attention on one guy and the other is frustrated by the lack of attention. The first few minutes sets the tone on what we should expect in audio/video style: slow motion, stop-action/dropped frame, dubbed narration, and a hip soundtrack (no audio from the set). The brunette fondles the blonde woman in the cage, and soon the two males are free; their hoods are removed for better pussy-licking freedom. The blonde babe gets the full attention of the two guys; she sucks one guy and gets her pussy penetrated by the other. Tonya Hyde has a way of wrapping such generally cheesy technics with the right content to make them work. The surreal nature of the visuals and even movements makes using even techno-esque music helps to weave the environment together perfectly to bring out the truly erotic sexuality and lust in this scene.

In all, there were five scenes with no credits on the cast, The Bitches Room, The Rubber Room, a minimalist ode to the joys of rubber outfits and clean walls; the third being something frightening to all men, The Wedding Suite, where the wedding party becomes the wedding orgy, including the priest getting some action; the fourth being Gang Bang Boudoir, where one brunette took on half the male cast; and the fifth and final scene Chamber of the Undead, where the vampire fantasy gets somewhat out of hand (and the picture looked like crud) for those not into the Goth lifestyle.

Extras: The best extra here was a nearly 34 minute long Behind the Scenes features that had plenty of footage of the cast and crew at work. It was different from many domestically made BTS features in that it showed a lot of the preparation that goes into the filming of the sex scenes. I liked that Steve Hooper was sort of an informal tour guide to the extra but it would’ve been really nice if he could’ve introduced everyone in for cast ID purposes. The other extras included a 10 picture photo gallery by Trevor Watson, some trailers, and a scenes menu (I know that doesn’t sound like much but I’m trying to be nice).
Note: The Evil Angel website sells this DVD with the following comment: “All Evil Angel discs are in DVD-9 format. Standard features include multiple chapters per scene, photo galleries, motion chapter menus, a complete cast list, filmographies and, of course, the Evil Angel fetish menu – which indexes your favorite fetishes, such as blowjobs, cumshots, anal sex, tease clips, and many more!” Sadly, this one doesn’t have a cast list (and how exactly do you tell people apart when they wear rubber masks?), filmographies, or a fetish menu. The Harmony Video website listed on the DVD seems to have been taken down too so no information could be found about the DVD at either website

Explicit Final Thought;

Overall despite the lack of clarity on cast involved in the scenes, since looking up more content around some of the gorgeous ladies from “Hotel Hyde” would be great it comes through with some very erotic and sexy fantasies. That being said we have to give it our “Stamp of Approval” this film takes you into a fantasy world it’s not about watching your favorite actor or actress get off. This DVD come through in creating the fantasy in Kink from the first scene with you image the long term tease that being within arm’s reach in a cage would cause. I know Explicitlist would be breaking down door if any of the gorgeous things from this film came walking in all fetish fantasied out. Go out and get your hands on this DVD you can purchase it online by doing a simple search from your favorite online retailer or visit for more exclusive Tonya Hyde action. As a pioneer in this industry she has done it again putting the surreal concepts back into porn that bring alive the fantasy we all desire.

Written By Conrad


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