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Variety is the Spice of Life!


Nicole Aniston


ExplicitList: was looking at who has made an impact in the industry this past year, but more than that who really we are excited to see what they come up next with.  We search long and hard through many grouling hours of vigorous observation and lo and behold we stumble upon the beautiful Nicole Aniston.  We had a chance recently to chat with Miss Nicole Aniston and wanted to share what was behind this So Cal Beauty besides the mesmerizing image that comes to mind.


ExplicitList: Nicole tell us about where your from?

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Nicole: I was born in Escondido, CA, and raised in the Temecula/Murrieta area and will never leave! I love my neighborhood and community; it’s been great to see it grow and become an attraction, both bringing tourists & visitors from around the country and becoming a well known hotspot for excellent wine.


ExplicitList: What drives you everyday?

Nicole: My drive to better myself burns constantly. I have a strong belief that being a necessity, rather than a luxury item, keeps me maintaining a certain popularity as an entertainer. Any possible way I can spread positivity, inspiration, or makes someone feel some sort of loyalty to my particular type of entertainment, (nude or not) is how I maintain my drive. I love hearing how I’ve inspired someone to want to better themselves or have a change in perspective. I live to inspire.




ExplicitList: What turns you on?

Nicole: My turn ons are basic; hygiene, positivity, independence, open-mindedness, loyalty, and a healthy lifestyle. I love a man who doesn’t NEED to be with me, but is with me because he WANTS to be.



ExplicitList: Tell us how you got your start?

Nicole: The adult entertainment realm found me at a crucial time. I was newly single after a nearly sexless relationship, broke, barely working, and had just lost my grandmother. A financial crisis had been the main motivator, and when push comes to shove, a real woman will do what is financially necessary to maintain her lifestyle for her family, regardless of circumstance. Within a week of taking a few photos, my first actual adult video shoot took place with Reality Kings. Had I not had such a good experience, I may not have continued. From there, it was week to week, mental highs and lows, and finding my true femininity while maintaining a somewhat professional demeanor. I flirted with the idea of how long I might maintain the identity, never assuming it would ever snowball to this magnitude.


ExplicitList: Nicole what was your Biggest Accomplishment of 2013 and what are you striving for in 2014?

Nicole:  The year of 2013 has been incredibly good to me, and while becoming the Penthouse Pet of the Year has been my biggest professional accomplishment, I feel incredibly accomplished in my personal goals physically and mentally. I’m always improving, and 2014 will be no exception. I’m hoping to continue feature dancing and look forward to launching my website. Should another potential contract become a possibility, I’d be open to representing another adult company as well as I have at Penthouse.


ExplicitList: So what is your Dream Miss Aniston?

Nicole: Ultimately I’d love to make the transition to acting, print work, and fitness. While adult entertainment is where I’ve made my mark, I’m keeping my options fully open to all other avenues. I love variety.


ExplicitList: What are you trying to find in this crazy life, your goal?

Nicole: Ultimate goal is to be professionally known as a great entertainer of many canvases, a “Jane of all trades” so to speak… to be a constant source of inspiration for self betterment and change.


ExplicitList: What should your fans love about you, what is your best quality?

Nicole:  I feel most confident in my health and source of positivity. My fans reassure me in that every day and I thank God for it.



ExplicitList: What’s the thing they tell you they love about you?

Nicole:  On the OTHER hand, my fans and followers on my social media are very vocal about my physical features. I love positive feedback, but also enjoy the constructive criticism as well.


ExplicitList: Whats your greatest/most memorable Fan experience?

Nicole:  I’ve had so much amazing support over the last three years from so many amazing individuals, both male and female. One interaction with a fan was so influential, it forever impacted my goals and perspective; this memorable fan purchased and shipped nearly every item from my wish list and when my curiosity peaked and we conversed further, I learned of his terminal illness. We spent many months emailing and talking about his circumstance, life, family, and alternative treatments to research. I grew so close to this person, and felt so inspired by his strength to overcome his disease. After a short time without hearing from him, my fear was confirmed when a member of the family informed me he had passed. Many weeks later, passing by a sealed letter on my coffee table he had written just days before he passed, that I couldn’t bring myself to read until a month later; concluding that my bittersweet and intimate interaction with such a beautiful soul may forever haunt me.


ExplicitList: Tell us what do you have coming around the corner what should we look out for?

Nicole:  Coming soon www.NicoleAniston.com hosted by Puba, tons of great photo shoots with a great variety of photographers, and hopefully a few acting bits here and there! Twitter: XnicoleanistonX  Instagram: realNicoleAniston

Variety is the Spice of Life!


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